Top 10 MCU Castings

hello everybody and welcome to we are  marvel the podcast to listen to if you  like the marvel cinematic universe and  we are your hosts my name is justin my  name is jeremy and welcome to the show  yeah thanks for joining us we appreciate  it i’m glad to be back it’s been  like five seconds since our last episode  recorded so it’s good to be back in the  chair  you’re giving all the secrets away look  behind the curtain they didn’t know that  but they couldn’t i thought we got  together again and they’re like oh these  guys every week they just can’t stay  apart  uh this is another one of our uh  topic episodes we’re not talking a  specific movie that’ll be the next  episode which will be jeremy’s pick but  we’ll get to that at the end  i’m jeremy  hey  yeah we’ll get to that yeah uh but this  week we are covering our top 10 favorite  casting decisions that the marvel  cinematic universe has made  and uh this is the whole shebang this is  phase one two three and a little bit of  netflix and tv in there too  oh i did not know we were including  netflix and tv uh that might have  changed my life  i i you it’s my marvel cinematic  universe  i did it too which is why i have an  honorable mention now  okay that’s fair okay  maybe  no that works perfectly because then  we’ll do another episode where we do  non-movie  in the universe we could  yeah because yeah my list would have  definitely had i know one person for  sure would have made this list  and he was going to i was like oh wait  that that wasn’t he wasn’t in the movie  i think it’s the same person that just  got added to my list so  [Music]  uh but we’ll see when we get there  i think so yeah yeah i’ll let you know  uh it’s a top it’s a top ten we did this  in uh order so this is actually ranked  it’s not just a random list this is  favorites you know least favorite of the  favorites to our favorite of the  favorites  if that makes sense  and for those of you that don’t know i  hate doing ranked  because  like today this is my rankings but next  week it could change  that’s why i hate doing it it’s just too  yeah i’m seeing stuff but i’m going god  i could have put that up higher that  could have been up here yeah you see and  you know why it’s changed because you  did your list three years ago whenever  you said you did yeah  when we first started talking it happens  yeah we might come back in a year and do  it again and just see if they’ve changed  at all that’s tempting  okay maybe we’ll see  yeah all right but for now  we’re going to start off are we going to  start with honorable mentions are we  going to start with our top  10 no uh we’ll we’ll go with 10  here i think is what we will we shall do  i’m fixing something that i’m uh  noticing he’s changing his order  you can’t do this  it’s cheating  all right so what is your number 10. my  number 10 is mr bradley cooper as rocket  raccoon  all right  he’s not on my list i i never would have  seen it coming  that was a weird sentence  um  all right  it  when they announced it i was like really  and it was a character that i didn’t  know about  really at all i had seen him in uh  avengers uh earth’s mightiest heroes  they’re in an episode of that  where he’s like  scottish or british  and so i was like oh that’s weird  but he’s perfect  that he’s a raccoon but well i mean you  have to buy into it he’s a raccoon but  the dialect was so different i was like  bradley cooper is going to beat this guy  that’s interesting  that’s so great  he is yeah and still even sometimes i  try and like picture bradley cooper but  the voice is just  slightly off i think  i think that’s what sells it for me is  that he’s yeah truly like a voice over  actor and that he can kind of change his  pitch and tone to the point where  if you didn’t tell me that was bradley  cooper i would have no idea that’s who  that was  yeah none  even sometimes i think it’s like i don’t  think it’s bradley cooper they’re just  saying it isn’t he’s collecting a check  yeah  yeah and i’m sure he’s very happy to do  so  yeah absolutely i mean they’re doing  pretty well i don’t know if anyone’s  heard  well i mean he watched the movies i mean  as much as i love peter and everyone  else  yeah rocket is that team i think it’s  the reason why i’m glad he was an end  game  out of you know everybody else because  he just he has that  depth i guess  which is strange for yeah a a character  that’s a raccoon to have and but he does  he  he has a lot of emotion to his to his  character and  he comes off as just this i hate  everyone kind of character but deep down  he  he needs to be loved and  he bradley cooper does a great job with  showing that so  all right i’ll allow it thank you sir  you’re number 10.  my number 10 is uh clark gregg  oh not on my list  that’s okay  you’re wrong that’s all right  yeah we kind of mentioned him last  episode i’m sure you guys if you listen  to you you know you mentioned clark greg  and  he’s on this list because of kind of how  he is in all these movies he came in as  just he was going to be this small  character in  iron man and just his charisma and and i  the way he  kind of reacted with the other cast  showed that he’s  he’s a powerhouse actor well i mean  i don’t know if he’s be that great in  something else i don’t know if i’ve seen  him in anything else  but for this is his role  like when i see him and when i think of  him i think coulson yeah and he does a  great job of it he’s got almost  he’s got a face that you’ll remember but  it’s almost like a an everybody face  which would be helpful  yeah yes exactly and it just makes it as  he doesn’t come off as  this meat head or  um  like a  scroungy kind of guy or anything he just  comes off as a just a normal looking  person  oh by the way i’m part of the secret  asian  division called shield yeah you’ve never  heard of it  it’s i think he does a great job and he  owns that character in my opinion  definitely i mean the only thing i had  seen him in uh was the new adventures of  old christine  which was a julia  julia louie dreyfus show  back in the day  and yeah he does he has that face where  it’s like he could be that faceless  agent in the background but he’s  charismatic enough that he’s in the  foreground and  can screw with tony  and you love him for it  yeah  yeah he does great  uh my number nine which i mean any of  these i think could probably be number  one  but  uh  mr tom hiddleston as loki  yeah  on my list but  higher further up yes  yeah it’s just fantastic i don’t blame  you for having them higher up and i  think  less so than the trailers like this one  doesn’t really have a wrong answer  because they’re all so good  oh yeah  and  [Music]  you know i mean loki’s always been an  important character in the marvel  universe but  he’s getting his own show he’s that guy  like exactly people love him so much  that they went well let’s take this  quick cameo in end game and turn it into  a series that already has a season two  renewal  geez like  yeah  and  for me it’s like that’s not surprising  yeah no he i’m happy for it he deserves  definitely i can’t wait yeah one that’s  it’s one of the things that i love they  marvel followed what i call the superman  formula  which is  they chose  lesser name hero actors and filled the  cast with  big name stars you had a chris reeves  for  superman but you had brando you had  hackman you had marco kidder i mean you  had these huge names surrounding him and  they did that so much  with marvel  that it allowed them the hero characters  and actors  to become those characters so when i  think of  hemsworth i think of thor when i think  of evans i think of cap  right and and hiddleston’s another one  of those where it’s like i don’t think  of tom hiddleston he’s loki  but he’s also in something else  right yeah i i think that’s kind of also  how i kind of based my list off of was  when i think of this actor  do i think of the actor or the character  he plays  or she you never know or she yes i don’t  think i have any she’s i kind of feel  bad for that but i don’t think i have an  honorable mention she oh there you go so  i’ll count it  all right my number nine this is a  little sneaky  uh jk simmons  it counts you’re trying to figure it out  yeah  it counts  okay  it’s still part of the movie i can’t  argue  i know  because i was i wanted a list  a marvel character i mean i saw it and  i’m like ah he’s i mean he’s perfect  he’s yeah you see what i think of when i  think of joe changing joe  jay jones jonathan james and there it is  i’m the one with the one  but i thought yeah i can’t do that and i  remembered wait i can  it counts  because for those that might not know it  was the stinger middle mid credits and  credits of uh  spider-man  far from home far from home that’s the  one yes  um and and yeah he he’s at the very end  and he’s back as  jay jonah jameson so i’m counting it  because when i do i guess this is kind  of a reverse one is when i think of joe  janet jade jameson why do i why did i  picture john jacob  when i think of him i think of jk  simmons yeah  he’s probably not the other way around  because oddly enough when i think of jk  simmons i think of um  the movie with the drumming  oh  whiplash  whiplash yeah i haven’t seen for some  reason that’s where my mind goes you  haven’t seen that one no it looks good  but i never watched it i don’t like  miles  well  all right i i’m okay with them so i  don’t know if i can say or watch it  anyways he’s fine  i think he does a great job in it sure  um i think jk simmons elevates him yeah  so it’s kind of a shot here you have  some free time fair enough  yeah he is he’s perfect i mean bald or  not  uh yeah it was the biggest surprise well  one of the biggest surprises of that  movie  that they were able to get simmons back  as jameson and if they don’t have him in  spider-man 3 somehow  then it’s just a waste because he’s yeah  he’s jameson he’s perfect yeah exactly  uh my eight uh following the same line  there is mr tom holland our spider-man  very nice  he’s perfect  yes i i feel like i’ve said this more  times than i can count but i haven’t  said it on this show  toby mcguire was a great peter parker  andrew garfield was a great spider-man  yes  tom holland  is great at both  absolutely agree yeah he he does  everything i hoped he would do and more  and from the second i saw him in civil  war  i went yes  that that’s him  i did the same with another person  lower down on my list  or higher up on my list i should say i  think yes it should be higher  um  yeah he’s just  again you know you close your eyes think  of spider-man it’s tom holland no and  yeah can’t wait to see what they do with  him in three and hopefully beyond  because he’s just perfect  yeah he’s great at that role  awesome uh my number eight is michael b  jordan  um  yes based on that there’s a killmonger  poster he got there in the background  yes yeah i think i mentioned him in in  their ironman episode also how he’s one  of my favorite villains um but i i  i loved him in  black panther like he was just  he i think he stole the show in my  opinion i think that’s not a thing that  people other people agree with which  i’ve realized true but i’m okay with  that  i think he did great i i i just i think  he did a fantastic job he made the  character  the  the villain like cool and someone that  you  almost slightly rooted for which is a  you’ve said this in our in our other  podcast is a great thing about villains  is when when you can root for the  villain and  that makes them a good villain yeah not  just someone that i just want to see the  world burn just because i’m a bad guy  that’s not a good villain but them  having a good reason and behind it is is  a  i think that’s great and  i just yeah i’m a big fan of him so he  had to make my list  that’s right um  and he’s only this far down because so  many others are  just perfect for the roles that they’re  in  i mean not to  you know steal too much thunder here but  to quote the late great stan lee said  that you know the best villains are not  black and white they’re gray  you know they’re they’re characters that  you care about and you see their point  of view and you go okay i  i see where they’re going up to this  certain point and then  as they start to you know veer off into  the bad side it’s like okay now i see  where the decision is made  yeah that i wouldn’t make but they did  and that that’s what makes them a  villain  yeah  well said um  [Music]  i’m torn with my six and five i feel  like they could kind of interchange but  uh wait you’re right you’re on seven  though i’m on  seven  i think sorry i screwed that up and went  yeah  yeah i am on seven sorry i changed i  moved someone that was at nine up a lot  and it screwed up  my seven and six  could interchange sorry about that  my number seven  is mr paul bettany  as  vision  yeah well okay so not as jarvis as  jarvis you just hated him yes obviously  obviously  all right fair enough  uh i mean you know  he’s great as jarvis and he was a lot of  fun but you know he recorded his lines  for 20 minutes and that was you know the  end of his his year  but  you know to  again quote joss whedon  he was perfect you know if you’re going  to do  another avengers movie you do ultron so  that ultron can create vision and then  you have them put jarvis in division  because only paul bentley could be  fisher  i mean he’s fantastic  yeah oh yeah i mean  we’re seeing that even more so now in  one division  um  but  he just  vision was always one of my favorites  growing up  uh they had a cartoon avengers earth  midas heroes in the 90s  and  he and falcon were my favorite  characters of that show because there  was no cap iron man or thor  right  um so i mean they were kind of the stars  cool part of the show for me and he just  he is  vision  in every way the look of him is perfect  the voice is fantastic and that that  first speech that he gives once he is  for lack of a better word born  and talking about whether he’s evil or  not and  you know  it’s just it sums up the characters so  perfectly  nice  all right  i like it  uh my number seven is a benedict  cumberbatch cummerbuck i don’t ever know  i say him  obviously i just said  that’s the one  um and again my behind my reasoning  behind this is when i think of  benedict and he’s played other great  roles so yeah i i could think of  sherlock and i somewhat do yeah um or  smaller how small was the other one but  i i think of doctor strange and i i  think he does an a great job of  i don’t and i don’t know why i don’t  remember reading any comics with doctor  strange but just he i feel like he has  the perfect look for him  just this  um  cocky surgeon  that  is is no longer the the top dog that he  used to be  and  it’s is he still who he’s he is who i  think of when i think of doctor strange  now yeah  and he’s a great actor i mean he he  really is whatever he plays he does a  great job  yeah i remember when they were throwing  around names for doctor strange and like  walking phoenix was in the mix and some  others i don’t even remember anymore  and when i heard his it was like yeah  that that is how it should be i hope  that joaquin turns it down because i  want benedict cumberbatch  surprisingly not at my list but i wish  he was now  okay  um yeah mentioning walking phoenix i he  i think he was  gonna play another character maybe loki  but he only wanted to do one movie  and  that kind of explains yeah  i mean that explains why he did uh the  joker because it’s just the one and done  yeah but unless i do a joke or two  well he won’t be in it apparently  he might be but  um all right your number  six that might have been a number 12  could have been a five or something uh  my six is mr chadwick boseman  hmm the the late great t’challa he’s  how is he not on my list i’m an idiot  no arguments here  not just for those great  it was one of those things that uh  you know they announced him for civil  wars in the trailers  the first time he spoke  in the un  meeting i went that’s black panther  that’s all like one line of dialogue his  his accent dialect however you want to  say it  was so perfect in his presence and look  i was like  that is black panther  and  i wish he had stayed around with us  longer because i was really hoping he’d  be get one more solo movie  at least  um and i’m glad they’re not recasting  because there’s just there’s no one else  no yeah he was black panther he will  always be a black panther yeah and and  yeah  like you said i’m glad that i requested  because  whoever they brought in i don’t know  maybe you know might we’d get used to  him yeah but i’d still always think  chadwick boseman is black panther  and he should always be one yeah yeah  so all right  yeah i don’t know how he’s not on my  list  you can do something right there’s still  time  yeah i was just saying my number six is  chadwick boxer  sorry number six  you’re now an honorable mention  uh no but my actually my number six is  chris hemsworth and and as i mentioned  last episode he’s  he’s turned into i think he’s turned  into my favorite character  they really did something cool with him  starting in random rock  yes that’s exactly when the change  happened  it they they gave him more than just  oh my god i’m that’s it yeah  he he there’s a backstory to him now  there’s more to him there’s layers to  him now  and that that’s  one of the things i love about it and  and they’d stop dyeing his hair or his  eyebrows blonde which helps he gave him  the haircut  and he just looks like a badass now yeah  and when he shows up  he shows up in badass form  well that he’s funny  like as an actor as a person he’s funny  and they allowed thor to be funny  yeah there’s nothing wrong with that  well that’s  it’s one of the things that i think  helped chris evans so much as cap is  that  there’s this man out of time element  with cap that they use so perfectly to  make him  not necessarily dumb but  naive i guess yeah naive yeah and so  when he’s introduced to things of  now  it’s like oh that’s interesting that’s  weird and he just kind of rolls with it  and that’s same with thor he’s from a  different world  yeah and so he calls rocket rabbit and  he you know calls groot tree and it  it should be doofy but it’s perfect for  thor  it is you’re right  yeah it doesn’t come off as ah thor is  just a big dummy  maybe i mean maybe he he could come off  that way to some but to me no it’s just  i thor he’s he’s goofy he’s silly  he doesn’t know any better it’s just  what he you know assimilates to  yeah he thinks he’s right  and so that’s why he goes with it  yeah and his relationship with cap  it didn’t occur to me until after an end  game and it was kind of pointed out  through pinterest and stuff but his  relationship with cap  throughout all the avengers this is  is so interesting  really yeah you have to point it out to  us then yeah well i mean it’s in every  single avengers movie there is a moment  if not more than one where they team up  to help each other to work together to  fight together  and there’s just this sort of  camaraderie between them  that  works in the first avengers they’re the  two fighting together on the street  you know what are you getting sleepy and  you know  all that  and yeah age of ultron there’s the scene  on the bridge and then um  even before that in the beginning when  they’re on uh sokovia  he  thor strikes the shield  to create that sonic boom that takes out  all those hydra soldiers  right yeah uh in infinity war obviously  there’s the you copied my beard and then  an end game and then  you know  cap wields mjolnir  yeah and  and thor is i mean he truly looks  excited when he’s like i knew it  yeah like yes about time  that you figured it out because i knew  it the whole time yeah like almost like  you’re so proud of them yeah and that’s  after that age of ultron bit where  they’re all trying to lift the hammer  and cap’s the one who budges it  yeah yeah which is a cool scene yeah and  i’m glad it  that’s exactly where my mind went  as soon as he wheeled it was  he made it budge  so he was worthy and is worthy  yeah  yeah very cool  all right you’re number five what do you  got uh  the man himself  josh barolan has thanos  i also have him at number five  that’s a first yeah  with as many characters and actors  that’s impressive yeah that’s happening  at the same spot that’s pretty good yeah  this is even more impressive than if we  had had similar trailers  yeah well  i i like him as cable but i love him as  thanos  oh yeah and he’s  he first showed up in the first  guardians  and  [Music]  that’s my favorite scene of that movie  yeah like  he just it’s great he steals the show  and i mean obviously the look is perfect  i remember someone  when i went to see infinity war with  them  asked if  it was a person in makeup  or thought that it was a person in  makeup because it looked so real and his  voice especially that opening kind of  monologue in infinity war  it’s just doom incarnate  yeah sure he’s got to destroy the  avengers  yeah he’s got a great voice  and i mean that that is the the most of  of thanos but it’s also some of his  mannerisms because they do mocap  so some of those mannerisms it’s just  it’s they’re so spot on and yeah josh  brolin just  the voice in in his inflections and  stuff it’s perfect yeah like it like it  really is this this guy that has been  through so much  and is just tired of of no one  believing him and being on his side and  having to fight so many people  and just like it’s  it’s time  i’m josh brolin  boys  it’s so good yeah well that’s i mean the  the thanos from the comics is so  crazy i mean he’s called the mad titan  for a reason and they really embrace  that in the comics and the cartoons like  the silver surfer cartoon  i won’t go into it but i mean he’s he’s  crazy and  there’s this i don’t know  again again i guess there’s a depth to  the character that isn’t there i think  in the comics that josh brolin’s voice  lends to even more  yeah  it does it he kind of has that like i’m  tired voice almost  like he’s because he’s been through so  much and  he’s fought so much and he just i’m  tired of it and  it’s time to show you i’m right  i really hope he’s in eternals  because his i’ll take it his dad is an  eternal  okay and  he you know i don’t know the whole  history but he is you know related to  the eternals in some way  that’d be awesome  well since we had the same number five  it’s time for my number four  which is i’m rhyming again with four and  thor  mr chris hemsworth  i didn’t plan it  it just happened  yeah sure no yeah yeah  uh he’s great i mean you know you talked  about it at length earlier the only  thing i had seen him in before this was  star trek  oh yes that’s right he’s very briefly  picard’s dad  in the uh the jejabram star trek movie  and  again it just he’s thor  there’s no  i if anyone else tried to play thor  i wouldn’t have it because he is [ __ ]  yeah  and again after ragnarok everything  changed i mean i don’t hate thor the  dark world  but it is probably the movie i like the  least  in the mcu it’s the one i would watch  the least  it’s a very nice way to say it and the  right way to say it oh it’s not terrible  it was actually done by marcus and  mcfeely were the writers and they did  all the caps and they did end game and  infinity war  oh yes i mean it’s got a great it’s got  some great bones there but and i think  it’s one of the things i like about  marvel so much is that they realize  their mistakes and they go back and fix  them  and make them more relevant so having an  end game thor have to go back to talk to  his mom  who died in thor the dark world it makes  you want to watch thor the dark world  because that’s where that happened  yes  yeah kind of i mean i yeah maybe not as  much but i can see  how you got there  yeah  again it’s the lesser of the movies  obviously  yeah but you know out of 23 movies  something has to be at the bottom of the  rung  yeah something has to be 23. but why not  thor  thor two let’s be let’s be clear thor  one is good right right oh yeah yeah  sorry sorry  uh but yeah i’m so glad that they broke  him out of his shell  and  gave him more to do in three and  infinity war and in game and that he’s  getting a fourth movie  which is the first for anyone in the mcu  other than avengers  yeah  so it’s insane yeah  yeah i i i totally agree that they i’m  glad that they let him  break out and and  and learn these the powers that he’s had  all along  but now he knows how to wield them  yeah  he’s awesome  all right my number four  which is  probably your number one as always  chris evans not quiet  okay fair enough believe it or not  close we might have yeah okay i’m  wondering  if we might have the same number one  then um see my number four is chris  evans captain america  um  now him i guess  when i  when i picture him i do picture other  stuff because he’s been in other other  movies that are really great like snow  piercer  and um  knives out yeah so good  it really is yeah  but still when i when i think of captain  america i think of chris evans  i i i i mean and looking at him behind  you i can see one of his posters and  he’s just  he’s built he’s built  perfectly for it and like like i  mentioned in the trailer episode last  episode  it’s it’s it was awesome the way they  transformed him and i know it wasn’t his  body but it still looked like it was  because they did a great job of um  of cgi and editing and all that  um  but he’s  he is captain america like  i i i couldn’t imagine anyone else  playing him  i i might even get upset if they tried  to cast someone else like why yeah just  figure out another way to just  kill him off pay chris whatever he wants  wait until he wants to come back i don’t  care yeah there isn’t someone else he is  captain america  well that’s what’s so great i mean he’s  even in his personal life like he just  has that wholesome  attitude you know he just  he seems like the nicest guy on the  planet i wish i’d gotten a chance to  meet him and hopefully one day i will  but yeah yeah he’s just fantastic what i  think is nice and i’ll go further in  when i we hit him on my list but  i’m glad that they’re allowing the steve  rogers to  grow old and retire  and the mantle of cap is going to be  given to  sam  there’s a little question of what was a  book you’re saying it’s sam i mean let’s  be real here but yeah  it’s  i’m glad that it’s  one of those titles that can be passed  on so it’s not like oh someone else is  going to be steve rogers captain america  it’s  sam wilson as cap  all right that’s fair  i don’t know he’s still always going to  be captain america yeah  but there’d just be another one i guess  yeah also uh my number three which is  the one that i moved from way up top on  the list because he’s just so great and  i was so excited when they announced him  as james spader as ultron  oh okay  hey you do like james spade i remember  that we’ve talked about this before yeah  um i mean from boston legal and all that  fun stuff  do you ever watch blacklist i know yes  okay i’m not up to date but yeah i’ve  watched anything and it’s it’s so good  after episode or season 32 or whatever  they wrong they had to take a break  that’s fair  it’s like how long is this last good  well i mean it’s  you know going back to joss whedon i  can’t even remember if i talked about in  this episode or the last episode but  you know  it’s only fitting for them to do ultron  in the second avengers and as soon as  they  announced it with spader i went that’s  perfect  he has that voice that tone that just  slow sinister calculating  kind of voice that sells ultron  oh yeah  i still i remember the trailer with him  coming out the  um  i don’t remember the line but the  strings  these strings won’t  control me i don’t know what it is but  yeah yeah it’s just yeah he’s got that  voice it’s it’s menacing and  like  if i i think he seems like he’s a nice  person but if i didn’t know he was a  nice person i would think this guy’s  just pure evil  like that voice is just it’s  it’s from hell  well that’s i mean  when i first saw the age of ultron movie  i was like okay i wish they hadn’t given  him so much emotion  because the ultron in the comics and the  cartoons is very you know monotone  very sterile computer  but the more i watch age of ultron the  more i love it and just his like you  know when he forgets the word for  children  it’s such a sinister creepy but funny  moment  and and his voice is just perfect for it  it is that’s a great voice  do you like the eyebrows  i don’t love the eyebrows why why you  guys mentally with eyebrows  i think what bothers me more is the  mouth  moving okay  the eyebrows it’s like okay that could  be a separate piece  that like you know an animatronic bear  at disney world  you know the eyebrows would move but the  mouth  bending  still bugs me sometimes  all right fair enough  but i’ll get over it for james bader  all right  uh my number three yeah  now we’re at all right um  tom hiddleston  yeah so yeah he’s he’s a bit higher in  my list which  i i mean like you’ve mentioned before  there’s there’s no wrong spot on these  lists  um but he is he’s he’s so good at loki  and like what other villain would die  and people are like as sad as people  were  yeah  none and die more than once  yeah that’s true  yeah  because yeah he’s he just he plays that  character so well like  just  and i i know it could have been anyone  but the greasy hair when we first see  him it’s just it’s okay you’re just this  snake i guess it’s kind of kind of pops  in my head  and  and then to kind of become this  it’s almost lovable villain  like yeah it’s loki he’s a jerk and he  does dumb things but he’s lucky yeah  like  there’s a charm about tom hiddleston  that is just so  great for loki and i mean  in the comics and cartoons he’s just a  dick all the time  but there’s this kind of  crestfallen hero to villain thing  that they did with him that works so  well  yeah it really does because i mean yeah  i mean he was trying to take over  the earth  and we’re all okay with him now  and that’s that’s tom hiddleston i think  yeah probably some writing  but  it’s that that charm that he has and  everyone’s just going ah all right i  forgive you  you didn’t mean it we know  there’s just something about tom  hiddleston yeah so he’s great i mean  he’s he is lucky  uh number two  already we’re speeding through these a  lot faster than i thought we would  well  yeah that’s all right that’s fine  uh my number two is the man himself mr  chris evans  yeah okay i think we have the same  number one i don’t think so i changed my  number one at the last second here  okay my number one is now my honorable  mention  oh jeez  what  your list is so confusing now  you know it’s  i mean he was the human torch  he was uh in not another teen movie and  that’s all i had seen him in  really like about these things  and i was just like this guy  but then i saw him have you ever watched  the movie the losers  yeah yeah  that came out around the time that he  was announced  and i was like okay this guy has  potential he can do more  than just be a doof and be the human  torch he  has some range  yeah and he’s just perfect i mean  there is  he captures that wholesomeness that a  superman s character needs  but has an edge to him that when he  turns in winter soldier and infinity war  in civil war  you buy it  he has that moral compass that you can  see him just doing what he believes is  right all the time yeah  and if you haven’t seen knives out or  he’s in another movie called  the iceman i think is what it’s called  it has michael shannon  and chris evans is like this pedophile  serial killer who drives around in an  ice cream truck he’s only in it for a  little bit but he’s just so  great  he has long shaggy gross hair and a  beard and stuff and like  i don’t think i’ve ever heard of this  one yeah it’s a weird indie movie but he  is so good in it  that  it’s just if nothing else watch knives  out if you want to  see just how good he can be but  yeah he’s i sort of recently watched him  in a tv series uh called defending jacob  he was he was great in it  so much range in that  yeah i have to go back and watch losers  again yeah i mean it just i haven’t  watched losers on forever but  he just  he has this  wholesomeness but an edge and that’s  something that cap needs to be able to  be cap  and he just pulls it off perfect  he does  yeah  all right my number two  uh tom holland  and and it’s it’s for the the reasons  that you mentioned earlier is that he’s  just he’s perfect in  in both roles for that because there are  two roles for that it’s and then like  you said there’s a spider-man role  and there’s a peter parker role and he’s  great in both and  he looks like he is this high school kid  that is just trying to get by in school  and he’s and he’s spider-man and  i love the way they  not really did a whole origin story but  i guess kind of did  it’s  i mean i guess it is an origin story but  it doesn’t feel like it  well let’s we’re  go ahead and the other reason i’m saying  that is because we get to see him not  really knowing how to use these powers  and and  and then towards and slowly learning  more and more and towards the end he  knows how  and that’s i guess that’s really how i  picture it as an origin but  yeah he’s  i mean he is the spider-man that that  we’ve been waiting for  i feel and  i think it is great well that’s what’s  interesting i’m really happy because we  have yet to see uncle ben  he has even not even been name dropped  he’s just been kind of referenced a  little bit  yeah he’s been mentioned the name ben  has  well yeah they get they the bp was on  his uh suitcase and far from i think  there’s  yeah i want to say they that he  mentioned something with you know how  ama  well since ben or something like that i  want to say they mentioned something  with aunt may and since ben i don’t  think they say ben  really yeah  but i guess we’ll go back and watch i  guess so  well what sold me was that opening a  speech that he gives in civil war when  he says to tony  when you  i’m going to screw up the phrasing of it  exactly but  it’s you know when you have the power to  save the day  but you don’t and then the bad things  happen  it happened because of you  huh yeah  and i’m getting  chills just thinking about that line and  i said it wrong  but  that is the perfect way of saying with  great power comes great responsibility  without having to say that line  yeah that’s true and from that moment  he’s  nice  because that that is the spider-man line  yeah you know everyone if you if you say  say a line from spider-man that will be  the line most people will pick  if they’re smart enough  bastards  jeez  wow  that was a quick turn  i’m uh all right number one i’m torn on  my number one because we’ve stuck uh the  way we have for so long i’m tempted to  make my number one my honorable mention  i think that’s what i’ll do  since it was such a lasting  i thought you already did do that are  you now doing it officially i’m doing it  are you switching it back i’m switching  it back my number one was my number one  but then i thought of my what my current  number one is and i went oh that’s i  like that one a lot too  uh so this could be where we  uh  match up again mr robert downey jr yes  i don’t know if we’ve been matched up  the whole time  or you switched it we’ve confused me and  everyone  yes we okay we are now both on the same  page that our number one yeah is robert  downey jr yeah  yeah and and and that might be because  he started this whole thing  yeah and and again it’s when i think of  iron man i think of robert downey jr  and  vice versa  yes and the whole  the similar story  of  of uh  robert downey jr going through the whole  drug thing and and starting from  pretty much starting over from nothing  and rising up to where he is now  with iron man  getting shot up and all that and and  having nothing stuck in this cave to  being now to where he is  it’s it’s they’re the same person they  are like  robert downey jr could be  tony stark in real life and i feel like  yeah i believe that yeah  it really is and that’s  it’s one thing that kind of makes me  almost not want to put him at number one  because it’s like he’s just being  himself  okay  but  it was such a at the time and that’s  something i think i talked about this in  the iron man episode but  people kind of take for granted the fact  that robert downey jr is a huge name now  back in  2008 2007 when he was cast and shooting  that was not the case  right you know he had fallen from grace  he was you know he did a scanner darkly  with keanu reeves and you know a few  things here and there but he was not in  stuff  because of his problems that he was  having  are nothing compared to the problems  other celebrities are having now and  they’re still famous but back in the 90s  it was a big deal  right and this role  saved him it saved his career and it  made him sherlock it made him for better  worst dr doolittle it made him  who he is now which is a household name  that everybody loves  yeah and it’s just it’s inspiring  all the cats  all the casting is great and inspired  because it’s so perfect but his is the  one that is inspiring because it  it changed his life  yeah  yeah it’s it’s  it’s impressive  yeah i’m glad we agree though because  you’re right he should be number one  yeah but as you were saying that i i  don’t mean to take us off topic but just  real quick are we do we have a episode  planned where  actors we hope to see in the mcu or wish  we would see in the mcu  i think so i think there’s a fan cat i’d  have to look at our list but i’m pretty  sure there’s a  all right well if there isn’t one we’ll  add that in  somewhere  yeah  yeah i think it’s not for quite a ways  down but it can always change  yeah we can move it up if we want later  all right well let’s go with some  honorable mentions i have two you said  you only had one yeah that was almost  your number one it’s  that’s a strange way to throw  i don’t think you know how horrible  mentions work  i know it  it would take way too much to do the  kind of tomfoolery i was thinking i  suppose he could have kicked off bradley  cooper  but  given that we were more or less sticking  with movies  that should tell you what my my own  honorable mention was that i didn’t  think of before  well since i have two i’ll go first and  then the third we’ll see  i don’t know if it’s i don’t think it’s  the same person okay  uh so the first one i have on here is  haley atwell she’s one of my my  honorable mentions so  because she’s peggy carter i mean and  she she turned that small role in in  uh the first avenger into a tv series  yeah  and it repeat cameos in in  multiple captain america and avengers  movies  and it’s because they could have just  recast her and had someone else but but  haley is peggy carter yeah and and  that’s one of the reasons that she’s  on my honorable mentions  yeah i mean it’s  it’s as close to a phil coulson kind of  role as you can get without being phil  colson because yeah yeah i mean she it  only lasted two seasons unfortunately  but she got her own show  she got her own one shot  i mean  [Music]  she she is great even though you know  she hasn’t had  much lately it’s  it’d be nice to keep seeing her for sure  yeah for sure  mine  that was almost number one because i  completely forgot about him and loved  him so much  uh mr charlie cox  yes as you were as you were talking i  was remembering i was thinking  before you started talking i was  thinking john bernthoff because that’s  mine oh john bernthal is the punisher  yes he’s the punisher man mm-hmm he’s  perfect for that role but no yeah that’s  gonna totally make sense for you  uh it’s it’s another one of those  chadwick bozeman things the second he  started talking in daredevil season one  episode one in that confessional i was  like  that guy is daredevil  the the sound of his voice  the style of him the look of him  the fact that he’s hopefully going to be  in spider-man 3 like he’s just  he’s daredevil he’s everything i was  hoping daredevil would be  yeah  without the cool suit and and things  that i would like him to have one day  all right fair  all right  yeah as soon as you started  going into saying the name i was like  daredevil duh  why how could i not have thought of that  because i going to say john bernthal  with you but then you were talking like  no he’s not going to say john prince  he’s not he should but he’s not i i  agree he’s he’s great too we definitely  need to do a casting of  non-movies i guess but it’d be like  three or four people  that’s fine we’ll do it  yeah because he was going to make my  list so that i don’t know we’re just  doing movies  all right  uh my other honorable mention and  i  i’m gonna say it’s yours as well samuel  jackson  i mean  he he brought everything together i’m  i’m i’m gonna say he brought everything  together as nick fury but  i mean  he is knicker and like you mentioned in  i think it was last episode  where  nick fury in the comics was based off of  him  in the ultimate and  yeah so i mean  how could he not be  the perfect casting for nick fury yeah  yeah  so there you go both of our honorable  mentions i’m including you in this now  thank you you’re welcome  yeah it’s hard  it’s one of those you almost take for  granted because again it’s it’s a bit of  a robert downey jr situation where he in  some movies he is just samuel jackson  fair but in other movies like winter  soldier he is very much nick fury  yes and it’s like yeah this is  to think of anyone else as nick fury  for those of us that can remember  whether we want to david hasselhoff’s uh  fury movie  yeah i can’t think of anyone else that  would have that kind of presence and i  think it’s yeah  he adds that shock value because  everyone knows who he is  oh everybody  loves him in one way or another whether  it’s through tarantino or  you know just being in so many other  movies  as soon as you see that scene at the end  of the first iron man  you immediately get the joy of oh my god  samuel jackson but as a marvel fan you  go oh my god it’s nick fury oh my god  he’s you know announcing the avengers  and my head explodes  so  eight times yes eight times  all right well that was a fun one i i  liked that one we got to do our top ten  um yeah i think you’re right we should  do a in a non-moving one yeah  i guess i think it’ll be a top five  because there aren’t quite as many  inspired castings yes the tv verse  unfortunately  but now that we have disney plus  yeah that good change there you go  that widens things doesn’t it mr  loophole right there  it’ll be nice once things like miss  marvel and iron heart start coming out  and we get some new new characters and  new actors and actresses  in these cool roles  right so we might have to push that one  back a little bit to give what we just  did plus time to catch up yeah well yeah  of course yeah  all right well uh that is our episode um  top 10 castings  a little short but sweet hope you enjoy  it yeah  i don’t know  i think it ended up being about  close to an hour i think  that’s not bad at all yeah  yeah and we’re gonna just keep talking  and stretch that out to a full hour  well we have some other things to cover  first  most importantly  uh your next episode  which  for those of us playing along  should be able to guess it is our next  movie  yes which  is man  the incredible hulk  um yeah i’ll be taking charge on that  one um it’ll be in a similar  fashion to how our iron man was with a  little little history fun facts that  sort of stuff and then we’ll talk about  it um but we won’t we won’t try we’ll  try not to delve too deep into it just  so it’s not a  well here’s the first scene and then  this happens and then this happens and  it’s like a highlight we’ll break it up  yeah  so we’re gonna do that and uh  i’m a little nervous but uh because  justin’s had some practice with this on  his other podcast this will be my first  time doing it but uh i’m sure you guys  will bear with us i’ll be your safety  net ah i need it  yeah that’ll be a fun one um and as  we’ve mentioned previously we’re going  to be doing we’re shooting for  three episodes a month  um kind of the big episode will be a  movie and then kind of two non-movie  related topics right and we might throw  in a fourth one every once in a while  yeah uh  but we’ll see how  yeah  but definitely we appreciate we  appreciate you guys listening in on  these  um if you guys have any ideas definitely  let us know it might already be on our  list but maybe you’ll you’ll spark  something that that has us think of  something else yeah i mean our movies  are fairly set but uh the  the random episodes can be switched  around pretty much whatever the hell we  want so  yeah if you haven’t yeah if you want to  email us uh we have our email we are  marvel pod we’re on facebook we are marvel pod we  actually have a twitter i don’t have any  followers yet we haven’t really done  much with it um but again i think it is  we are marvel pod i tried to do we are  marvel pod for everything just to make  it easy for me to remember sure at the  end of this this episodes  um yeah definitely reach out to us and  and let’s interact i’m excited to  interact with our listeners  yeah yeah so  that it that we got i think so  until next time i’ve been justin  i’ve been jeremy and we will catch you  next time on we are marvel  bye