The Incredible Hulk

[Music] hello and welcome to we are marvel the marvel cinematic universe podcast my name is jeremy and my name is justin thanks for joining us everyone yeah as you probably know from the title this is uh our second i guess big episode this is our second movie episode fourth episode overall but our second movie in the release schedule uh timeline yes we should yeah that’s probably a good idea to make that clear that this is the release schedule timeline yeah later on we we plan on doing an episode of the actual uh like watching timeline obviously with captain america first avenger taking place in world war ii that’s first and then last and this then this to actually give you a sense of the timeline progression yeah um i don’t know when we’ll do it though because there’s movies even in phase three that you can put into phase one captain marvel yeah so i don’t know and we’ll do it but we might just end up doing it just for fun one week yeah i like it we’ll do that one week yeah yeah all right well you heard it here folks you have to hold us to it all right well we’re just gonna jump right into it right because i know this is this is my first time doing this kind of movie style uh justin’s done it on his other podcast so he’s a pro with this that other podcast is pod and gore available wherever you listen to podcasts any of you uh horror fans out there probably heard a commercial before the uh episode started but we’ll see yeah all right um so yeah just jump right into it right just uh start talking about the movie all right uh as the episode just says it we’re talking about the incredible hulk i don’t even know if we mentioned that but they know what it is now uh so what the incredible hulk is uh kind of backstory is bruce banner a scientist on the run from the us government must find a cure for the monster he turns into whenever he loses his temper that was just kind of the first synopsis that i found so i plug that in if you don’t know the incredible hulk what are you doing like yeah we do want to introduce people to the mcu but it’s been going on for like 12 years now true but well like i guess with this episode if you don’t know the incredible hulk listen up because we’re going to tell you a lot about it yeah i think it’s spoiled for you probably i i talked about this before we started i you don’t like this movie most people don’t like this movie i really like this movie yes it is the wayward stepchild of the mcu for many reasons we’ll get to later yeah um but it it’s a solid hulk movie it is everything a hulk movie for the most part should be he’s on the run from the government he’s you know he’s got his relationship with betty that’s strained because of him being on the run from the government and the monster that he turns into he’s trying to control that monster i mean it’s every you know and then he fights a big monster at the end i mean it really ticks all of the incredible hulk boxes you would need for a solo movie yeah i mean you’re you are right i know i cannot say that no you’re wrong right well that’s i mean let’s make it and a very enjoyable movie i still did enjoy it right it was it’s still an entertaining movie well i mean it’s it’s the thing that i’ve been kind of championing about the mcu from the beginning is that even if you don’t like the movie like i heard people give me crap about the first captain america movie you know and and some of these others they are what the comics are for the most part you know something like guardians they played around with it a lot more because no one knew who they were so they could by and large the movies you’re seeing are for the most part what the comic books are and not every comic book is for everybody you know i’m one of those people that likes everything at least a little bit you know i can find that value in just about anything and so if if you don’t like this version of hulk maybe it’s just not your cup of tea story wise all right you know and that maybe it’s not that’s okay we accept you the way you are but i’m still going to champion this movie because i enjoy it all right all right fair enough all right well let’s talk about more of this um so this was uh directed by is it louis le terrier i think so he he’s french i do know that so i think the louis will stick with but louis le terrier and screw play was by zach penn [Music] um there was uh doing my research on this i guess edward norton did do a lot of um i guess gr edits to the screen rewrites and his rewrites almost like yeah every day and i guess on some posters he was even credited as being uh one of the writers um but this was i guess the screen actors guild or something like that they said no edward norton didn’t actually change anything significant enough to make him a writer uh so just a little fun fact there’s more of those coming later on spoilers so uh this movie was starring edward norton lyft tyler tim roth william hurt and tim blake nelson released june 13 2008 the budget was 150 million and box office for a marvel movie it was just 264.8 million yeah yes that is a lot yes it made money but yeah i mean compared to all the other marvel movies it wasn’t much yeah and it’s funny because this was the character people knew i don’t know if we talked about it in iron man but they made the they made our iron man and then like right as that was rapping they started this and the hope was iron man would do okay good enough to keep him going but hulk was going to be the one because everybody knows who the hulk is that’s the one that was going to help them kick off the universe and it ended up being the exact opposite yeah that’s that’s funny how it works yeah and it’s just quality like i’m yeah i’m gonna champion this movie but it is out of phase one it is the lesser out of everything i would probably put it in the bottom three okay maybe four but i i don’t think it’s the worst one it’ll be a little bit before we get to the worst one as far as i’m concerned okay but we’ll get to that when we get to it yeah all right uh let’s do a little uh about the movie now uh director louis latier actually expressed interest in directing the iron man film adaptation but as we learned on the iron man episode uh that was directed by john favreau so marvel offered him this film instead uh la terrier was reluctant as he was unsure if he could replicate lee’s style but marvel explained that that was not their intent uh la terrier said that he planned to show bruce banner’s struggle with the monster within him while feige added the film would explore quote that element of wish fulfillment of overcoming an injustice or a bully and tapping into a strength that you didn’t quite realize you had in yourself unquote uh zach penn who wrote a draft of the first film in 1996 said the film would follow up hulk but stressed it would be more totally similar to the tv show and bruce jones’s run on the comic he included two scenes from his 1996 script which were bannered jumping from a helicopter to trigger a transformation and realizing he is unable to have uh we’ll go with intimate relations with betty very controversial i always thought that the helicopter thing came from the ultimates because that’s something that they did there i i haven’t read it in a long time but they for whatever reason bruce couldn’t turn into the hulk or they wanted him to and forced him and they like pushed him out of a helicopter okay i always thought it was from that but i was wrong i mean it could be both you know maybe pen stole it from that could be yeah it’s you know in this the intimate relations thing i i get the problems that is that that one like yeah i’m not gonna it’s not the most egregious thing i’ve heard in a comic book movie but right also didn’t need to be there at all yeah yeah i agree and it’s basically retconned by age of ultron yeah but it was it’s still it was an entertaining kind of scene and it kind of made it a little lighter yeah for the movie so i i get why they included it but yeah not necessary uh after the studio rejected a treatment by another screenwriter in 2006 penn wrote three drafts before departing in early 2007 to promote his film the grand norton that april began discussions to play banner and arranged a deal that included him as both an actor and a writer as we mentioned before with the screenplay draft he was contractually obligated to turn in within a month uh he did so and continued to polish his draft as late as halfway through the principle of photography because yeah he just kept working on it every day so he’s i’ve always liked edward norton yeah i mean i almost everything i’ve seen him in even if i don’t like the movie i like him yeah but after hearing how he was on this and trying to get him signed on to avengers yeah like yeah i he wanted a lot more and that’s a problem that marvel faced very early on anyway and they still get flack for is that kevin feige and marvel have control and they have a plan and you stick to that plan you can you know add your flourishes but there is a line that you must connect back to and if you don’t you’re out yeah it sucks but it’s the reason it works yeah because yeah if if they have this big plan and everything needs to connect certain ways and you just go off then they can no longer connect that it just ruins it and it’s the reason why up until like civil war this movie didn’t exist in the timeline like it didn’t matter it was because hulk is in no other movies um i don’t know we probably won’t cover that on this so i’ll say it now uh universal studios owns the rights to the hulk when marvel went bankrupt in the 90s they had to sell off the rights to a bunch of their characters and universal got hulk which is why all the other movies in phase one are paramount and credible hulk is universal right marvel cannot make a solo hulk movie unless it is through universal and now that they’re owned by disney that’s just not a thing that’s gonna happen um i don’t know why it’s still the case a lot of times it was if they didn’t make a movie within five years of the last one the rights reverted back which is why we got that shitty josh tranq fantastic four movie but i don’t know if it’s because he keeps showing up in avengers movies it makes it last longer or what and i don’t know how she-hulk is going to work because that’s a thing that’s coming to disney plus so maybe it doesn’t count tv or streaming because streaming’s new so it wasn’t part of the contract okay i don’t know that’s just a guess but that’s the reason we haven’t seen a hulk sequel since ever all right fair enough so all right uh filming began on july 9th 2007 a shooting primarily took place in toronto because mayor david miller is a hulk fan and promised to be very helpful to the crew when closing yonge street for four nights in a september uh in september to shoot hulk and valencia’s climatic fight uh despite messing up the street with explosives and overturned burning vehicles the crew would clean it up with 20 within 20 minutes so business could continue as normal each day that’s crazy that seems too fast but it was it was i think on wikipedia is where i found most of this info so watch it watch the special features man when uh it back i don’t remember the exact time it took but they they have a time-lapse video of it and i mean it’s they have a team and it’s okay we start here we end here and it’s done and it’s geez back to normal in no time crazy man that’s pretty cool though i should have him clean my house yeah i could use that for sure uh the first action sequence shot with uh was the culvert university battle which was filmed at the university of toronto in morningside park the filmmakers built a glass wall over a walkway at the university uh for when the soldiers trap a banner inside to smoke him out a factory in hamilton ontario which was due for demolition was the interior of the brazilian factory and the site’s underground floors were used for ross’s military command center i like that they kind of used the same spot for different things the incredible hulk joined toronto’s green screen initiative to help cut carbon emissions and waste created during filming and actually ended up becoming the first blockbuster film to receive the environmental media association’s green seal which is displayed during the end credits the original opening was going to be where banner comes to the arctic to commit suicide when scene ends in an instant the frozen body of captain america is partially seen in the ice the terrier said he did not want this scene to be lost amid the opening montage uh still we i think it would be cool i know you you probably do but well you might you might not i don’t know i think it’d be cooler well once you finish your sentence there i’ll let you know is that it that’s awesome okay i uh and it’s it’s available on the special features uh as a deleted scene so i have watched a couple times yeah as a cap fan the more cap the better i mean i think part of why i like this movie is that it connects with the super soldier program and all that fun stuff yeah i don’t know it it would completely change how we get cap in modern day yeah that’s this is the reason why i think you might not have yeah and i mean it’s tough i don’t know i mean there’s definitely different ways they could have done it if they showed him they also could have just said screw it we’ll do it our way anyway and it would have been one of those you know obscure details that’s lost a time of you know again incredible hulk is a movie that most people forget is in the mcu right so they could have gotten away with changing and it would have mattered but yeah that’s true the ending to cap one is too good to say oh they could have done it better i mean in a couple episodes i’ll wax on poetic about how much i love that movie um but there’s very little that i would change about it i believe it right yes and you know i wouldn’t be able to argue to change much either so that’s that’s my thing it’s like because the idea of it is cool the idea of him going to the arctic because it’s so cold and he’s far away from people but it you know dulls his senses and the hope would be that you know it subdues hulk so he doesn’t change and him trying to you know shoot himself in the ice it is a cool idea and a cool scene and they reference it a little bit in avengers yeah i was just gonna mention that yeah yeah so it would have been cool but i i can live without it yeah it doesn’t it the reference doesn’t change it still could have happened it just wasn’t shown in the movie yeah and it just happened it did because yeah it happened it just didn’t happen the way that because in the for those that haven’t seen it he tries to shoot himself and i haven’t watched a long time so i’m going to forget some of it i don’t think you see all of hulk but you realize he’s transformed into the hulk and he gets angry and smashes up the ice and as the ice smashes up there’s a giant chunk that comes at the screen and you can see cap’s shield and an outline of a person obviously this was years before we had chris evans cast so there was no like face right yeah but it was like a silhouette and you could clearly see cap shield nice it sounds cool yeah i i definitely have to check check on the special features for that yeah it’s back in the day before uh disney got involved and we just got featurettes so i mean well like iron man’s has like this eight part hour plus long documentary on the making of and hulk isn’t too far behind like wow they went in depth the paramount yeah nice all right well that’s kind of all i got for kind of the back story and all that so now we’re gonna do a little talking points okay and the first one i got here is the opening origin story um i’m gonna i’ll ask your opinion but i i like the way they did it because as like you mentioned before everybody knows hulk already like we know who he is how he becomes who he is and i like that they they did the opening scene to just kind of show glimpses here and there of his origin story so it wasn’t the whole movie wasn’t his origin story we’re halfway through he’s finally going to become the hulk he already is yeah so i i enjoyed that they did it that way me too because i mean if you think about it it had only been five years since angley’s hulk his came out in 2003 and as terrible as that movie is it does the origin i mean you see eric bana step in front of rick jones and the big collider room thing and gets his powers and has to deal with it and all that stuff and that’s a great story but it’s like what they’ve done since then with characters like spider-man and black panther in a way it’s you don’t need to have such an excruciating origin to get to the interesting stuff yeah yeah and with hulk it it helps to have him a year or so down the line where he’s already dealing with the problems and on the run from law enforcement and like it it sucks you into that world much faster yes and it’s a cool nod to the original series with bill bixby and lou ferrigno yeah the contraption he’s in is more or less what that show was and that green light cross thing on his face is exactly the way that show started you are taking some of my easter eggs sorry i added it i think it’s like very towards the end if i had it i think i added i don’t know now now that you say it now that i’m thinking about it and saying well i won’t say any of the other ones the other little uh no there’s a ton when you didn’t have easter eggs in your notes before i went how do you not have easter eggs and you know it’s before they even we even see the hulk at culver university i could name like 10 things that were little nuggets of this is this this is that this could be this well i think i might have had them under my fun facts and i just didn’t call them easter eggs but anyways i’m sure everyone cares very much about this i do i think um all right next talking point is uh we for our our first kind of sighting of uh hulk so it’s banner for i don’t know what 15 15 minutes or so before i think marvel found a way to make origin stories interesting i’ve been thinking about this recently where when i was a kid i don’t know if you were the same way but like when i saw sam remy spider-man and fantastic four and stuff i was like yeah i like the movies but i didn’t really care until they became superheroes and put on the suits um i probably just think about it but i mean just quickly thinking back yeah i don’t remember the origin story parts i only remember yeah once he’s spider-man yeah and it’s i would almost like just do something else or fast forward or whatever you know skip to that scene because dvds were a thing by then and i i always hated the origin story part but these movies found a way to make that part almost more interesting than the action stuff because you care yeah and i don’t know what the difference is i don’t know if it’s a tone thing if it’s a the rapid editing kind of techniques they just didn’t have back then or what but yeah it could be that because i i mean watching older movies they are a lot slower than current ones are and and if i’ve heard it’s it’s because you know the quicker that it is your mind pays attention more because the quick transition stuff like that what i’m sure is the case but um i would hope it’s more than just that we’re just editing pictures yeah to be interested but and and it is probably that and better storytelling and and that better way of having to invest yeah so it’s probably a lot of that kind of stuff but but i i enjoyed seeing hulk um appear kind of at first and i like that they showed it from far away in that scope and you can kind of see him transition and then he was in the shadows and he would just pull people out it was it was cool it wasn’t just a the first time he changed you didn’t see it like we do later in the movie which i thought was an interesting way to do it yeah i mean it builds it up and i think i i would always i’ve always wanted to know what it’d be like to watch these movies not knowing the things i know yeah even today it’s like god i wish i could come into this fresh and not know everything that’s happening before it happens yeah because what would it be like to not know who the hulk is and watch this movie and go oh my god this guy is turning into this big you know green something and we can’t even see it he’s in the shadows like how creepy and scary that might be honestly we we might even think just like um what’s his face tim roth’s character i can’t think of his name now emil blonsky bonski yeah it would probably be just like him it’s like where is this guy come from was this guy in the warehouse the whole time yeah we wouldn’t even think that he transformed if you didn’t really know hulk you wouldn’t think a human transformed into the hat yeah you would think oh this guy was in there that’s why he went to the warehouse because this guy was there yeah i mean you can kind of put things together through the context of the opening montage but yeah it would just be really interesting and i i mean again as a horror fan i think i talked about this on iron man they kind of monsterized even iron man’s reveal and hulk being a monster yeah it definitely had that creepy scare factor of this giant monster in the shadows ripping people into the darkness and flinging them across the room yeah it was just i mean at the at the time seeing an action-packed hulk movie was a big deal because ang lee’s movie is boring as [ __ ] yeah it has its moments but it’s very boring it is like when i think of that movie i don’t think of the action unfortunately i i think hulk dogs that’s the first thing that comes into my and fighting clouds but this like just seeing him fight a big monster at the end was like how is this not what we’ve seen in a hulk movie before yeah yeah this seems like the obvious choice but i don’t know all right my next talking point is uh that everything ross is wondering where they are they then appear like i was wondering what that sentence meant because he’s there it’s when they’re at the university and all these things showing he has like where’s my 50 cows the 50 cows show up and where’s my helicopter the helicopter shows up where’s my this and then they show up it’s like did you guys just plan this yeah why don’t you just wait two seconds you jerk yeah so there was i just it was one of the things i was like okay yeah and i did it like i noticed that i you know i remember the first time and then he did it again and then the third time like what the [ __ ] going on here i don’t remember this but now that i’m i’m watching this to talk about it i’m noticing this and it’s a little cheesy i’m gonna have to pay attention to that next time that happened to me with aquaman when people burst into rooms through walls like four times i remember that it’s like use the [ __ ] door look the first time was cool second time okay fine and then by the fourth i was like again [Laughter] so that was just kind of what i i wanted to throw that out there i just thought it was entertaining that everything where are my whatever oh there it is next thing sorry i’m just really excited i get anxious it’s like louise for man man sorry sorry i get excited i love louise um we get our first meeting of mr blue in all the blood that he has from concentrating banners it was a lot i don’t i don’t know if that’s how it works i don’t either and yeah i mean because they do say it is all bruce’s blood yep and we definitely skipped from like the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie but i wanted to add more to this um but really it is slow in its way yeah new age slow as in not much really you know happens other than what needs to happen yeah it because the guy uh samuel stearns is a super villain in the hulk mythos so if you know hulk you know the comics hearing the name samuel stern you go oh well that’s interesting and that leads to a fun easter egg towards the end that unfortunately never goes anywhere yeah i was gonna that’s another thing i wanted to talk about was do you think that will go anywhere well so they started doing tie-in comics to the movies okay um i think the first one they did was for iron man 2 but they did one for avengers which is if you’re going to read any of them read the one for avengers it’s called furies big week and it essentially ties together iron man 2 incredible hulk thor and finding captain america in the ice all of those things happen at about the same time i i read that yeah they all happened like within the same week yeah that’s yeah that’s furi’s big week and that’s why because if you look at and we’ll probably talk about it next move with iron man 2. at the end when tony’s in that uh warehouse thing hold on do you say you’re not it’s not next week i think you said next week oh sorry next movie that we talk about yeah yeah in a month sorry i know when i at your home when i talked about iron man i almost had last episode on iron man but our next movie episode which will be in like four weeks iron man 2. uh when he’s at the end when he’s in the warehouse talking to fury there’s all those monitors and one of the monitors is the news report from hulk’s attack on culver university okay and you see it’s the same reporter who’s doing the interview in the incredible hulk and so that’s broadcasting there’s also a map of new mexico with the the landing site for the hammer and obviously that’s where colson goes um and and this is where the the timeline gets screwy because this was the second movie released but it kind of is like the fourth or fifth movie you need to watch or sixth if you bring in captain marvel it does get tricky i don’t remember where my point was oh in the in the fury’s big week yeah there is a scene that shows the leader which is samuel stearns with a giant misshapen head in shield custody okay and i don’t remember if you see him but there’s also a reference to emil blonsky’s abomination also in shield custody i also that’s another talking point i have as well so perfect yeah it all is and that’s what sucks is that’s never mentioned in any of the movies right because this movie doesn’t exist as far as most of the mcu is concerned it’s kind of like agents of shield yeah it’s there but it’s is it really yeah if we took it out would it matter no not really after season two no not really i think it dipped down and then it got better i think really i didn’t get through four one of these days i want to get back into it well now we talked about she-hulk before tim roth is in she-hulk oh is he really yeah that was announced to the presentation as a leblonski or yeah i mean as yeah so whether they have him as abomination found a way to bruce banner him so he can change back and forth probably would be my guess because that’s a lot of money and they also have to she-hulk every episode unless they have her change back and forth yeah i don’t know i mean the the quality of um vision looks pretty good i know it’s not movie quality because i’ve seen some kind of comparison photos but it still looks really good yeah i mean they’re not skimping on the monies for this this stuff so i it’s hard to say because she-hulk is a character who is her hulk form all the time but maintains her human normal mind right are they gonna i don’t know if they’re gonna do that in the books or in the show or not but i’m excited to find out probably next year yeah alright uh my next talking point is our voice our first sighting i guess saying of abomination [Music] you can go ahead i talk a lot okay that’s okay you’ve you’ve got more knowledge so it’s like you have more to say than my ramblings fair um i thought it was cool i mean getting past the the cgi not being as good as it is now it’s that’s it’s just it is what it is um well i i it was still cool and um i thought it was interesting the way they did it and i’m still kind of confu i mean i know they did it so that he would look like abomination but just the the bones coming out of the elbows in the spine i think the spine thing i kind of read that it’s because they inject it into his spine so that’s where the mutation of the spine came from and i i guess i it would make sense because they also did into his other bones so maybe that’s why they were extra protruded yeah i mean it looks cool yeah he’s a super interesting style it looks nothing like the books uh in the comics he’s much more scaly and uh he has like pointy ears maybe i’ll send you a picture here yeah i i did read about the pointy ears that that they wanted to have him in there but they didn’t because uh i actually read this in two different articles that if he had the pointy ears hulk would have gone after them and bit them off uh similar to mike tyson biting off evander holyfield’s ear that’s fair that could have been cool though yeah that was another thing they thought it’d be maybe a little too graphic for uh a pg-13 yeah which maybe i guess biting in the ear off is probably not a pleasant sight but well we did see it in real life so it’s you know it’s kind of hard to say i guess yeah just man that’s a weird guy mike tyson yeah right i still thought it was it looked cool i mean yeah definitely i just sent a but yeah i mean he’s he’s scaly he has like an not really an armature but like he almost looks like killer croc just with different facial features like he’s just he’s size with this sort of scaly plating all around him yeah okay yeah yeah it uh the abomination we got in the movie definitely looked like you had a bigger body to head comparison yeah which was a little bit weird um but i did see another in another article that they kind of wanted them both to kind of look like linebackers so i’m assuming that was with pads yeah and no helmet so something like that so i i guess if if a linebacker with pads no helmet on was to grow like that that would kind of be the body shape the bigger body versus smaller head and it just tracks i mean it helps them look different so that’s not two green weird monsters fighting each other they kept them like more or less skin toned or like an aussie green yeah yeah it’s it’s probably one of the biggest departures in the movies from the books from style and that’s something that’s thankfully uh fixed from this point on right but it stands out it’s it’s definitely it makes sense too because i mean hulk is just a big green guy yeah and therefore abomination because you’re not i don’t know abominations origins in the comics to why he’s all scaly and ears and stuff but in the context of this movie he’s just a guy who had these injections into his bones and body therefore and without the big green exposure to gamma radiation that i assume would turn hulk green so it it tracks it’s just one of those things now i don’t have it on here but we should probably talk about the big fight i i don’t know why i didn’t put it on here i think i’ve thought of it at the beginning of my list and thought i’d put it at the end of my list or later in my list and i just never did you’re just having a list issues i guess uh but let’s talk about the fight i thought the fight was cool yeah um i i mean it is what would you expect from a whole fight is just two giant creatures just beating the [ __ ] out of each other jumping around don’t it doesn’t matter what’s in their way it’s not going to slow them down yeah oh and i like how they used their surroundings like when hulk uses the cop car as boxing gloves yes that just beats the [ __ ] out of them that’s awesome it was and i like that they they were breaking as he was hitting and they didn’t just stay as two cop car they were shattering in his hands yeah it was very cool and it’s brutal too i mean their abomination is stabbing him with his bone elbow thing yeah and then then hulk fricking breaks it off and snaps him back yeah when they’re hanging off the helicopter hulk has his hand on abominations back and he like twists his fingers to like break some of the vertebrae in his spine yeah just brutal yeah and it’s it’s done in a kind of fun way it’s still pretty dark and gritty but it’s fun enough where you go okay yeah yeah he just snapped off his bone and stabbed him with it that’s cool but yeah if you stop and think about it like he chokes him out with a big chain thing yeah i know practically to death and has to be told to stop yeah like has to be snapped out of it to stop yeah yeah i i think if if these were if they didn’t look like monsters this would have been probably rated higher yeah because i mean if these were two people if it was someone breaking someone else’s arm and taking that then bone and stabbing them like that would be r or above but since it was somewhat animated and they it’s a it’s a fantasy almost that they got away with it but it was some brutal fighting yeah and i love the the visuals of them facing off against each other and there’s the fire in the background so they’re you know illuminated orange a little bit like it’s a little cartoon video gamey but it’s two big monsters fighting so it just looks awesome yeah it was a cool for 2008 yeah yeah i mean i’d love to see it redone yeah we kind of do with hulkbuster yeah and it’s one of those things where it’s because i mean even again to separate this movie from the mcu hulk looks so different yes i mean he kind of looks different in avengers 1 compared to two and thor and etc yeah but he is completely different in this compared to everything else yeah and it’s too bad yeah yeah and i get it a big part of it is they matched ruffalo i mean if you look at that hulk yeah it’s very much like the books but it’s also very much mark ruffalo yeah i just did a giant binge of all the movies and that scene in ragnarok when he’s watching the video of himself on the monitors in the quinjet they match up ruffalo’s face to hulk’s face as he’s you know falling out of the jet and it’s mirrored more or less like it’s right it is him as the hulk yeah so that’s a big part of it right in shitty cg from you know before they got the people at ilm to to do it right yeah well yeah yeah it did help technology definitely did some big leaps i feel all right uh my next thing is banner accepting hulk can be used for good this is kind of where he’s up there up in the helicopter he’s like okay the only way you’re going to stop him is with me and i i i i guess you could see that’s not really him saying yeah i couldn’t be good but i i i took it that way yeah i mean and that’s they they do a nice way of kind of sidestepping the he has full control now and being like well maybe i can’t control it but i can aim it yes yeah because usually when i’m hulk there’s nothing that can stop me and i just go nuts and kill hunters and stuff but in this context if there’s another big monster i’m going to whether i’m trying to stop him or save people or whatever i’m at least going to try and stop the big monster because i’m a big monster yeah and yeah and you can’t stop me with what you’ve tried so how are you going to stop him yeah and i think he abomination in this is actually bigger i think i read that he’s like 11 feet versus hulk’s nine feet he does look bigger yeah but i mean yeah it’s there’s something in hulk where he just the angrier he gets the stronger he gets and therefore eventually he just wins yeah but they didn’t do that in this movie and then i read that as a thing that they deliberately did was they didn’t want him to get bigger the angrier he got because i remember that being a thing and i was wondering when he was getting his ass kicked like is he gonna get bigger does he get bigger than this i didn’t remember for sure and he didn’t which i thought that would have been cool to see oh yeah definitely in today’s cg it would be even cooler it’s yeah yeah it all works though i think it just kind of has hulk be better at what he does because he’s been doing it longer i guess yeah yeah for sure bolonsky just turned into this thing like 10 minutes ago yeah yeah they even pointed that out it was uh it’s kind of why he stumbles around because he’s not used to this extra weight and and the dimensions i guess of his body yeah so you can see him stumbling around so yeah but it’s just uh we talked about tim roth i know he’s just great from the tarantino days on and yeah yeah i could watch it yeah well you can watch it on she-hulk next year like you said i’m very excited for that uh we talked about abomination where he is now um i would like to see that to play out more which hopefully maybe they will do in she-hulk they have to do something i mean it’s one of the things that i think is nice about the mcu now and i think i talked about this in iron man and maybe some of the others is that they found a way to retcon and make things that have been forgotten more important yes you know with end game thor going back to the dark world when uh frigga died that movie then becomes much more interesting and important and worth watching again yeah you know making um gary shandling a hydra agent in winter soldier makes iron man 2 that much more interesting because he’s trying to get a hold of tony’s armor so is he trying to get a hold of it for the government or for hydra for hydra yeah we don’t it is cool that they can do that yeah yeah and so and kind of in uh homecoming or not homecoming far from home with the whole oh tony was through to this guy and someone else was rude to him and looking back it’s like oh this is why they turn into to this this is why everyone hates tony stark like they have a decent reason some of them don’t toba die stain just kind of went crazy but yeah power hunger i guess yeah i’m excited as soon as they announced that tim roth was going to be in it because we knew mark ruffalo was going to show up he had to but yeah when they announced tim roth was like okay finally after all these years we’re gonna have something yeah that’s awesome i’m excited for it yeah hopefully he’ll be the big villain and we’ll get to see another cool fight like the two of them with a souped-up abomination yeah cause now he knows he’s kind of he knows his body more because he’s a fighter he loves but a good fight yeah and that’s it’s something cool that they’ve used i mean the way that because originally the idea of blonsky is that he was being injected with a makeshift super soldier serum like cap and so that scene in the park or whatever where all the soldiers are running and then he starts running and he just runs right past them yeah and his league’s ahead that’s the kind of stuff cap does yeah i mean they show him do it in almost every movie including infinity war where he bursts out ahead and black panther’s right there with them and everyone else is like you know 10 feet behind them yeah can’t keep up yeah it’s just one of those cool connection things where you can look back and go oh okay that’s the same as this yeah and so that’s why he can do the same thing they do yeah it’s very cool i love it um i got here banners figuring out how to control his powers uh this is almost the very end here where he’s kind of um meditating i guess and you can see his kind of green eyes turn he’s got that kind of smirk on his face so i i i thought it was cool kind of showing that you know i’ve got in control now i’ve i’ve accepted that this is who i am and i’m gonna make the best of it so yeah which is not entirely followed through in avengers but close enough yeah i think the idea that he couldn’t trigger it at will and they kind of get and i think it’s it’s something smart that marvel has done is kind of accepted and then pushed aside all the stupid things about their characters like having iron man be tony stark’s bodyguard like they made a joke about it at the end of the first movie and it was a big thing in the comics that’s what it was right and they made a joke about it and then tony said no i’m iron man and it’s like yeah there’s some times where bruce can be tricked and manipulated into getting angry enough to be hulk but more often than not he just does it yeah that’s a secret he’s always angry that’s right just like me yeah [Laughter] oh it’s turning green everyone hulk always angry and uh just kind of to end it up here which i thought this was a mid credits after credits but it’s like it’s pretty much the end of the movie yeah where tony shows up in the bar to talk to uh general ross even better it was in the trailer was it really not the original trailer but after okay iron man came out it was like in the second or third trailer before this came out because some [ __ ] suit said hey iron man’s doing great show everyone he’s in our movie i love it i got it i know that’s the thing i totally get it and this was a brand new system of doing things that people i mean i i still find back when we could go to movies that in a marvel movie there’d be people getting up when as soon as the credits roll yeah how do you not understand 10 years in how this works yeah they’re not always important but most of them are if at the very least they’re kind of funny yeah like i i know i every time i and it’s almost like a bed i do with myself it’s like how many people will get up and leave yeah because it’s it’s someone will there’s always one or one or two people at the least i’ve noticed towards the end of the last you know couple that people didn’t but yeah there was definitely a a time where it was like okay like every time someone or a bunch of people leave yeah it’s funny all right well that’s kind of the talking points that i have did you have do we cover the ones that you had or did you have some more uh i’d have to go back and look real quick i think that was i most mostly just kind of added some detail of things that i wanted to bring up and i think the cameo that we haven’t really talked about is in your fun facts or something so okay probably i got a couple and if not i’ll just try and remember to bring it up again because that’s the important cameo that we have to talk about in every movie oh well yes that one i think i have it listed i hope i didn’t just well it’s obvious we won’t forget i don’t even need to list it sure but i i did have up here some awards kind of that they got nominated for do we want to talk about those at all yeah all right um so what they got nominated for uh change choice yes that’s words if you don’t know what it is they have a great chin that’s like the chin’s choice i hate you uh so they got known for that award and also the teen choice awards oh that one’s good uh for a choice summer movie in the action category uh some national movie awards i got best superhero and best performance mail for edward norton assumed and the scream awards they got quite a few of those they got best fantasy movie uh best actor best superhero both of those are for edward norton best a remake which some people say it’s not actually a remake it’s a reboot some lady got someone coined the phrase uh i forgot what it is now they should have added more coins yeah but it was it was a mix between reboot and remake best line for hulk smash best comic book movie the incredible hulk and a saturn award um for obviously the movie those were all just nominations i don’t think they won any of those or any awards and i will it’s actually a lot more than i expected yeah i mean it it’s not a bad movie it’s the thing it’s it’s not great and when you pit it up against what they’ve been doing over the last say six years from winter soldier on yeah there you can’t compare the two it’s practically apples and oranges but it’s a solid it might feel like a movie just subconsciously doing comparing it to all the movies and no you’re way down there buddy get out of here yeah and it’s true like if i were to pick a movie out of the entire mcu to watch it would not be this if i were to pick a movie from phase one it would not be this but it’s still a good movie i i attribute the mcu to pixar pixar has made some great movies and they made some pretty good movies but none of their movies are bad they’re bad in comparison to other pixar movies because they have such great movies but you compare it to shark tale or you know [Music] all right that’s fair uh but i do love i wanted to mention the hulk smash because this is the first time we’ve ever heard hulk talk which was a big deal for me anyway yeah it was just such a cool moment when they’re on the roof and it’s a stupid lead-in of abomination swinging that big chain thing going any last words and then we get hulk smash and luffy knows you know auto-tune voice yeah awesome yeah which that is one of my uh the fun facts i think or easter egg i don’t remember where i listed it they’re gonna kind of mix together uh but yeah the the voice every line that you hear from hulk is lou ferrigno’s voice he only has like three or four but yeah hulk smash uh says betty in the woods i think i think or no i think before he leaves he says betty yeah and then there’s one other that i can’t remember now he says something in the woods i don’t remember what yeah all right do you want to uh back and forth the uh fun facts yes breaker yeah uh louie the territory wanted mark ruffalo for the role of bruce banner smart man uh but marvel insisted on edward norton uh ruffalo would go on of course to replace norton as banner in future mcu movies yeah he’s done great yes he really has absolutely i wasn’t sure when they announced him and i was really hoping for edward norton because i’m such a fan but yeah as soon as i saw him it was like okay this will do this i accept uh originally abomination was going to return as a supporting antagonist in avengers age of ultron uh but he was cut thank you i don’t know how far it went yeah like i i would assume that there was nothing filmed or anything like that it might have just been in part of the story development yeah it would have been cool yeah i don’t know what it worked but it would have been a cool cold open like if if abomination had been running around the woods yeah instead of the twins that could have been cool that what yeah i agree shield falls and since he was in shield custody hydra uses them to yeah do some [ __ ] that’d be cool i’ll take the twins though because then we get one division yes for sure uh this is the only mcu phase one film in which nick fury does not appear however his name appears in the opening credit montage at the 246 mark on a shield page with the text nick fury shield command code red new york new york and a bunch of numbers i’d assume the zip code for new york yeah it looks too long though but yeah zero six zero five six four whatever that is something that’s wrong just shy of a phone number yeah it’s his phone number guess the rest uh so yeah that’s cool yeah uh when banner infiltrates the university as a pizza delivery man he bribes a security guard played by lou ferragno hey uh who played the hulk in the tv series uh one moment banner’s eyes flash green and then this is my part that i said fragno also the voice of hulk uh but do you have this interesting fun fact uh bill bixby can be seen on the tv screen uh when bruce is flipping through the channels at the beginning when he ends up going on to watch sesame street yeah i think i i know i read it i don’t know for sure if i put it in my easter eggs yeah the guy when we go to read it we’ll find out fair enough when the guy gets slapped in the face and goes hey that’s a great punch that’s bill bixby uh he passed away many many years ago so obviously he couldn’t be there in person but yeah that is a scene from something he had done yeah that’s a nice little that sounds like an easter egg so it’s probably in my easter egg i would be amazed if it wasn’t honestly [Laughter] uh it’s my turn a visual effects company image engine spent over a year working on a shot where banners gamma irradiated blood falls through three factory floors into a bottle i the only reason for this is because they spent so long over a year just on the notes yeah i mean it’s it is a good i can see at the time yeah and i can see at the time why it would take so long because now it’s like oh that stuff happens all the time like you should see where what they did last week like yeah i did my phone last week but i just thought that was like it took him over a year to do that one scene that’s crazy and then four years later we have an atari invasion in the middle of new york yeah uh there were moments foreshadowing captain america the first avenger first there is a portrait of steve rogers the original captain america in general ross’s office uh next a label can be seen on the storage tank reading dr reinstein ronstein reinstein uh the doctor who developed the super soldier serum that made rogers into the captain right did i write that really okay uh along with a radiation symbol in the words of phytorace uh hinting that the serum shouldn’t be used without them true story because then you get an abomination yeah uh betty’s new boyfriend is doc sampson uh while the doctor working with bruce is samo stearns destined to be the leader doc sampson is an ally of the hulk in the comics he’s usually just a big beefy built guy with long green hair uh during the climax a bit of bruce banner’s blood falls into a head wound that stearns has his head then starts pulsing and expanding as he gives a signature smile so that’s the lead-in for him to become the leader right which he looks so much more gruesome in that prelude comic that you should read but um okay yeah in the comics he’s just a green faced guy with a big bulbous head okay yeah i i did not remember like re-watching it i did not remember that scene whatsoever with his head pulsing yeah pulsing all that like when i saw this go around i was like wait what the [ __ ] we don’t see this again like who does he turn obviously this is something like you wouldn’t just have it because that’s not a normal thing to happen and i i just like so i was kind of just like well nothing ever happens with this no that sucks i will well you know given what our next episode is which you may forget uh what it is but we’ll say it at the end we could talk about some of the things that we would love to see uh okay in the future there we go some things we may never see but we’ll get to it later um at around the 38 minute mark edward norton’s wife wait that doesn’t that doesn’t go together does it yes it does okay i gotta read the whole thing it’ll make sense everyone uh so at around the 38 minute mark edward norton’s wife shawna robertson produced knocked up 2007. and he wished uh to have one of the stars knocked up appear in a cameo as a computer nerd so here we go uh the role was offered to jason siegel jonah hill and seth rogen before martin starr was eventually cast uh star would later make an appearance as another character i want to say the same character yeah i think he’s the same guy he might as well yes age wise it doesn’t matter so i mean yeah might as well be yeah this is him in college no he’s a teacher in spider-man homecoming another another mcu uh film nine years later which yeah that pans out uh paul rudd another actor from knocked up would also later appear in mcu movies as ant-man or scott lang in the movie man-to-man yeah i when i saw the guy when he lifts up the pizza and he’s like yeah awesome pizza wait that is that him and so i had to go and look it up and it is it was martin starr yeah yeah my wife and i just finished watching uh freaks and geeks on hulu and it has all the seth rogen crew and martin starr as one of the kids yeah and i i had to look him up because i mean he’s a kid so it’s like is that really who i think it is yeah they are so young in that movie [Music] there’s a movie they split up into equal parts 13 episodes of a serialized show that’s right all right now we’re going to jump into some easter eggs which i mean i’m going to call it the same thing in this episode at least you want to start out sure uh the stark industries blueprints uh can be found at the opening uh montage for the sound gun humvees uh paul souls uh the man who plays the owner of stanley’s is his apostles that’s great writing uh he previously provided the vols voice for the hulk in the 1966 animated series the marvel super heroes i did not know that and and i also read that this could also be since his name is stanley it could be a reference to stan lee that’s what i always thought but i yeah that’s interesting yeah what’s that that was my first thought too i was like hey stanley stan play yeah uh reinstein the container that includes the chemicals for the super soldier serum includes the name of dr weinstein he made some weird sentences here uh aliens reinstein is the alias for abraham erskine which is stanley tucci in the first captain america movie i i know why it looks like this because i copied and pasted and yeah test this disc sorry all right the next one we have is uh david on the package that uh bruce gets towards the end of the movie as the name david and that is because um betty addresses david b a reference to the hulk’s name change in the tv series where he was called david instead of bruce i actually think it was david bruce banner wasn’t it i don’t remember if they used bruce as a middle name but i know that they did change his name to david banner and i know why but that’s a really sad reason oh you want to know okay well i don’t know it’s because they felt that the name bruce was too uh homosexual [ __ ] yeah sounding pretty yeah it okay it doesn’t sound like it at all no i don’t get i mean it was the 60s 70s so [ __ ] yes but that’s hilarious when i read that several years ago i went it what yeah it doesn’t okay yeah that kind of sad i thought it was sadly very sad it had like it’s not sad like you feel bad it’s sad like you feel bad okay at around four minutes near the beginning of the movie when banner is flipping channels on the television hey i remember i think someone mentioned this one of the shows he stops on is the courtship of eddie’s father in 1969 which starred bill bixby uh bixby is seen on the screen for several seconds and he played dr banner in incredible hulk 1977. yes if you just shut your mouth and wait i want to improve how smart i am we’ve done a show together for many years yeah yeah you’re right all right well at around an hour and four minutes uh after the hulk appears at culver university two students are interviewed in the news uh one is named jack mcgee and the other is jim wilson so jack mcgee was a tabloid reporter who attempted to track down the hulk in the incredible hulk uh television series in 1977 and in the comics jim wilson was a young runaway who befriended the hulk and was the nephew of sam wilson also known as the falcon that’s cool i did not know that now you do you’re welcome thank you good sir uh we already did that one like three times already so i’m going to skip that at around 31 minutes in the market scene in chiapas the lonely man theme from incredible hulk television series uh which played whenever dr david bruce banner there you go uh was on the road traveling from one place to another is heard in the musical score yeah so it’s that i’m not gonna do the whole i’m not gonna do anything i was it’s embarrassing but it’s honestly that little bit almost sounded like jurassic park like it could have gone either way but when he after he first transforms in the factory and he’s you know on the side of roads and he’s trying to buy pants for himself that fit again and stuff that’s the music that plays yeah nice uh at the beginning the film a quick glimpse of bruce’s known associates appears one of the names is that of rick jones i noticed what’s that i said i noticed that this time and i went oh that’s really cool uh in the incredible comic rick jones was an orphan who drove out onto the weapons testing site on a dare uh wreck was unaware that bruce’s gamma bomb was being tested that day but was saved by bruce just as the bomb went off uh this sacrifice is what caused bruce to become the hulk rick wrecked by guilt for what happened has stayed by bruce’s side from then on where was he in this movie though am i right all right right he said screw this noise i want a bed to sleep in a loser sleeping on the street no thanks yuck it’s cold uh the military base fort johnson is named after kenneth johnson the writer director and producer of incredible hulk 1977. yeah there’s a lot more ties to that show than i thought there was i know yeah there were i didn’t i didn’t know if we wanted to talk about it because i’ve never seen the show it’s boring so but then you said it’s gonna include it and i was like okay well yeah they’re definitely worthwhile uh things and it was a big deal i mean it was the same era of you know linda carter wonder woman and that that sort of stuff like it was a huge show it’s just boring and the things that they did to daredevil and thor in those uh tv movies uh made me angry they made like aquaman and justice league makes me angry well speaking of that at around nine minutes in the bottling plant when banner tries to talk to the girl and the bald-headed goon messes with him banner tries to say don’t make me angry you won’t like me when i’m angry in portuguese but he can’t remember the word for angry so he says hungry uh mr mcgee don’t make me angry you wouldn’t like me when i’m angry was a famous line from the incredible hulk 1997. 1977 also that too it was re-released in just for me yeah and we talked about this uh at the beginning but the opening lab scene contains references uh from the opening credits of incredible hulk 77 with the red danger sign the targeting reticule on banner’s forehead which is the green cross thing uh and the x-ray skull image yeah yeah so it’s okay that’s all they are kind of fun it is that’s kind of all the fun facts i could find there there was a lot of close quality more than i thought you said there was yeah there was a lot for the television series which which makes sense like you said it was huge and there was a lot that you could sneak in there so they did yeah and i mean rightfully the tone of the movie especially at the beginning is very much the show the man on the run thing that’s what that show was about right so i mean it only makes sense yeah cool that’s all i got that’s that is the incredible hulk wait no 1977 series two down 21 to go until they release some more movies and then we got to do the shows and some other stuff so we’ll be here we’ll get there one year [Laughter] well you know one a month will be at the end of phase two in two years geez it’s a sticker no actually no we’ll be at the end of sorry i said that wrong we’ll be the at the end of where they are in the movies in two years because there’s 23 movies as of far from home pretty sure so we’ll be at the end of phase three in two years we’ll be at the end of phase two in one year okay okay yeah sorry i said that very wrong that’s okay all right so what do we got for next week man what’s what’s our next episode well jeremy since you asked so nicely yet a little forceful anger it’s hulk so i get it it’s fine right yes uh we’re going to be doing sql pitches so the idea here is uh [ __ ] sequel pitches i like it we’ll have to remember that for when we record next week um no i’m probably not uh the idea here is that we’re gonna take any franchise we want i think i did like three just so you know okay and where the franchise stands now because almost all of these movies have had sequels or going to have sequels soon um not the one we just talked about yeah i mean technically this is going to kind of have a follow-up sequel series with she-hulk yeah so even those plans are you know shot to hell but basically it’s if we could make a sequel to the next movie in a franchise you know if we made black panther 2 if we made captain marvel 2 spider-man 3 whatever is still going now what would we do nice okay so it’s a brief little like paragraph synopsis and we’ll talk about it discuss of you know three movies a piece sequels that we would like to see you know that’ll probably never happen cool yeah i like it all right so yeah that’ll be uh coming out next episode that’s what that will be i was to say that next week but it might be i think well i guess when you’re listening to this it will be next week yeah it will be that works yes it tracks yeah we just have to remember to record next week and it’ll be fine yes we’ll do that though don’t we’ll take care of that part you guys just take care of listening and sharing telling your friends and subscribing and uh if you want to get a hold of us reach out to us we got a facebook page we have a twitter um we have an email we are marvel pod for all these things slash we are marvel pod twitter we are marvel pod email we’ve we are marvel pod at gmail um and as i was gonna say find us wherever you listen but obviously you’re listening and we thank you for that but if you guys could give us ratings reviews yeah share it with your friends let others know it uh it helps us out yeah uh the ratings on itunes may seem kind of uh pointless but it really helps us uh grow in the search engines so when people are looking for a marvel podcast ours shows up yeah so and if there’s something you want us to change you know if there’s something that you want us to cover we have stuff planned but that doesn’t mean that’s what we have to do so if there’s something you want us to talk about let us know and we will clear that yeah the only thing’s really set in stone are the movies and yeah so we’ve got other episodes to fill and and we’ve we’ve got them planned out but yeah like you like justin said if you guys have an idea for us throw it at us we’ll see what we can do with it yeah but until then we will see you next time on we are marvel yeah i’ve been justin i’ve been sharing thanks for listening bye