WandaVision Recap

[Music]hello everybody and welcome to we aremarvel your spot for marvel cinematicuniverse fandommy name is justin my name is jeremy andwelcome to the showyeah uh yeah this is uh kind of aspecial wanda vision episodeyeah we uh it’s not one of the mcumovies i guess that we normally weredoing but this was such a big hit a bigseriesum we we just we had to put an episodeout for this yeah and i think uh we’llprobably do this with each one uh and ofcourse obviously as the movies pop outfingers crossed coveted willinguh we we’re gonna have six of thesedisney plus shows pretty much no matterwhat yeah uh falcon winter soldierstarts a week in change aft as ofrecording this yesuh five days after release four daysafter testing this the friday so wereleased this yeah yeahso we’ll definitely do one for thatuh and then loki and then whatever’safter that and whatever’s after that soyeah i’m excited i am too i’m reallylooking forward to it i mean this was ahuge hitwhich we’ll talk about the the firstthree episodes were kind of uh so what’sgoing on with this this isdifferentum but after i think it was four whereit really just was like okaythis is well that’s this is bigi’m so glad that they released the firsttwo episodes together and i think they imean obviously they did it intentionallybut it’s like if you just released thefirst episode everyone’s going to gowhat yeah i waitedi mean i kind of did months for a newmarvel comment you know new marvelcontent for this like what yeahand i had so many people come up to meat work and stuff and be like i don’tget it it was so boring it was dumb thisisn’t like what’s going on here and it’slike justgive it a minute yeah relax likeget there marvel has put out 23 greatmovies in a rowandsome pretty good if not awesome tvlike justbreathe okay just just let it let ithappen yeahattack me if episode six comes out andyou’re still confused and you didn’tlike it but yeah until then justrelax summer donna and that’s the thingit was likei knew it was gonna be strange and weirdand that’s what i was excited for withthis show yeah because we’ve never seenanything like this in the mcu rightand so it was like okay well what isthis going to be and the possibilitiesand the thing that is worth mentioningthe rampant amount of fan theories thatsurrounded this showwasand i got swept up in it too i’ve beenwritingarticles forilluminarity.com we’ll be plugging themlater yeahand i wrote stuff about some of the fantheories and all that stuff and it’shard not to i mean yeahi rememberin full spoilers if you haven’t watchedone division yet go watch it then comebackbecause we’re gonna spoil everything yesuh in three two one spoilers the pietrouhreveali remember seeing articles like oh ifyou squint your eyes and hop on one legyou can see the outline of mephisto andthere’s you know he’s has horns and [ __ ]if you look through the mirror into thebackground it’s like yeahokaylike whati saw that a few times too where it waslikealmost i was like read anything and itwasoh it’s it’s mephisto if it’s still thismephisto that everything was just yeahand instead red is wanda’s coloryes yeahi know she’s the scarletwitchyeah that’s the colors[Laughter]like yeah and then what what pissed meoff as i got swept up in it it was hardnot tothe only one that i thinktheythat they being the showled too much into as being a possiblerevealwas the umum the the aerospace engineer oh yeahthe way they kind of teed that up withmonica looking at her phoneand oh i know somebody yeah and thenthey kept bringing it up and then reallyyou never saw who that person wasbecause originally they she said hei thinkyeah if she’d if she did we never metthat he right i just remember the personi could swear it was he i could behearing things but if if it wasthegeneral or whatever that she met withthe big truck was a woman yessoi don’t know like i could have heard itwrong i guess yeah maybeand if i did let me knowbecausei’m wrong sometimesbut more than some sirsure sure i was trying to be niceuhthat that’s the only part where i waslike okay it didn’t need to be reedrichards as much as i would have lovedit oh yeah but it could have beensomebodyrightyeah even if it’s a random name i sawone name i don’t even remember what itwas it was so randombut it was like okay that would makesense and work and if you know you knowcomics even more than i dowhich isn’t that hard to do reallyyouyou’d know that name and go okay that’scool not but it was nobody yeah yeahyeah i was like why why did it was itjustfor these theories and stuff so thatpeople would talk about like who is thiswho could this bei mean i can’t imagine that’s the caseyeah because if this had come out whenit was supposed tothis would have been the second showfalcon winter soldier was supposed to befirst okaywe would have already had black widow ithink we would be on our way to eternalsif this had worked out the way it wassupposed to and then doctor strange twowould besomewhere soon-ish okay now we’re like ayear away from doctor strange toowhich sucks but whatever yeahyeah ibut all in all i love this show yesand and and i was gonna i’m gonna goback to where the beginning i guess kindof where or yeah when we first sat downmy wife sat down to watch this you knowi had no idea and i was excited for it iwas expecting good thingsand that first episode kind of happenedit wasn’t what i expected i knew thatthere were the the black and white stuffbecause of the trailers yeah but ididn’t expect the whole episode to justbe thatright so you know getting ready for thesecond one i was like all right wellthat was that was different than what iexpectedyeah that wasyeah that was not what i was expectingeitherand it was you know went to the secondone and it was still still not what iexpected but it was still good it’sstill an interestingshow and story and i was excited to seehow this would all play outbut i justi i can’t agree with what a lot ofpeople were this isn’t what we expectedbecauseit’s all the movies are just boom boomboom go go go and this was a slow burnkind of well and i think that’s whatfalcon winter soldier is going to be toookay because it’s six episodes insteadof nine they’re longer episodesumeach one of these is roughly six hourslong so if you put together all of thehalf hours of the nine episodesyou getthere about six hours okaybut yeah i mean that that first episodeended andi think what saved it for me was thedinnerwith the hearts and when the guy startschoking on the strawberry and umdeborah joe rupp just gets super creepyand she’s saying you know stop it stopitit’s so unsettlingand he’s choking and she’s smiling butsaying stop it like she’s telling wandato stopand it’s just likei don’t know there was something about iguess we can just get into the episodesnow since we’re practically there anywaylet’s do itum this one was episode one film beforelive studio audienceuh it’s modeled after the dick van dykeshow and several othersandyeah i mean like most of the episodeit’s just a quaint funyou knowdick van dyke show styleshowyeahthere’s a few in jokes andyou know like wanda saying he has anindestructible head when his head youknow kind of like exploded in aninfinity warbut there’s really not a lot thereright to really suck you in but thatdinner scene it’s so unsettling it wasyesbecause he and especially first timewatching it’s like i don’t know what thehell is going to happen is this guygoing to die likeisis their cover going gonna be blown inthis first episode and then it’s allhell breaks loose i meanwhat is this and it was soweird that instant like oh he’s donechoking and they’re like okay well wegotta go now yeahit was it just you’re right andyou knoweven just thinking about that scene andjust how creepy she was just you knowlaughing and stuff it stopped and it wasit was justunsettling that’s a good word for itbecausejust like okay that’s not a normal thingto be doing like to be laughing whileyour husband’s chokingand to be telling him to stop but it’slike you don’t think he would be if hecould andyeah well that’s the thing i don’t thinkthat that’s why especially afterre-watching it she wasn’t talking to himshe was talking to her right yeah and atthe time and it was likeyeah at the time we didn’t know thatright i kind of thought because i meanwe kind ofat least i had an idea that wanda wasthe one doing thisbecause i know herhex powers are you know somewhat realitybendy so it’s likeshe has to at least bepartially responsible for thisyeah so i kind of pieced it together alittle bit but i didn’t realize quitethe gravity of it until of course youknow episode what 8 7 8 when they reallyrevealyou know she’s doing it all yeahspoilersum but yeah it’s it’s super creepy and ilove it and i likedi liked scarlet witch’s turn too becauseshe’s you know playing thesusie homemaker and then she turnsand she’s like a vision help him yeahlike okay enough of this tv show [ __ ]like okay let’s be heroes and help himnot die yeahyeah and i i kind of thinking back now ii think my first thoughts with this wasthatit was almost uh coulson in theparadise or whatever it was where whereshe was under some sort oflike she just went crazy and insaneafterumi guess it would have been afterinfinity war end gamewould it be after end game or infinitywarokay because she snapped away ininfinity war so unless this is where shewas during the snapwhich isn’t the case yeah which and thatwas another kind ofa theory that i saw out there too butthat was it was somewhere in there wherei kind of thought it was where she waskind of being almost brainwashed intothinking that this is this is her lifenot all the crazy stuff that happenedbefore andwatching vision die right in front ofher and all that kind of stuff wherethis is it and soher the the uh dottie kind of saying umwas it daddy was that her first name forthe the blonde chick and yeah episodetwo no oh that’s last year that’s nothome thing enoughum the mrs hart who was telling him tostop it ohso it was almost like from that 70s showyeah yeahthat kind of took me out of it for a secbut she did greatumso as almost i at the time i wasthinking that she’s saying stop it likestop it you’re gonna blow our coveryou know she’s gonna realize that thisis all a dream or made up or somethingthat was kind of where i went with thatfirst bitand you know obviously that’s what ithoughtin episode threeokay and we’ll get there but whenumagnesand cliff i want to say his name is theneighbor guywhen they were talking and she was likeshut up you’re gonna you know blow ourcovers like oh okay so is this a swordsimulation yes yeahwe’ll get there in a minute yeah soepisode two episode two uh called uhdon’t touch that dial it’s kind of basedoff bewitchedum which kind of some of these were kindof a reminisce i used to watch theseolder shows when i was younger on it wastv land or something like thatuh see this kind of brought back somefond memoriesumso they had the awkward planningcommittee where dottie accuses wandauhjimmy wu on the radiogeraldine and monica introducedor geraldine who is monica is introduceddo we want tojust start there oryeah that’s fine with me all rightthis isn’t a script it’s more talkingpoints so it’s justyou know fair enough go go with the flowgo let go as you will yeah so the theplanet committee was odd especially withme thinking this was all a simulationfor wandait’s like all right well thisthat’s not checking out now like this isnot panning out they’d be more focusedon wandaif that was the caseyeah but then you also havewoo who i did pick up his voice i mean iknew he was in the show so it helpedyeah i did not pick him up but i waslike yeahumwhen he’stalking on the radio and at that pointyou know we see in episode four theythink that someone’s doing this to herum you know he’s going who’s doing thisto you wandait’s like okay sosomeone iskeeping her here right like this isn’theror maybe it’s partially her but someoneis forcing her to do this yeahwell yeah and i think that’sthat’s where the mephisto stuff startedto come inoh okay that early for you orfor others just i think i think foreverybody i mean even me it was likei had a hard time thinking wanda wouldbe the only bad guyi knew agnes was agathaokay but in the comics she can be a goodguy like she was the nanny for thefantastic four andyou know she like helped wanda you knowlearn her powers and stuff so i was likeokay well if she’s and even in the firstcouple episodes she acts like she’strying to helpyou know she doesn’t want wanda tobe caught you know without dinner so shebrings over dinner you know she’sdoesn’t want wanda to look like an idiotduring thethe planning committee thing so she kindof helps you know scooter along thereyeah like it seemed like she was tryingto ease her through this experienceyeah and then we find out that’sobviously not the case it was yeahyeah with with a whole little theme songand everything we figured that outwhich did get stuck in my head for alittle bit i think a lot of peopledo i think it’s like charted eventhere’s only some chartswe’ll get oh yeah we’ll talk about thatmorewith us it’s been the the theme song forthis episode the one division one onedivision oh really that that still getsstuck in my headone division[Music]oh that actually that reminds me it’snot a talking point it’s random but uhsomebody put out a video whereumthe line of last week on or previouslyon one divisionwhere every episode and i think it waslike up to episode four or five eachtime she would get a little bit morelike annoyed soundingjust because because as you’re watchingyou know things aren’t going her way andit’s not happening how she expects it soit makes sense where every episode is alittle bit more like previously on wandadivision it’s just just a slight tonechange of likethis is what happened last time nobody’sdoing what i wantit was very very interesting yeah soif i remember i’ll put out a link forthat if not uh look it up now pause andcome backyeah unless you’re and it’s worth notinglike i was gonna go through the wholecast earlier but i decided to skip itlike everybody does such a good jobthey doand elizabeth olsen should get an awardof some kind for this because she’s justi mean paul benton is always great andyeah you know everyone does a good jobbutelizabeth olsen is pulling overtime onthis one and it is just like fantasticespeciallyby eight and you see her break downat thethe plot for the houseyeah it wasit’sgreat yeah sheshe put i mean it really did it lookedlike it felt like it was her goingthrough this like she did an amazing jobof that range of emotions yeahand we are going to talk about the thecommercials but i left that for the endokay so they’ll all be in a little blockat the end yeah but yeah they definitelyteed it up to where it’s like dottiecause even like agatha’s talking [ __ ]about dottieshe’s really kind of like a focal pointof the episode yeahand i reador i still i saw a headline of anarticle where it was like she was kindof a purposeful misdirect okayof like oh it’s you know she’s up tosomething yeah but they she’s only intwo episodes i know i thought yeah itwas kind of surprising that that’s allshe wasn’t because i i wasn’t longingfor that like they got me it’s like okayyeah what do you do what is this dogwho’s agatha they’re gonna be like i ithinkwe have a group chat that we do foreveryone that podcasts all of us guysandone of the things i was like oh is shegonna be uh clea from doctor strangelike who’s door mommy’s like daughterin the comics like is that where this isgoing because i know she’s gonna be indoctor strange too so is this howthey’re gonna connect it yeah nopeno no yeah that’s all we’ll be gettingof her thank you thoughanyway i guess episode what eight ornine she’sher face is there but yeah likei did expect more from dottie yeahsothey got us for an episode or twoall right now so what did you thinkabout the uh thegum in in vision and that kind of makinghimdrunk almostit wasfunny but got kind of old i’m glad thatthe episode these earlier episodes wereshorter yeahbecausethe tone of everything and the pacing ofeverything it’s like this is definitelythey did a great job because it feelslike an old show because i’m tired ofwatching it like[Laughter]fair enoughyeah i i agree and the way they showedit with like a drawing and it going inand grinding you know stopping his gearslike it was very old-timey and it wasfunny it was entertaining but i agree itwas likeokay like get past thisyou know i’m glad it was just for themagic act scene yeahbecause if it had gone on after that itwould have been like okay enough enoughlet’s move on and do something betterwith this butit wasit helped play into that oh they’retrying to hide who they areyeahand make like that’s what this show isaboutfor some reason obviously that ends upnot being the case butyeah and then with all the magic tricksworkingeven though you know they weren’tsupposed to be like things weren’t goinghow they werethat still had me on the whole you knowit’s oh it’s a simulation of some sortand that’s why they’re working becausethe simulationis has them workingyeah um but again as we find out lateronit was like it’s all alongso well that doesn’t makei i almost want to watch just thatepisode again because iwhen they say it was agatha all along iwas like was it thoughi i think maybe don’t do thati know you might find out yeah it wasn’tit’s just it wasn’t i mean that’s thething it wasit was scarlet witch all alongbut agatha was stoking the fire yeahi guess would be the way to put it rightand we’ll get we’ll get to it later iguessyou’ll see at the end here umwith the beekeeper showing upthat was creepy first of all like justsome guy in a bee suit with literal beesaround him crawling out of the sewer iwas like okay what is going on who isthis whatand and we find out why he looks likehe’s in a bee suit but at the time wenever find out what happened to him nowe don’tbut the one loose sound is like what thehell happened to the beekeeper yeah yeahwhere’s the beekeeper but i was yeah iwas like okay i need like who is thislike who is this in the comics what isgoing on like what do i need to knowyeahno nothing panned outwell and that’s the thing like you youcan see the sword emblem on his backand that’s we forgot to mention thisin the first episode ends withwhat we later find out as darcy sittingat a desk watching the monitor of theshow and we see the sword emblem on likea coffee cup or something right yeahuh and thenwanda sayssees the beekeeper and you know vision’slike what the hell is this aboutand wanda says noand rewinds time yeah which is [ __ ]awesome it wasyeahand but again more questions i was likeokaywhat how well that made me go that imean that’s the tip for she’s doing thisokay yeah yeahif she can rewind time and erase thatfrom happening that means she’scontrolling itthat’s fair for me it was because againat the time it was she’s in a simulationit’s like waitnow what like that just blew my wholetheory out of the waterbecausehow does her just saying no like it didis the simulation mean like oh shedidn’t like that or this wasn’t supposedto happen so rewindso i mean it was part of me was stillkind of pulling that string but i waslike no this isn’t panning out likethings aren’t adding up what they shouldsocreepyyeah super creepy and then by the end ofitum she’s pregnantright and sheputs everything in color yeah which wasawesome yeah which leads into episodethree now in colorwhich is very partridge family bradybunchyand we get to enjoy wanda’s very rapidpregnancy yeahbecause it wasn’t you know time going byit was literally from one moment to thenextyeah she was growing growing growing andthen popand i mean we knew this was coming fromthe trailers we knew that she was goingto be pregnant at one point or anotherhave the kids at one point or another wenever saw the kidsin the trailers right just like floatingpacifiers in the cribs at one pointwhichends up being the next episodebuti don’t for me i mean knowing the thecomics it was like okay cuz we’ll getwiccan and we’ll get speed i think isthe other kid’s name yeah and they’reyoung avengersin the comics it’s like okay so this ishow they’re gonna explain that yeahi i did really likethis episode it wasnot my favorite butespecially again towards the end whenthings start to go off the rails becauselike you havemaybe it’s herb herb is the neighbor isaidit’s herb i think yeah clef sounds goodi’ve been watching too much cheerssureas one doesi did i watched all 11 seasons like acouple months ago it wasit was quite something listen to ourother part it’s better whencheers the podcasti don’t know not a bad ideai’d ratherumbut at the beginning when vision is outin the front yard andherb istrimming the bushes and then he justkeeps grinding into the wall yeahand he just has this really creepy smileas he continues to grind into the wallwith the saw thing yeahlike what the hell is this what’s goingon here yeahit’s likeexplain yourselves there’s so many timesat the beginning here was like explainwhy this is happening explain thebeekeeper explain why he’s doing thislike and i don’t think we ever got theseanswers but they’re not really thatimportant in a big scheme of things butstill it was well i think what’s goingoni think the answer is wanda wasn’tpaying attentionokaylike because if you look at episodesix or sevenyeah the halloween onewhen vision goes to the edge of town andthere are people that are you know justdoing a repetitive motion andlike openly crying because they can’tstop and the people even further out arejust standing there you know unable tomove yeahit’s like wanda wasn’tpaying attention to the mechanics ofwhat everyone should be doing in thatscenebecause she was dealing with her laborstuff yeahokay so he was grinding through the onlything i didn’t getis agathagoing up to her and telling him to stopum because he he was trying to almostexplainto vision what was going on and agathalike it’s like she wants to tipwanda over the edge but notyeah i mean i don’t do you think maybeshe was able to take control of him andhe was going to then explain you knowwhat this is what’s going onbut then shei guess almost commanded him to stopprobably that’s yeah that’d be my guessyeah i just don’t get whyuh to have these questions ofwhat’s going on why stop to drag theseries up up to nine episodesi don’t know what’s that but i thinkit’s more just to to leave youquestioning likelike what is really going onwhich they definitely did a good jobyeah of that like up untilyeah i mean even after four wheneverything is kind of revealed it’s likewhat iswhat the hell is the deal and even whenthey explain everything in fourthey still don’t reallyyeahyeah so i don’t know it’s trippy andthenyou know by the end of the episodewanda’s giving birth and then we get thebest part of the episode which isyou know geraldine in the room withwandaholding the babiesand wanda like reminisces about pietroyeahand i loved it because it’s the firsttimesince age of ultron pietro has beenacknowledged as existing yeah yeahwhich i mean yeah you could argue thatoh she just talked about him at otherpointsbuti mean okayi’m sure yeah maybe and that’s that’swhy i love firstyeahthis is the first canonicalpoint where she actually acknowledgesthat she had a brother at some point andthat’s why i loved uh ate so muchfilling in those gaps ofher grief of losing him was like oh mygod finally right like this should havebeen a scene in civil war yeahyeah it would have helped because yeahthere wasalmost no mention of it i mean there wasno mention of himno not really the the clown theymentioned ultron a little bit butyeah i mean the closest would be uhwhat’s hawkeye’sson’sname because i think he had a a onesiehe had his name on there yeahthat’d be the close but even that was atthe end of age of ultron okay yeahthat’s right it was i rewatched thatrecentlyyeahyeah i mean ito me it’scalling it the sokovia accordsand when they showwanda the footage from sokovia and shekind of looks away it’s like that’sreally all we’ve gotten of herremembering that time right yeah but itwas [ __ ] awesome and just hearing theultron name dropyeah like i love ultron so anytime theycan bring him in it’s justgravy for me yeahyeah that was that was good and that waswhen sheit was at the end of that right whereshe knocked umuh monica monica yeah technically yesbut we don’t see thatbecause she gets that pissed off look inher eye of like who are you what are youdoing here and then they cut backdivisionand i thought they did i thought she didcome out of it and that’s the last thatwe sawi don’t know well we never seewhat happens to her until episode fourokay fair enough which we need to getthrough these because we’re already ahalf hour into this all right yes solet’s ramp through some stuff all rightepisode four uh we interrupt thisprogramuh monica and others return from theblipmaria is deadand we have code name photon at sword solet’s start off with that stuffumi did like that that that they kind ofshowed you know this is kind of what itlooked like when people came backthat they just kind of reappeared wherethey were in that kind of chaos andi think if they tried to go too deepinto that you’d be like what aboutpeople that you know like in a plane arethey nowreappearing in the plane where it is iwould havesolike you know something trying to ithink kevin feige said they’re in theplane where they wereokay like like where the plane is nowokay because otherwise there’d be a lotof people just dying this guy yeahfalling out of the side yeahso i thought that was kind offascinating and it it was kind ofsad kind of you know finding out this ishow she finds out that her mom haspassed awayum that was kind of toughwell yeah and just figuring finding outthat she’s you know that character hasdied in the first place yeah it’s likeyou know you never know what captainmarvel 2 was gonna be but it’s like ohokay well then she’s goneyeah so that’s something and then inoticed i think like the second or thirdtime i watched the episodeone of the names that monica has as asuperhero is photonandthe call sign for maria was photonrightthey never really bring that up in onedivision but i imagine it will be athing in captain marvel too yeahor secret invasionyeah because i is her name now spectrumisn’t that what i readi think so she said like five differentnames yeah she’s including captainmarvel at one point soi think i read it with spectrum now allright um more stuff we got here so uhit’s been about a week since end gameum so that was kind of nice we kind ofget a time frame of how longit’s been and andwhat’s going on where and all thatand it also means that it’s before farfrom homeright oh that’s right yesso all that and that’s the thing likeall that talk of multiverse frommysterioyou know it was horseshit in that moviebut that made me think okay is this amultiverse thing especially when pietroshows up likeyeah are we doing multiverse stuffbecausemysterio mentioned it multiverse ofmadnessyeah and pedro is froma different he’s a different quicksilverthat’s another multiverse so yeah yeahand we’ll get there but yeah so thatdidn’t that didn’t go anywhereuh jeremy william darcy introduced recapkind of one through three of sort fromsource perspective i really like thattoo to kind of seelike okay well this is what’s been goingon outside of the hexand this yeah when you’re catching us upyeah and when you see the the red andgold sword helicopter in episode two itwas really a drone that wanda repurposedinto a toy helicopter that would fitthat time right yeahand i still think it was strange that itwas coloredyeah and they never really explained itokay they didn’t let’s put it hereyou know they mention it it was like whyis it you know why did you color theimage andthey’re like i didn’tthat’s all they say about it but i thinkit’s justi think it’s something that wanda wasn’tfully controllingokay because this can’t be my guessyeah and so i think just the the processof entering the hexbecause we saw that with thethe armored truck thingjust going through the hex turned itinto half of a pickup truck rightso i think just going through the hexchanged itokay andyou know it wasn’t in wanda’s show soshe didn’t like you know turn it intoblack and white right so it changedgoing through that kind ofbarrier but now yeah like monica youknow changed it her structure rightokayi’ll i’ll let that goumso we got here one is controlling thehex flash of dead and grey vision nowyou said you really liked that partit was so coolyeah but i’m a horror guygo over and listen to pod and gore myother podcast where we talk horrormovies i love that kind of stuffand it was because again the theory atthe time or one of the questions at thetime was okay so how is vision stillalive yeslike he very obviously died at the endof infinity war how is he walking andtalking yeah andthey also show um security footagehayward shows security footage of wandabreaking into sword and he saysthat she took his bodyyeah have you seen them but they nevershow itall the agents like kind of like sideeyeing likeshe no she didn’twhy’d you say that that’s a weird thingto say we have his body right in theback it’s white nowweirdbut yeah he tells us the audience thatshe took the body and so it’s like ohokay so she stole his bodyrepurposed it and is making it alive nowyeah like so epitearing it almost maybei don’t know yeah and so at the time itwas likeoh maybe she lost control right there ofthe reality she’s creating and that’sthe real vision bodythat she’s animating and we just got aglimpse of itbut that’s not true eitheryeahno a lot of theories a lot of wrongtheories i know this guy had a lot ofwrong oneswell that’si mean they’re awesome scenes likeespecially in the next or a coupleepisodes when they show the bulletriddled quicksilverit’s like that’s something agatha didi guess yeah i guessbut whyto like just piss her off i guess yeah idon’t mean make i think she’s goingcrazy andi don’t like because i thinkthe the point of agatha and it’s kind ofstarting to sound like we’re [ __ ] onthis show but we’re not because i loveit so much but it’s likei think the point of it was she’s tryingtopry her out of this reality she’screatingand figure out how she did it okay yeahandyou know she needs to snap her out of itbecause you know if she’s still in thisdays of oh i’m in a tv show she’s notgonna divulge all of her you know secretways of how she did it in the firstplace yeahso i’d assume it’s her way ofnudging her towards reality okay so thenthey canthen she can do what she does kind oflater on in theyeahokay because especially with quicksilverlike he flat out ass like how did you dothisyeah like hey where have the kids beenthis whole time and well you can’t dietwice and yeah yeah like he was just hewent right after her and again it wasagatha going after her i guess yeahbecause she was controllingthe boneryeahall right let’s jump into five let’slet’s get we’ll move on yeahyeah on a very special episode it’s uhyou know very family ties ask and we seethe the babies very quickly grow into uhyou know 10 12 year old kidsum[Music]and oh this is where hayworth says thatwanda stole the body umthe only thing i wanted to kind of pointout is that sparky is the name of thedog in the vision comic book okaythat’s where that comes from and in thecomic he’s a greenlike android dog okayof course he’s an androiduh andit ends with them drone striking wandaand she gets super pissed and this ispretty much where wereveal that it is in fact wanda and sheis very aware of what she is doing andshe’s okay with it yeahyeah like most of the episode isi would say this is where likeeverything just gets blown out like heyall those theories at least for me it’slike all those theories you had andthinking it was this or that possiblynope it’s hershe’s doing it on purpose she knows whatshe’s doingyeah it was and it was an awesome scenejust yeah the way she brought it out andthe way she can she controlled them allto be then point the guns at hayward andyeah and i wasn’t i i wasn’t sure if shewas going to have him shoot him or notyeah butshe definitely turned that kind ofvillain switch on and it was like oh[ __ ] like she really has kind of gonecrazy here andthey sneak the accent back in which ilove that they poke fun at that yeslike your accent really seems to kind ofcome and go yeahbecause it does like itit does like it’s super thick in age ofultron and then it’s kind of gone yeahand it kind of shows up in infinity warbut then it’s kind of gone againyeah and at that age i hope somethingthat kind of goes away like thati iyeahi mean i think it’s just like she’strying to americanize herself but whenshe gets super pissedyou know it’s like when english is yoursecond language you’re trying to speakenglish all the time but when you getreally pissed it’s you start yeahyou mix it together or you start to goin your native tongue yeahyeah i think i think that’s kind of theidea i guessthat’s how i’m gonna rationalize itmaybe they’ll have her talking sakovianand uhmultiverse madness who knows yeah thatworksum but my favorite part is the endingwhenvision confronts wandaand they have their first kind of tiffandvisions like i’m scared i don’t know whoi am where i come from i don’t rememberanything before this place there’s nokids outside like what the hell are youdoing yeah yeah like i’m gettinggoosebumps just thinking about thatscene because it’s just so good yeahyeah i mean i was i was worried almostworried at that i was like okay wellthis is it likelikeshe’s gotta give in and tell him what’sgoing on like she can’t just keep goingon like thatso itit was and technically she doesn’t butshe does also kind of yeah yeah she kindof does the illusion between or you knowthe the kind of shroud over vision isgone yeah at this point and vision’slike okaylet’s figure this out yeah yeah they’renot worried about hiding him anymore forsureyeah and then of course we get the theevan peters reveal which i still don’tlike i loved it but again it’s great ifit’s a multiverse thing yeah if notwhybring aaron taylor johnson backyeahyeah i don’t understand i i thought thattoo i was likeoh awesome it’s it’s gotta bemulti-first like he’s the quicksilverand another multiverse and now they’resaying that’s the same pointyeah yeah but but yeah then we come tofind out it’s like nah he’s just he’sboneryep okay well who’s boner no one coolokaywhyyeahit’s like why even likehis first name and i’m not rememberingbut ralphralph ralph is the name ofagatha’s husbandor brotherin the comics and he’s like a demon orsomethingokayso you know there was a part of me thatwas like oh well if he’s ralphthen he could be ralph disguised asevan peters for some reasonas quicksilverand then later could be revealed that hewas this evil demonbut no he was just milderguess again and you knowthey could always say thatthe evan peters quicksilver exists in amultiverse there’s been rumblings thatchris evans might show up in multiverseof madness as human torch yeah i have afeeling that’s not truebut if they can do thatthen they can say he’s boner in thisuniverse but he’s quicksilver and thefox x miniverseyeah it’s still i guessyeah it’d be a stretch in there that’show i would probably okay i guesssure yeahyeah ii don’t know i mean i guess who elsewould you have brought inhere taylor johnsonlike why notyeah that is truei like their reasoning ofyou know his body was on anothercontinent and he’s been dead for severalyears so that’s why we couldn’t use hisbodybut it’s magic he could just look likehim okay here’s a question for you atheory hereumso maybe agatha’s this is a big stretchagatha saw him as quicksilver in anothermultiversebut again then it’s like oh what are theodds he’s living in this townyeah and then that’s why she’s like heyhe was a quicksilver in anothermultiverse so i’ll make him quicksilverin this onecould be i mean they do definitelyopen-ended so that agatha could comebackyeahyeah she’s not goneshe’s still there noi don’t that’s like it again that’sa stretch andyeah it’s like yeah episode six go withthatyeah all right so we’re proven wrongyeah that’s right uh all new halloweenspooktacular uh this is very malcolm inthe middlei love reminiscent andand breaking the fourth wall andeverythingumi don’t know if we talk about that butyeah uh so one envision are stillfighting uh ii’d say bickering at this pointuh vision wanders west view toinvestigate and he sees people barelymoving like we mentioned before wherethey’re yeah some of them justrepeating the same motion with thehanging of lights some of them notmoving at alli like the one where she was justhanging the the thing repeatedly and youcould see it here go down your face likethat oh my godjust being there just being torturedyeah that was where it was like wandawhat are you doing to these peoplethey kind of hadhints at that i feel likepreviously but in this one it was bigtime likewhat are you doing to these people wantto like how yeah you’re hurting themlike what’s going on and we’ll laterfind out like yesyeah emotionally for surei don’t want even in in the last episodewhen vision talks tothe guy that he works withwhen they were looking at the computeror maybe it was a couple episodes beforethat even and he touches his headand you know the real him comes out andhe’s like i’m in pain like this isyou know what’s going on this hurtsshe’s hurting me likeyeah yeahthat’s bad stuff all right umwhat else we got here wanda ph aroundthe boys go to a block party and this iswhere pietro is questioning wanda onlike how she’s controlling the townwhere she asks where have all these kidsbeen like this is the first time we’reseeing them like nice to let them outyeah so that was reallyshowing just how bad wanda is being yeahbecause because yeah up to that pointyou know they they mentionedumwas it that the meeting thing they wereat was for the kidsbut like yeah then i was like well whereare these kids like yeah that reallycreepy chanting in episode two with thethe magic show where they go for thechildren for the childrenand that didn’t end up meaning anythinglike that was really strange and endedup not mattering at all yeahyeahthat’s true we could do a whole episodejust on the weird theories that come upwith every single episode that’s not abad ideamaybe we’re struggling for a bonusyeahwe’ll do thatwe’ll call it a boner bonusmaybe notuh the voice of robert powers yeahum so yeah this is where we we see iguess it would be speed and wiccan iguess kind of appearinguh well yeah i thought that was cool butii mean i was hoping for more but itmakes sensewhy there can’t be more just i meanthey’re only alive because they’re inthis hex she made them yeah essentiallybut i was it would have been nice to seethat kind of amount to more becausethey’re good actors they were they did agreat job and it still could i mean whenwe get to the finale in about a halfhour we’ll we’ll talk about it but uhit is a thingyeah we need to speed through we’regettingthis longumyeah i mean there’s definitely a lot ofpotential though and thethe wiccan kid was wearing a halloweencostume very reminiscent of his suit yesin young avengers okay soyeah i saw thecomic kind of pictures next to him andyeah it was it was goodit was subtle enough where it was likeokayyou know it’s where and that’s what ilike is that it makes sensethat they’re wearing that and that it’scomic accurate it’s not justoh this looks cheesy there it is in theworldit works in the comics because those arecomics but yeah it still worked outyeahand the last part here uh vision breaksthrough the edge of west view and breaksapart so wanda expands the hex um whichwas awesome yeah it was an awesome scenewhere and again vision being visionlooking out for others before himselfyou know save the peopleand and yeah that was another part waslike why is he breaking apart like whatis going on like is is her powers makingit so he can’t leave because as far aswe know she took the real visionso it’s like why is he falling apartlike this so that was that was superfascinating and the way she expanded itjust looked cooland everything that happened from it andyeah yeah everything turning into acircus which i thought was a nice littlecommentary on sword it was all thesecloudsit was gooduh episode seven breaking the fourthwall very reminiscent of modern familyand actually got my wife and i had tostart watching modern family it ishilariousyeah i’ll watch it here here and thereevery once in a while and i always thinki should just start this from thebeginningyeah it’s it’s been really goodumand wanda’s going through like thisdepression and she’s kind of losingcontrolofwest view and things are changing likein her hand the jug of milk changes likethree different times yeah and the tvturns from a newer tv to an older blackand white tv yeahand then she kind ofstops it and changes it all back and youcan kind of tell she’s kind of losingcontrol of stuff yeahthat’s cool yeah and we have the visiondarcy road trip which was hilarious itwas awesome[Music]yeah i love that talking to the camerayeah and then the way just monicaputting the little things in her wayjust she wasbecause she was she wanted a time awayfrom she was like i’m annoyed with youright now just stay away stop trying tocome backit was one of thethe dogs and the road work andeverythingwith the light changing andthat’s good now i do have a question ondarcy is the suit that kind of shootsthat she’s wearing is that just becauseit changed does it have anycomments as far as i can tell it’s alljust because it’s the circus and it’slike a circus thing um i think we’vediscovered in a recent episode darcy wasjust created for the moviesshe’s i think she’s been brought intothe books a little bit now but she’s nota comic book character okayso all right that answers thatyou know uh we also see monica you knowfinally getting her powers she’s tryingto you knowhelp wanda and be like oh my god we’reyou knowedward’s being a [ __ ] and he’s goingto try and destroy west view to get toyouand all this crazy shit’s going onandso sheyou know walks through the the hex walland we slowly we get likeaudio clips uh from captain marvel andher mom talking and some nick furydialogue and yeah you know she breaksthrough and can i don’t really know herpowers but it’s like she can see energyand control it yeah i think she yeahthat’s kind of what i saw is that shecan control energyyeah soi think it’ll be coolyeahso we’ll see where that that leads wellif i go back to my uh sequel you’ll knowwhere i think it might lead go backthat’s trueall of you out there go back and listento that episode yeah yeah and it’seven her her sword suit is like thatshirt that she’s always wearing is veryreminiscent ofher outf her superhero outfit rightwhich is you know leave it to marvel todo thatexactlylike that of course it’s just perfectlike hey toss this on i doohit just happens to look exactly likewhat you wear in the comics yeah it’sgreat yeah i love that they just fit itin it’s okay yeah and it works perfectand you don’t think twice about it yeahuh and by the end of the episode i’msorry we’re speeding through these butthis is taking longer than i wanted ittoumwe getuh wanda trapped in agatha’s basementand the now epic theme song it wasagatha all alongand she’s imprisoned the boys in wandayeahityeah it was a surprise like i rememberwhen it happened my wife was like areyou you know was it good hunting likeare you excited is it it’s likei’m notit was one of those surprises was likei’m not like holy crapuhhydra is controlling shield i didn’t seethat coming yeah yeah it was like i knewthat’s who she was i knew she was agathaharknessi just didn’t know she would be a badguyokayso it was like oh okay they’re doingthatinteresting yeah okay i get it yeahthat’s the direction they went yeahyeah i mean i i had a feeling that itwas i got the hardness too only becauseagain so many people had that sametheory and and the wholeagafor epicness yeah agnes andthat yeah how the word just just kind ofsplit pretty much took the two names putthem and made him one umbut i mean it was still if interestingto me or i thought okay well you knowhow much has she been controllinglike how much has been agatha all alongso i thought that was fascinating tokind of find that outyeah yeahi was excited for it episode 8episode 8 with previously on where i’msure she was very annoyed at this pointsaying thatso we find out that agatha uh was whichin 1693 returned on her coven anddrained their powers and life i thoughtthat was very cool to see that kind ofthrowback and yeah which is our thingagatha was oneyeah yeah and it’s true to the books forthe most part too sheshe was a witch and they did attempt tokill her it was i don’t think it was hercoven it was just like salemersand it just didn’t workyeahso the whole like it turning you knowturning the evil side to it made it alot more interesting though yeah it wascooluh we had one as family time watchingold tv showsum the stark bomb she used her powers touhkeep it contained now i i didn’t seethat part i i still thought that it wasjust aa misfire almost dead yeahi don’t know and they they kind of hinta i don’t know they don’t full out sayit but they do at the same time likeagatha says so youyou kept the bomb from going offsee now i took that as a agatha thinksthat but it didn’t really happen becauseagatha thinks oh well you know you’re awitch this whole time you’ve had thesepowers foreveri thought it was kind of agatha kind oftrying toum confirm her theories almostand that that’s the thing it could beand that’s what’s interesting about thisepisode i i mean one i love that it’sfinally you know giving us those momentsbetween movies to explain her more andget that connection yeah i love thatthis is where the tv show stuff comesfromyeahbutifshe’s a witch all alongnow that they have them x-men they couldbackdoor them into being mutantsokayyeahin theory they don’t show pietro doanything yeahwhich is too bad that definitely wouldhave been like oh okay they’ve had thesepowers all along but i don’t think theyintended to do that yeah so i don’t knowit’s it’s interesting it’ll be weird tosee where they go and how they end upshoehorning in mutantsall alongyeahniceyeah cause i i mean we thought that thewhole multiverse that could have donethat but that’si mean it’s still good we’ll see yeahuh the next part where they’reexperimented on by hydra with thescepter mine stone amplifies powers andshe sees future self in the costume inthe light which is actually a very coolscene yeah and again it was it was coolto see it because all we saw waswhat a teaser at the end ofi didn’t even water soldier was a wintersoldierand thenthat’s pretty much it as far asloose yeahso i thought that was kind of cool tokind of seeso this is how it happenedyeah yeah because we didn’t know thatthey volunteered but that’s really allwe knew so that was coolyeah definitelyuh the avengers compound watching tvwith vision bonding over grief and loveperceiveperseveringwhichthat’s a it was a great lineyeah like i that every time paul bettanygets to be philosophical and we’ll getto that more in episode nine yeah it’sjust like he’s so great as visionhe is i know you you love him his visionand you love vision andyeah it was great line that’s going tobe everywhere now like i’m going to seeit on shirts oh yeahand everything along you know the i loveyou 3000 was oneyeahi’m okay with it persevering yeah yeah iam toouh then we see that sword is dismantlingvisionand they let wanda see him but not takehim to bury himand and she has that you knowshe’s he asked her before you know whatwhat do you feel and she’s i just feelyou or what do you see or something ijust feel you yeah and then where shesays here i can’t feel you it wasi mean now it’s like it’s sad it’s it’sgone for sure like she’s trying to seelike there’s gotta be a part of you inthere still inand then that was pretty much herfinding out no you’re you’re gone ican’t feel you anymoreyeah it was time then we get the evenmore heartbreaking momentin west viewyeah uh wes you or she envisioned weregoing to build a house and live togethershe goes there and releases intenseenergy that builds the house restoresvision and creates the hexyeah actually i think it was today wherei sawumit was just a picture of them rightbefore they got attacked in infinity warwhere he’s talking about like hey let’sjust go awayand it’s likethat’s like that’s the moment like ifthey would have just leftfive minutes earlierlike they would have been gone livinghere in westview andjustyeah maybe or thanos’s children wouldhave gone to west view and destroyed newjerseyokay maybefreaking jerk no you’re going with minehappily ever after living in western ifthanos hadn’t shown upthey could have been in west view livinghappily ever afteri’m editing that outi would you’re not going to ruineveryone else’s dreamsyeah so i thought that wasvery cool that that somebody pointedthat out and and yeah that’s that’sprobably like right before then was whenhe got that plot and everything andyeah that was tough man yeahyeah but yeah like you were saying atthe beginningshe deservesawards and accolades for thisperformance likeman especially this episode yeah likeshe she’s just fantastic yeah it wasgreatum next here we got agatha name drops abeing of spontaneous creation chaosmagic the scarlet witch so we finallyfinally get that name like everyone wellnot everyone but a lot of people knowwanda maximoff as the scarlet witch butyou know really looking back it’s likeno everyone just calls her wanda ormaximum yeah i mean even on toys likethe few marvel legends and things that iown of her it says scarlet witch butit’s like they never call her that yeahever she just wears reda lot rightoh yeah now now we havethat name and kind of that origin sothat was cool to seeyeahand we get this uh big i mean not a hugereveal because it wasi think this was the teaser for episodeseven at the end here uh where sword hasmade white vision in uhwith the remains of uh in the hexeddroneyeah for the remains of vision and theextrathere yeahi don’t remember this being teased atall and so when i saw it i was like ohmy god so this is what they’re doing ohreally you didn’t see it the aftercredits or mid credits that partor is this that part well yeahyeah that’s theyeah yeah yeahi’m just trying to remember that yeaheight and nine are kind ofblurring together for me nowyeah i knowyeah okay yeah ino this yeah the end of eightwas the the reveal okaythe this is when they reveal that weyeah okay so this is the first timewe’re seeing that they’re making whitevisionokayyeah and it’s i mean it was again fromthe comics i know that white vision isafter he dies he comes back and he hasall his memories but not his emotionswhich is essentially what they’re doingwith this oneand so i was like oh my god they’redoing this with vision and that could bereally interestingto see an emotionlesspaul bettany vision could be really coolso he’s almost like an ultronbutstill like a good guy yeah and i i sawthosenames where oh it’s definitely ultronbecause he looked at his left hand andultron when we last saw him he didn’thave his left hand it’s like okaythat one i didn’t seei’m glad i didn’t read that one thatone’s dumboh yeah it was like people likeit’s guaranteed they prove it right hereit looks as his left hand no just nothat’s nothing just shut up and watchthe showat this point i was like okay the show’sgonna be what the show is none of thethings matter hopefully we’ll get doctorstrange in the finale but we find out nowe don’t no uh episode nine the seriesfinale and we get the face-off betweenwand and agathaum and agatha’s trying to absorb herpowers and we get this super badasswhite vision dir versus regular visionfightlike the only per being that could takeon vision is himself yeah yeah and it’sfantastichere he is in white formit reminded me a lot of the thesuperman versus odd fight and man ofsteel yeah and did you see umandrew friend of the podcasthe shared that videoyeah i i saw it but i didn’t watch ityeah it was it was pretty much pointingthat out where it was that exact almosthe’s holding up uh martha and holding upwanda oh yeah takes him outthey fight a little bit they push himinto the ground the explosion like it’salmost seen for scene buthey i like both so i’m okay with this asper usual marvel did it betteri didn’t want to say it because i dolike man of steelbut i do too but tomorrowuh i got the name drops the dark holdwhich we saw in agents of shield butthis one looks completely different yeahthis one looks weirdit would lookyeah and as we know the marvel tv showsdon’t matter right in the mcu canon likeat allyeahthe agents of shield one just actuallysays dark hold on the cover exactly yeahbut it’s like sidewaysthat’s not like a different languageit’s not a book bookdid somebody put a cover on top of thisonethat yeahso i mean it was nice that it was a bookthat we’ve seen before in and it is thedark hold again yeah so we have an ideabutyeah yeahbut that scene and i also love that theyname drop the sorcerer supreme andsuggest that scarlet witch is even morepowerful than him yeah that was coolwhich could be really cool you knowgoing forward yeahespecially when with themteaming up next or are they teaming upor are they fighting ori know that’s and then we get to thepost credits likeit could if we weren’t going already anhour into this we could really uh divedeep but we’re notuh i love when agatha breaks the spellon the peopleandthey start like you know coming toreality and going please stop this andthe the best part for me was uh whendeborah joe repfrom that 70s show was like either letus go or kill us yeahthat was it’s likeyeah it’s like you really are tormentingthese people and wanda’s realizing ittoo yeahand she’s starting to break down and belike oh my god like what have i doneshe’s thinking she’s helping them andyou know making them feel at peace likeshe’s trying to feeland they’re like no when wego to bed at night we get yournightmares yeah when you actually let ussleep like it’s your nightmares that wehave yeah it’s like jeezyeah and yeah you can kind of see thatshe didn’t realize that things were thatbad for them thatshe yeah she justshe didn’t know andmm-hmm yeah it was that’d be a lot toto take on i mean after what’s going onalready you’re losing everything andthen to have all these people coming atyou likeyou are torturing us like i’d rather diethan continue to let you torture me yeahyeah it’s intenseand we’ll later find out that if if shelets the hex go away then her familygoes away vision will diethe kids will die yeah like she’s reallyscrewed and there’s a nice house of measter egg in the way that they arebreaking up and those like cubesoh okaythat that’s a house of m easter egg niceyeah uh and then of course the nowfamous uh ship of theseusdialogue between the visionsyeah one of my favorite scenes from thecomics i didn’t i didn’t know yeah i sawthat recently yeahit’s it’s really interesting it’s i meanthe idea of if you replace the boards isit still the ship if you refurbish theboards it’s still the ship yeahboth are true both are not true yeahand this idea of like okay isthis fake vision that wanda created thereal visionor is the white vision the real visionor are neither the real vision or bothor both yeah and that’s what’s weirdbecause likesince we find out at the end thatuh wanda madevision for the showthrough the power of the mind stone thatis inside of herwhereas hayworth tookthe pat the hex powers that were in thedroneandinfused them into the body of vision yesbut it’s not really vision so it’sreally gonna interesting to see likeneither technically our visionbut both kind of areyeah and then after kind of giving himhisi guess memories like how muchmore does that change white visionand and we don’t we don’t know he fliesoff and we’ll have to see later on butbut yeah like how much does he changeknowing what he knows now having allthosememories and emotions and stuffand that’s the i think it’s gonna belike the comics where it’s like he knowhe remembers everything but he doesn’thave the emotional attachment okay to itso he’s just gonna be kind of like thismore cold cal like data from star trekkind of thing yeah okay before he gotmore of a personality yeahthat would be a little upgradeyeah there’s a there’s a program forthat i’m sure yeahi was about to say starkle build onei almost didn’tsay stark will just give him enoughgrapefruit nopehe won’tever againwhyuh yeah and even the the kids part wherethey say you know just at least let mychild outlike just let her go i’ll stay if yeahif you want to do a side story where sheplays with your kids or is the bully toyour kids that’s fine just let her outof her room yeah it’s like jeez how longhave they been locked up likeare you feeding them like whatwhat is going on wanda what have youdoneis just horrible but she’s still a herobecause she lets them go at the end yeahi hate to brush through the last episodebecause there’s so much to unpack but wereally need to wrap this up soon that’sall right umyeah i mean there’s just a ton ofreveals and agatha iseventually defeated we get this superbadass reveal of the scarlet witchcostume which i think is perfect yeahit’s awesomeit just looks fantastic it doesand i i i know we’re trying to rush butwe’re gonna i i really liked the howwanda wasusing i guess the the kind of secret orthe tricks that she learned from agathaof thewho puts up the runes can use theirmagic andthat was clever and i was wondering it’slike she’s missing on purpose forsomething like what is she doing ididn’t think she was doing the runesthingwhat is she making holes in certainspots to let something in or out orlike what’s going on and it was yeah itwas a clever classic movie tv trope ofoh i’m gonna take that thing that youjust taught me and use it against youyeahit still works works like a charm babyit was nice it was a nice uh nice littletip and then sheessentially traps agatha in the body ofagnes the yes dopey neighbor lady yeahand says if i ever need you i know whereto find youwhich it makes me think that she’ll bebackokay i got me yeah i can see that iwouldn’t mind that katherine holm didgreatyeah she really did that’s anotherunsung hero this show i mean everybodywas great but the the ladies reallybrought it i mean tayonna paris didgreat kat innings is fantastic all thetime likejust super goodyeah umyeah and then we get the farewell tovisioni like that you know they kind of tuckthe kids in and let themgo to bed yeahyeahi i was a little disappointed we didn’tsee them disappear but i also like thatwe didn’tyeahit made it more touching it didand and then what the whole line youknow thanks for letting me be your momthat was really again man like theirfarewells arearespot on yeah they know how to saygoodbye thank youyeahit’s great in the in the series thatwill probably never end they really knowhow to make you feel like it’s overyeah rightyeah i know i mean i was you knowfeeling it and my my i looked over mywife’s balling over therewiping away tearsyeah like that yeah this is tough likeyeah she’s there it was effectivethe main big things to take away thisare the post-credits scenes there weretwo which was awesomeum monica’s called over to the theaterrandomlyand it turns out that the agent thatushered her over there no pun intendedis a scroll yeahand she essentially says nick fury iswaiting for you and then points up intospace yeahhe’s just upstairshe’s like oh he’s just up on the in thebalcony oh look you made it seem likereal space just like no okay sorry imissed communication yesi guess yeahyeah so that looked very cool yeah i’mexcited to see her go up there andyeah yeah it makes me wonder like is shein the space station at the end of farfrom home we just didn’t see her ah yeahcould be that’s rightit i assume she will be if unless nickfury is incaptain marvel 2 which he very wellcould beand probably will be yeah uh i assumetaylor paris will be in secret invasionyeahwhich is probably going to come outright before captain marvel 2. okayand i’m okay with that yeah yeah thatworks it’s going to be good i’m excitedfor thatyeah me toouh and then the big onewand in the mountains and we see herkind ofincredible hulking it out in the woodsin a cabin that’s where i went too yeahincrediblesomeone else pointed something else outanother marvel movie but yeah i totallywent for incredible hulkyeah thanos that’s what they didand like she like thanos nope she’s likeincredible hulk in therethis isn’t a thanos thing this is anincredible hulk though yeahget it right and she she gets up to maketea and then they pan into the back roomin a very weird creepy waylike almost horror-esque okay and yousee her in her astral formfull suitskimming through the dark hold yesand then you hear her kidsscreaming for help yeahit’s like waitthey’re deadare they where are they yeahyeah now you have to waityeah yeah sonext marchyeah so that was very cool tonow they left it open like that andand the kids could come back they couldbe back for a young avengers team up oror you know i mean they cast them verywell i mean those those boys did a verygood job as well and theythat could be what multiverse of madnessis about like i said scarlet witch is inthat movie yeahwhyis she looking for you know a multiverseversion of vision of the kids both yeahshe’s just going through differentmultiverses because she hurt her kidsand she knows they’re out thereso that’s what she’s trying to find andyeah soi don’t know yeah we really don’t knowhow much these shows are going to tee upand tie into with the movies we knowit’s going to be a hell of a lot morethan the netflix and agents of shieldstuff did yeah because it’s kevin feigeactually spearheading this stuff and theactual actors from the movies in theseshows yeahyeah is it yeah like you’re right is itis it where oh well you don’t knowwhat’s going on because you didn’t watchone division or is iti think they’re gonna find a balanceyeah i think they willbut i i think that’s it’s gonna be likeif you watched wanda vision this isgonna make a lot more sense a lotquicker okay buthere’s this yeahcool all right let’s uh breeze throughthese commercials real quick so in thefirst one we had the stark toastmate2000 okaywhich stark obviously being reminiscentof you know the the stark industriesmissileand i think the flashing red light isthe flashing red light on the missile ido now too yeah at first is like i idon’t know well at first you knowobviously it was uhmephistoeverything is mephisto yeahwhen it’s not mephisto it’s probably thebomb yeahyeah so after seeing that scene and itwas because yeah it was flashing justlike that soyeah i could see thatand the tagline was forget the past thisis your futurethat’s right which was really unsettlingyeah uh the next commercial was thestrucker watch and uh the tagline washe’ll make time for you of coursestruckers one that did the uhexperiments on them soand they had the uh the hydra logo onthat oneyeahi want they actually made that watchit’s like 20 bucks at hot topic i mighthave to go buy it i’m surprised youaren’t wearing it nowi’m tempted they made the rings too ohreallyyeah they’re they’re online too they’relike 60 bucks but it’s liketempting yeah uhthe next one was hydra soak uh find thegoddess withinwhich was a nice touchhydra of course being the ones thatmanipulated them in the first place yesthis one was one of my favorites uh thelagos paper towelsyeah yeah lagos for when you make a messyou didn’t mean tothat’s fantastic that isyeah it’s like is she making thesecommercials because that’s just that’smean to yourselflike yeah you’re right but manyeah so lagos of course was where umshe tried to contain theuh crossbones crossbonesbomb and you know kind of didn’t quitecontain it very wellsothat’s what i mean toothis this one was the weirdest oneobviously the yo magic which was theanimated shark and the kid on the islandthe snack for survivors this is creepyvery creepy the kid tries opening theyogurt anddies tryingyeah it took me a while to figure outwhat this means and i still could bewrong but essentially i think agatha isthe shark andthe kid is wanda and orher covenokayandtrying to tap into magic and herstealing the magic so they wither anddieis is my guess yeah i mean i can’t sayoh yeahthat’s perfecti mean it fits thoughi got nothing so i’ll go with thatthat works yeahall right and uh the last one is thenexus anti-depressionuh with the tagline nexus because theworld doesn’t revolve around youor does itso again kind of akind of a punch to herself likeno the world doesn’t revolve around youwanna and likeare you sure because this one doesit’s almost like that yeahyeahand the nexus in the comics is thecenter of the multiversewhichis again when that they said that islike multiverse yeah nopeyeah i i can’t imagine them using nexusand not think you know having a foot inmultiverse eventuallyokay but not for the showyeahyeahonly so much we can do hereyeahokay we did it we made it uh i agree itwas probably longer than we expected buti mean it’sit’s it’s a long shot episodes yeah yeahwell maybe not nine solid ones but theywere allvery six solid ones and three that wecould have gone through a little fasterthan we didyeahwellwe’ll have a better idea for next timeall right um yeah so our next episode iswhat is our next iron man 2 i believethat’s right yeah and it’s youyes yeah all right um hulk that’s rightsorry our next uh big episode will beiron man 2where we’ll uh it’ll be similar to thesame style as we’ve done iron man andthe incredible hulkuh so definitely check that one out uhnextweek or episode i don’t know 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