The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Hello and welcome to we are Marvel the MCU Focus Podcast.My name is Jeremy. My name isJustin Thanks for joining useveryone. we appreciate it.Alright so the Falcon andwinter soldier is finally over.well. I make it sound like it’syeah. I don’t mean to make itsound like it wasn’t greatbecause I really enjoyed it.actually. it was a lot of fun.Yeah, I did like the longerepisodes than one vision. Itwas nice it. It’s once you werethinking the episode waswinding down. There was morewhich is always good. I do wewant to start off with overallthoughts of what you what wethought of it. We certainly canJeremy Alright, let’s do itwell as I mentioned overallthoughts I enjoyed the wholeseason. It pushed us along itkind of it kind of handed overthe torch if you will. I shouldstart off this is all going tobe spoilers from here on out ifyou’re not all the way caughtup if you haven’t watched allsix, you’ve been warned now onspoilers all the way throughyes. so with that, so I likethat we we we pass the torchon. from. our original CaptainAmerica Steve Rogers to our newcaptain our second new CaptainAmerica. I guess I should saySam Wilson It was nice to seeyou there well. Yeah. Here.Yeah, you know, yeah. secondnew, but yes, there’s no thirdand third overall yes, in thespan of a few months, it feelslike but it was nice to seethat II think we’re going toget some future ones too.There’s been kind of Eastereggs dropped here and there Idon’t know if there’stechnically considered Eastereggs but kind of hints at otherpeople kind of picking up themantle of the Falcon. you knowwe’ve seen the rumors of. theyoung Avengers with Isaiah’sgrandson. I don’t remember hisname right now. Yeah, I meant.It on my notes and I meant toalso look it up. I suppose Icould try looking it up now inthe comics, he’s a charactercalled the Patriot. That’sright, Yes. So I like that wekind of push things forward,but as as we thought it wouldbe you don’t have to watch thisprobably to understand whatgoes on in the next movie.again. We’ll we’ll see whatwhat that movie comes out with,but yeah, but for the time tolearn more about that towardsthe end, I would imagine yesfor sure so. What about you orwhat were your overall thoughtson? overall? I liked it. It’’s Elijah right away rightaway. Yes. Oh. yes, like youknow all along Well II watchedI watched and rewatched themall today. so. you saying I’mme and obviously I knoweverything except his nameuntil now perfect timingElijah. I’m a big fan. Anybodythat knows me knows that I havea Captain America tattoo. Yeah,you got behind you and if wewere to pan the camera a littlebit, there’s a full desk ofCaptain America stuff. I’d doit, but it’ll probably make yousick all the motion. I’m tryingto move my camera, but yeah, Ihave a desk full of stuffthat’s captain America. I likethis the thing that I’m we haveto accept about these shows isthat. big things will happenbut also not. yeah. that’sright they’re because theyhave. To be be mindful of thefact, there are people thataren’t going to have Disneyplus if they do have it, theymight not watch the shows ifthey do watch the shows theymight not watch them all theway through and you know thisis also they’re all releasingout of sync.jus character. It’s there’s.was actually supposed to firstappear in black widow. Oh okay.Yeah. so and she ended up inthis because black widow keptgetting delayed and delayed anddelayed. and now it’s you knowhard set to lie. Yeah. But Iliked it, I think it’s whatwhat’s nice is that it givesyou that crossover so that nowwe know you know there’s goingto be a new Captain Americamovie Awesome. It gives youthat kind of filler in betweenso you know the story leadingup to well. I didn’t want theshield gave it to theSmithsonian. they gave it toJohn, who then. And Sam got itback II would imagine it’ll beinteresting once these moviescome out how much they talkabout the shows. I did too likeI will there be I don’t know Idon’t. I don’t know how theywould do it because they don’tdo it previously owned formovies No. But I mean there’sthey have to bring it upbecause I would guarantee youUSA is going to be part of thestory for a four yes and thenext time we see will be DoctorStrange two. mm hmm and herhaving kids and all of thatstuff. Gotta be. Arrested Yeah,for sure because because youcan’t just pop those in andexpect no one to kind ofquestion it if they haven’tseen those things like. we’rejust wondering like Where’s allthis coming from let’s say, andwhat’s interesting is like theevents that are happening inthese shows are.They’re just not earthshattering big like Wanda hadkids with vision and ambitioncame back to life and is nowfor lack of a better word whitevision. Yeah, you know Sam gaveup the shield, which anybodywho just watches the movies sawhim get it an endgame well,Where is USA coming from andwhy does he think it should behis or whatever his story isgoing to be he seemed prettyhappy or content with the factthat Sam has it now. Yeah. Yeahhe. Almost given an animproving nod, it seemed likeyeah. Yeah, so I don’t know ifit’s going to be interesting,but I love the show you knowit. It was a different. energythan Wanda Vision. I was doingthat you know everything ismasto mindset trying to lookfor things that aren’t there.Yeah. I remember when at theend of episode one, I think itwas when they showed the flagSmasher with the really strong,you know, throwing the guy.Yeah, I was like, Oh, I wonderif it’s a mutant. Oh they’regoing to me. Pores and they’redoing mutants and I was likeno. It’s a super soldier. youdo like you read these bookslike you should know thatthat’s what Captain America isabout other people becomingbecoming super soldiers thataren’t good. It’s there,though, Yeah, you’re right withthe whole atmosphere around itwas there’s more to things.There’s a bigger person behindeverything and that and thereis yeah there is and I and Ithink I called it very early onthat. it is who it is, butokay. Yeah. II. Don’t I don’tremember if you did or not, butyou’re right we will get intoit. Alright, so that’s kind ofour our overall. so now we’regoing to dive into eachepisode. We’ve got quite a fewnotes for each one. I don’tknow if we’ll touch everyone ornot. But we’ll see so firstwe’ve got. that’s fair firstup. We have Episode one titledNew World Order Sis One takesplace 6 months after the blipwe did get the return of Ithink it’s george’s. That’sright. I think it’s just justGeorge and.not so so so this one I’m goingto miss on both of those if youwant to be panting call him thetruck I will not. I’ll make youin my head more than that loud.I don’t know which one it isnow the bad bad truck see’ve got that the lever thatokay the return of George Beckmm, hmm. I think you said wehad the introduction of firstlieutenant Joaquin Torres,which yeah, that was one Ididn’t know was from the books.I thought the captain America’sI read when Ed Brubaker came onwhich is essentially the winterso civil war Bucky becomes the.Cap Era Okay, And then when heleft the book they took Stevein a really weird direction,and I just didn’t follow it soI was unaware that this guy andI’ve never read any of the sameas a books. so I didn’t knowthat this guy became a Falcon.No, I yeah. I’m not going toact like I knew that I did seea post that I’m probablyFacebook. showing that heactually is the one that takesover their mantles, which whichis cool. I’m I’m excited to sayhe did a great job. I feel likehe won. And annoying, which isalways great. Yeah, especiallywith those side characters.they can really be like. Hey,I’m the new character. You loveme too. Yeah. Yeah. Look at howfunny I am and don’t you wantto see more of me. he was justhe seem like he just did hisjob. He did a good job at itand yeah, he was great if thosewho don’t remember George Baregot it right. he we originallysaw him. you would too weoriginally saw him in CaptainAmerica the winter. Thumbs upfor me. Yeah, he actually is aprofessional. he used to be. Ishould say MMA Fighter II thinkGeorge Saint Pierre so firstsame first name look at that. Ihave a feeling that that’s notactually that’s first name. I’mgoing to look it up now. okaysome other stuff that we got inthe first episode, We got tosee James Rhodes come back in alittle cameo, which is awesomeand II. don’t know if younoticed it or you probably sawthe post like I did but theyeven got into so much detailfor him that they kind ofshowed the lights through hispants of his. Bionic like I Iexoskeleton. Yeah, I just Idon’t know just just a littledetails man I and it could havebeen a doctor. I guess picture,but I don’t know why he would.I didn’t remember to notice itagain second watching. Yeah, Ithink so some more stuff we hadin episode one Sam doesn’tthink the shield is his so hegives it to the museum Bucky’sdoing some government tomandate therapy. It was part ofhis release and pardon we. Thatcomes in later on theintroduction of a new terroristgroup called the flag smasheswho turned out to be well atleast we know of one of them asuper soldier. Yeah well and Ithink of several of them werein the in the comics. FlagsSmasher. I think it’s just oneguy Okay and he has his ownhome. You know thing that hedoes. Yeah and in this the inregular MC fashion things thataren’t quite going to work forthe movies and shows getaltered. You know in their way,it’s it’s an interesting way toset the idea of flags Smasherinto the MCU. give a Bliss andhow the world has changed andit’s nice that. they’reconstantly going back to thisis thing that we’re dealingwith now right. Yeah because Imean far from home talked aboutit, I joked about it and youknow did it’s thing but it wasreally. it wasn’t really thatbig of a deal. Other.Obviously, Tony Dime, yeah, ablip, you know could have justnot happened and it reallywouldn’t have mattered to thestore. Yeah, I guess that’strue right there. they do theydo. I mean that’s a big thingin this entire series is theblip and what happened whileeveryone was gone and then cameback. and yeah, you’re right,you’re right. It is kind ofnice to see them to go intothat. more. Not just yeah ithappened. now it didn’t solet’s move on so they.Intentional So it’s nice tosee. And the the last part hereis the the ending of theEpisode. The governmentannounces a new Captain AmericaDo we hate him? Yes and I don’tknow why at the time. Yeah.I’ll I’ll leave it at that. fornow. Yeah, you know IIII willadmit that his dopey face inthat first shot and the thepictures I’ve seen of him beingcompared to the old guy from upwith the helmet on like II. doget it. Yeah, you shouldn’thave had that dopey smile. Yeahand it’s. Okay, Yeah, which I’msure was on purpose to to makehim look like no. This isn’t aCaptain America wrong. Yeah.Yeah. I can’t imagine it wasn’tby some sort of design becauseI mean they know what they’redoing and there’s some amazingshots in the shell. Yeah,especially in that last episodewhen they’re highlighting howgreat the Falcon cap is. yeah,he looks super heroic andawesome of all time. So yeah,just anything he did was justlike wow. Whoa. Look at himHe’s Captain America. now.yeah, I almost I wish theyhadn’t done that because Ithink it would have been anice. thing for people whodon’t know this stuff. to fallfor. Oh, this is going to bethe new Captain America. Imean, yeah those of us in theknow and I mean I assume themovie people at large. If youthink about it like I said thelast we saw. Steve gave him. Somovie goers would be like well,he’s going to be sitting withCaptain America. Yeah, but youknow so obviously that iswhat’s going to happen, but itwould have been nice. I thinkto be like Oh this guy lookslike he should be and could beand by the time it gets toepisode two. I was like That’sthat’s why it’s this guy. Yeah.Yeah definitely yeah becauseyou’re right at the ending ofit it just. nobody was excitedto see the news even with Samwas like Sam, you have to seethis Bucky was just lookinglike what. Happened. What Ilike that and I like it’s ait’s a clever little. shot thatthey did when. Sam sees thenews footage they do a close upon his hands folded and you cansee his grip tightening alittle bit. Oh nice okay andhe’s like this is going topissed me off when I canalready tell like this isn’tgoing to be good, notnecessarily that they pickedthe wrong person, but like youknow he gave him the shield sothat nobody would be the new.Yeah exactly. Yeah. It woulddie, Yeah, yes he he. Hethought that that shield andand the Captain America kind ofmantle her name belongs withSteve and no one else shouldtake it over and and so whenthey announced well, you knowit seemed like not very longafter here’s the new one, I cansee that kind of feeling like aback step. what it was. I meanit really was they didn’t eventell him at all. so. An emailwould have been nice. Yeah.Hey, we don’t know if you knowyou’re not taking off here.It’s like I was in my junkfolder dang It happens all thetime. Alright. Well, that’sone. I think it was a greatstart to the to the season. Soyeah. Yeah. I like it. Alrightyou want to jump in episodetwo. sure. do you want me totake a lead? Yeah take it over.episode two is called the StarSpangled Man and we’ll get somebackstory on Walker. I put thisin my notes, there’s a thingthat he said because they shownin the they they make it seemlike it’s a high school, but itsure looks like at least acollege to me. That’s a big**** stadium for high school.Yeah down and you know theylike their college football ortheir high school football andall that so that’s where I wasthinking it was yeah. yeah, Ithink it was like Alabama orsomething like that. but thethe quote, he said, is everyonein the world expects me to besomething.The idea that Everyone doeshave that perception of whoCaptain America is and whatthat symbol is even later onwhen we meet Isaiah and allthis other stuff it it does.It’s like okay this III thinkwhat’s that’s what’s nice aboutthis series is that it givesyou that different perspectiveon Captain America because sheis thief. We all know him. Weall love him. We saw him whenhe was a scrawny squeak in the40s to being a **** by endgameand you know, yeah he’s. Notthe guy that you’re rootingfor. yeah, for sure, he’s he’she’s always doing what he feelsis right and it’s usually seenas the right thing You know it.interesting. Yeah. II was justgoing to say that you couldchoose sides with civil warwhere you think Tony’s rightmore more right but it’s stillnot like. Steve is wrong. It’sjust that you agree more withTony. So even then he’s not inthe wrong doing wrong. So yeah.yeah. And so it’s I don’tremember I was kind of throwingoff there. What my point was,but it’s it’s. Cool to see. Theidea of filling those shoes andthey go into later of what itrepresents to have someone likeFalcons into that role, buteven just a regular, you know,blonde hair blue eyes Boy Scoutthat Walker is supposed to behaving to do that after Stevewas that symbol for nearly 80years, Yeah, it is quite crazy.It is yeah and and after thewhole backstory and and kind ofintroducing him a little betterI. For me, at least it wasokay, I could see thishappening. I’m not thrilled.Yeah. but I’m okay with it.When we later get into the thetherapist office and you knowthey have that huddle sessionwith the therapist, which washilarious. Yeah, but it it ledto that kind of really nicemoment for Bucky to be like hechose you and it confirms whatwe already suspected an endgamethat they talked about it forhim. Yeah that’s Stephen Buckysat down and was like this iswhat’s about to happen. I’m.I’m staying with Peggy. andwe’re going to have a life andI’m giving Sam the shieldbecause I think it should behim. yeah and I understood yeahdidn’t want to blindside him.You’re that government youdon’t want to blindside someonelike that. send that email.That’s right.I’d love to see Steve try andsend an email. Did be terrible.that’s great, but it it it ledto that moment of being like ifhe was wrong about you. Thatmeans he was wrong about me andthe idea that I can be redeemedafter all of the reallyhorrible **** that I’ve done.Yeah, like you’re a great guyalready, which is why you’rethe new Captain America right?I was a nice guy for a whilethen I was was forced to be ahorrible monster and now I’mtrying to be a nice guy again.Yeah, and he’s the only personpretty much on the planet thatbelieved him. Yeah. yeah, forsure and it was a It was a verypowerful scene. It was I feltlike it was a cut a littleshort but it was. I mean it’sstill great. It’s just theacting by Sebastian Stan wasamazing in this series. It’salways been great and it’s Imean you don’t really thinkabout just how long he’s beenpart of the MCU, but I mean itgoes back to the first CaptainAmerica movie just as long asChris Evans and now technicallyhe’s been in a hunger. Yeah.They’re pretty close so I cansee that. yeah and so we getintroduced to Carly Morgan. Iremember that’s how they sayit. it is it was prettyinteresting. What’s your facefrom solo Star Wars story?Yeah. I don’t remember the nameof her character, but yes andand as as one of our mutualfriends, Andrew pointed outsimilar character. Yeah. kindof kind of. Thinks that she’sthis horrible monster, butshe’s really a freedom fightertrying to go up against the badpeople that that I don’tremember what the vote was forbecause their idea is theyliked when the blip happened inthis world that everyone hadestablished when everyone wasgone and now that everyone’sback, they don’t want things togo back to the way they used tobe. well. I okay the way Iunderstood it was was whatthey’re fighting for is becausewhen everyone went. There wereno more borders. people canwherever they want. they don’thave to you. Don’t belong here.This isn’t your country yournation, whatever whatever itwas wherever you are you’rewelcome and so now thateveryone’s back it’s well.Yeah, I know, you said, We saidyou could live in that housebecause no one else was therebecause they got flipped away.But now you have to get outbecause the people that werethere are now there you have togo home now. so that’s that’spretty much what they’re votingfor is to kick everyone backout. go back to your originalcountry before the blip youroriginal. Homelessness orwhatever you had before, sothat’s what they’re trying tostop which I can get behind. Iunderstand yeah and it’s toughbecause it’s like to say so thepeople who through no fault oftheir own disappeared and forthem, it was a blink. Yes, likeno time passed for them. It waslike they close their eyes openthem and it’s been 5 years.Yeah, so they expect everythingto just pick up where they leftoff. Because for them, no timehas passed, but for everybodyelse it’s been 5 years sinceyou know. rebuilt it. Yeah,We’re just trying to figure outwhat to do now what we have towork this gun. I mean it’s it’sit’s tough. It’s it’s a reallytough call because it’s likeyou can’t punish the people whocame back. No and say I’msorry. you have to start allover. I mean it’s like I don’tremember if it was episode oneor two when they go to get theloan there’s. Part of me thatit didn’t almost understandwhat the bank was talking aboutbecause it’s like, yeah, wewere gone for 5 years like halfof the population of theplanet. Yeah, and we have nomoney now like what the **** doyou expect to have happen.Yeah. Yeah. Well, I know it’sreally an interesting idea andI don’t really know what theanswer would be. Yeah. I don’teither like I can I can see itfrom both sides like yeah,you’re a gun. You didn’t knowyou were gone but you were andI know you want things to behow they were when you I mean Iget yeah because you you didn’tleave you know so you wantthings to just be the way theywere seconds ago. You know, I’msure it’s longer now. but so Ican see that. but I can alsosee the other side where theywere gone for. Years so for 5years you’ve been building upto where you are now and nowhalf the world comes back andthey’re like. Yeah well sorryin 5 years you’ve you’veintentionally wasted is fornothing so I don’t know I can.I just don’t know what I wouldbe able to do what I would doit. it’d be so difficult. Idon’t know we also get theintroduction of Lamar Hoskins,AKA Battlestar, which is acharacter from the books, Notone that I’m also not veryfamiliar with and they. Of thehell after the and during theawesome semi truck fight, whichwas super cool by the way, itwas really good. Yeah likeyeah, we got to sell parts ofit in the in the teaser trailerthings, but I mean it was greatseeing the whole fight it wasawesome to see very powerfulpeople fighting against eachother. Yeah, I liked it. Andthen, of course we talked aboutit earlier, but Isaiah Bradleyshowing up as a veteran supersoldier who fought the wintersoldier. and ended up duringthe Korean war, but because noone wanted it to get out thatthey were experimenting onpeople and creating more supersoldiers. You know, obviouslythis series deals with youknow, race relations and allthat jazz and he wasessentially imprisoned for 30years. What they did to him,Yeah, because no one wanted toadmit it and also hydra waspart of the government and theywanted to make more right. Yeahbecause that’s just what theydo. It is he sucks. when IIlove that guy I feel like I’veseen him in something beforehe’s he was in chunk becauseI’ve I’ve rewatched Chuck andhe was in. I I think an episodeor two. that’s probably notwhere it’s from, but I didn’teither so II started it up tosomething to watch while I’mnot. Watch the show with mywife and it literally. Thursdayhe appeared in an episode and Iwas like he looks so familiar.what I have never seen him inand so I looked him up and Iwas like yes, it is him. Yeah.So he’s a check. so that’sprobably not what you remember.I think he’s also an alias. Idon’t know how many episodes Ididn’t look into it. That mightbe it because I just watchedaliens and of course we got thereturn of email, which isalways nice. I was hoping hewould be a bigger part. Yeah, Iyeah. Excuse me because he wasin the promotional stuff he’son the poster. he gets hisclassic hood in the nextepisode, which was awesome.Yeah love the look of it. He’sgetting his own toy, which Ithink it’s like to own. Oh yes.Yeah, III love him in in thisin this series so but yeah,that’s that was pretty much atthe end of episode two. sowe’ll we’ll jump into episodethree now so we’re going totalk a little bit more abouthim so episode three was titledPower broker. It starts offwith Bucky helping allegedly Iguess it would be helping himthe basic idea of how to escapefrom prison. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.So yeah have to him in prisonand then we end up visiting.which is run by the powerbroker and at the time of my.Notes I wrote, who is that wedid not know this was aroundepisode five. I started doingthis. we can get into thatlater if you want. and then thetrios get saved by SharonCarter and shown to doctorWilfred Nagel, who we find outis the one that made twentydoses of the super soldierserum. And then Carly Hatch,Yes, Carly hasn’t she has Idon’t she has. She doesn’t haveall twenty anymore. She gavesome to her friends. I thinkit’s about what eight eight toten of them. I think we’re atthe moment. so yeah and then inthe it’s a big commotion onthat actually ends up being zoand kills Doctor Nagel becausehe wants to stop the supersoldiers here from ever gettingout again. Well, it’sinteresting because again likeyou know, I said, I wasexpecting him to be a big dealthis season and he was, but notyou know it wasn’t like hisplan all along kind of thinglike I was thinking it would beyeah. II think seeing him Ithink it’s in the next onewhere he smashes all the vialsof the serum and the idea thatoh, yeah, he actually hates theidea of super soldiers. Yeahand that’s something thatdidn’t really click that muchwith me until I watched theseries and I was like, Oh,that’s right like that wouldthat is what he would be like.Yeah, for sure, like giveneverything that happened in.well, I’m blinking. Cia. Youknow he hates superheroes, hehates the idea of God likebeings, You know, dictatingwhat other people’s livesshould be. Yeah. So yeah,obviously, that’s the way hewould be. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Itell you it makes sense for himto be like that and and and inthe episode four or five, Ithink it is when he actuallysees the serum first split.second. I was like, Oh yeahhe’s going to he’s going totake it because then he’ll bemore powerful but no he hatesthe idea of them so much. He’slike no. I was thinking, Oh hewould he was going to take itmake some of his own or give itto. And unleash them uponthings, but he didn’t even dothat in civil war. He killedthem all. Yeah. It’s just anddoesn’t want more of themaround. Yeah exactly.’s it’s yeah. It’s not thetypical villain that you wouldthink where he wants powerfulpeople working for him. He justdoesn’t want them at all, whichwhich was great to see thatthat that continue on and notchange where that’s the way hefelt the whole time, and hecontinues to feel that way.Yeah I. It was great, It wasgreat. He’s on the which leadsto step on for the whole worldis watching. Bucky basicallynext to deal with the do a lotof to be like we’re using zo.let us do this so that we canend you know the flag smashesand they reluctantly agree.Originally that decides to tryand get them get Carly to agreeto stop what she’s doing. youknow have a nice chat with herand just you know, try andreason with her. Yeah and Ithought Walker’s going crazy,He was close. Yeah, but that’swhen you that’s how you knowthat Walker had to come in andruin everything because it’snot like everything justwrapped up in a bow and beover. We got you know two moretwo and a half more episodes todo. Yeah. it’s true. I love thethe fight between the Dora andWalker Yes, it was it was funnyand awesome at the same timebecause you you forget just howgreat those warriors are andthey’re supposed to be. Yeahand the fact that he’s Walkerjust got his **** whooped byjust. essentially regularwomen. They’re not supersoldiers. They’re not superpowered. They’re justincredibly well trimmed andgood at what they do. Yeah andand and of course with Bucky inthe background looking strong,John Yeah. Doesn’t help at allfor God’s sake, but it washilarious. I loved it and atthis point, he has the serumbut hasn’t taken it. Have youtaken? I don’t think he’d hedidn’t. He didn’t take it, butI don’t know if he had it yet.did he have it? I think he didYeah because it was after theCarly altercation and that’swhen the email stomps them allout and everything okay.I’m trying to read your notesand talk at the same time.That’s just not working at Trenton Sarah, which isSam’s sister, forcing Sam tomeet with her so she canattempt to him to join or andWalker Hoskins. and try tofight them off and I’mremembering now as quicker thanI had what you’re talking abouthere. so I’m just going tostart talking to him. Alright.Again, Andre Walker fashionHe’s you know he’s beenfollowing Sam and Bucky thiswhole time trying to you knowhelp quote unquote help them.Yeah. Essentially being CaptainAmerica and that’s what’s toughis because I like we’re sayingearlier like I get him tryingto fill the shoes and try to bethat guy. Yeah, So he wants tobe the one that ends the flagsmashes and he wants to be partof that. but by this time he’staking the serum mm hmm. What Ilike about this series is thatit goes back to what Erskinesaid back in the 40s. It’s notabout being a perfect Soldierabout being a good man. Stevewas chosen because he was good.Yes because he would do theright thing. Excuse me I hadpizza. a thing Walker waschosen because he was just sucha great Soldier, but that’s notalways necessarily a good thingand so he’s going at this inthat Soldier you know I’m rightattacks the enemy when kind ofmindset and that just doesn’twork and we see it in thiswhere they kill possums andsomewhat accidentally probablyjust kind of has an overexertion of her power. Yeah, itdid seem like in the chest.Yeah.Yeah and you know Walkerunderstandably freaks out and.Chases one of the flag smashespins them down and then Iassume he hits him with theshield. Okay. I wasn’t sure ifit was beheaded during thechest, I mean either way it’sit’s not good. Yeah he hebashed him enough times to killhim and yeah cover the shieldof blood. Yeah and it’sinteresting because andobviously you know it’s the agethat it is now everyone hassmartphones. so it’s a bigcrowd with you know recordingthe whole time. Yeah, but itgot me thinking like Catherine.To all people. Sam has guiltyif we did it in the firstepisode, he kicks some peopleout of a plane. Yeah. and soit’s not a 100% death sentenceto the idea of being CaptainAmerica that he’s killedsomebody but the smart thing iswas showing that shield coveredin blood mm hmm. That’s animage we’ve never seen. Yeah.It’s a powerful one. Yeah andit is it’s it’s one of thoseand that’s what made me kind ofstop and think it was like.Yeah, I mean they’ve all killedpeople. but. Traumatized it ina way that made it instantlyhate Walker and say that’s notokay. Yeah. That’s it almostmade you think like that’s notsomething Captain America woulddo, which, but he wouldn’t inthat way because like you saidhe has killed people and andit’s been more of AASelf-defense thing. Yeah, Thiswas more of a you know he hadhis hands out. It was like itwasn’t me and and Walker wasstill just I’m sure saying. Andjust killed the the firstperson that he saw that he feltwas the right thing to do buthe’s also slightly crazy. Yeah.So II mean I can I can see howit happened. but yeah, it’sit’s just Captain America SteveRogers would have been able tosnap out of that and knowyou’re right. You didn’t dothis, You know I’ll knock youout or something. I’ll I’ll doit, You know. that’s the thingI like the shield has neverbeen used to take a life. asfar. I mean for the most part,yeah closest would be withTony. You know, yeah, you smashthat like he knew he wasn’tgoing to kill him with it likehe was hitting him. Suit ofarmor, Yeah, he was disablingthe armor basically yeah. Butthat leads us into thebeginning of five. yes Episodefive titled Truth. So With thisone, we have Wilson Barnes todemand the shields from Walker.We started a fight in thewarehouse and Wilson ends up orsorry. Walker ends updestroying Sam’s wing suit. Itwas yeah it was very civil war.Yeah it it reminded me of Stevetaking down Tony. You’re you’reright. Yeah. I didn’t think ofthat until you just said thatyeah, it really does. Andagain, Walker had that thatlook in his eyes of just like.A psychopath like I’m going tokill you, but but he wasn’tonly taking out the wings,which is surprising. Yeah.Well, that’s the thing andthat’s it’s interesting becauselike I said, I was told peoplebefore and even the sand andBucky were like this isn’t theend of the world I screwed upyou killed someone in front ofa large crowd of you knowregular people. and they allcaught it on camera. That’s nota thing that happens. Yeah, Wekill people, but no one reallysees us. It’s all you know. Itis a reality of that, andthat’s something that Sam eventries to say, like explain whathappened, they’ll understandand in a way they do when he isstripped of the title. It’slike we get it, but you can’tdo that kind of stuff and youcan’t do it in public for theworld to see yeah becausethere’s no way it’s not goingto be taken off. Yes. yeah. Itwas a bad look for thegovernment. so that’s why we’restripping you essentially. ButI ended up to find it up with.Sam and Bucky having the shieldso it’s back in Sam’s handsbecause Bucky does have it andhe ends up just tossing it onthe ground next to him almostlike a car you have you shouldhave had this in the firstplace. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. exactlylike take this back just lookwhat we had to do to get thisback. Yeah you would justtaking it in the first placeand become Captain America. Wecould have avoided this. yeahand so they they kind of gotheir separate ways and Buckyends up finding. At theSegovia, Memorial, I believe itwas and hands them over to thedoor and asks for a littlefavor, which will get whichwill come back later on. WalkerI can’t mention ends updeceiving a other thanhonorable discharge, which isdifferent than a dishonorabledischarge. I found that out. soyeah, which II guess I wasreading in some forms that thatwould be the likely one thatthey would use in this case. sothey’re they’re very happy tosee the show saying the correctthing not just the more commonknown one, but the correct onewhich is nice and even when Iheard it, I was like I’ve neverheard that one before. Yeah.That would be the correct onewhich is cool. And then Walkergets approached by a newcharacter, which is like youmentioned earlier was supposedto be seeing her again becauseshe’s supposed to be blackwidow, but it was contessaValentina Allegra the Fontainedon’t call her out, but don’tcall her Val. No. Thanks. Yeah,I actually had to look this oneup because I didn’t recognizethat name of you know it’s justthe top because it’s very long,yes and essentially she ismadam Hydra. Yeah, which iscool to see. I’m excited to seewhere this goes because she’sit’s jus. She’s not just acameo type character well andjust the fact that she was inblack widow or will be in blackwidow or however, you want tosay it and she’s back here.Yeah. I mean that’s they’rebuilding to something when wesee at the end of six. Yeah,they’re definitely buildingtowards something. We justaren’t entirely sure whatthat’s going to be. Yeah. Soyeah we’ll see and as. BeforeWilson ends up, leaving thebroken wings with a what’s hisname? Oh, that’s my spot.Taurus Yes. the possibly newfountain Yes, as Justinmentioned, it’s in the comics,so it could be happening so Imean he’s got a lot of work todo to fix those wings. sobecause they shrink down andfit into like a backpack andcurrently they’re broken inthree pieces. for sure, Yeah,he’s going back to visit IsaiahBradley. Who which was actuallya pretty powerful scene, it waskind of showing. first timearound. I will say say didn’treally understand where he wascoming from like I would assumethat he would want to see ablack Captain America butwatching it the second time andthen understanding more of whathe’s gone through and justeverything he knows about thegovernment is it’s bad like soI can see him thinking you knowdon’t. Held captive for 30years and experimented on them.Yeah, the only thing that thathas to do with them is is badnews like don’t be any part ofit. I can totally see that butit’s still is powerful to seehow how passionate he was aboutthat mm hmm. So that was goodto see. Muslim returns home tohelp fix the family boat withthe assistance of the local andBucky Barnes. I like to seethat Bucky coming back and andit wasn’t like it was supercorny, but funny and sweet atthe same time, It’s like fixingthe boat. montage. Yeah. I likeit and I like to see him withBuc-ee’s and the paint scraperas I like practicing his knifeskills still flipping it andstuff it was cool to see. Ohman. Yeah. there’s there’sdifferent little little momentsin there and and what the wholeand I I’ve seen. Mentionedbefore with the whole. Whydon’t you use the middle armand it was you know? I don’tthink of it right away. I’mright handed and I’ve I’ve seenpictures later on where whenhe’s the winter soldier he doesuse that left hand more oftenhe catches the shield. Heshoots he does different thingswith the left arm, but whenhe’s bucky, he catches thingswith the right arm, includingcatching the shield, shootingand stuff like that, which isit was kind of interesting tosee II mean it’s a small thingthat I wouldn’t have noticedunless I read that it waspointed out to me, but yeah. Idon’t think it was acoincidence. It’s it rarely isI mean there’s always somethingthere whether it was superintentional or just somethingthat just happened and theywere like. Oh what’s wrong withthis? Yeah. It’s it’s awesome.It was cool to see. then wewant to training with theshield, which I the the speedthat that thing moves at. Idon’t know how they do it howhe does it. It’s insane. it isyeah for sure on that. Once Samkind of goes, okay, I’m doingthis now after Bucky leaves andhe’s really training. Yeah likeit’s impressive and it makesyou think he’s just a guy likehe’s not a super soldier andhe’s doing some prettyincredible things as a personto become the new CaptainAmerica. Yeah, and it was niceto see him make those mistakeswhere it’s not just he throwsit and he can catch it firsttry and every try where he hadmistakes and he threw a wobblysaucer in the air and stufflike that it was it was nice tosee that. Yeah, he’s he’s notjust a super person. He has totrain in it. That was good tosee. And finally, the smack thesmack flashers. that’s what Iwas about to say the flagSmasher plan attack on GRCconference and are joined onceagain by GRS. No. I’m sorry,George Beck. I got it rightagain. Awesome. so happy foryou. He delivers a briefcase oror he delivers AI. don’t know apackage. full of I don’t knowbombs and guns and stuff mmhmm, and he’s actually been. ByCarter, What’s hearing it thesecond time you can hear thevoice and all that Yeah. Yeahit doesn’t as soon as sheshowed up in that episode. Itwas like there’s somethingabout her. That’s not quiteright and while. the Wandavision conspiracy theories andthey wanted it to be someoneelse just so I could getanother new character the ideathat it’s Sharon that afterwhat happened to her in civilwars to these guys, I’m doingmy own thing and it’s there’s alot of different ways. To gowith it, mm hmm. I’ve seen thethe fan theory that she’sactually a scroll, but now thatwe know secret invasion iscoming. everybody could be astraw. Yeah, let’s prepareourselves for that everybody’sgoing to possibly be a sprawl.Yeah that’s fair but in thecomics during the civil warstory arc, there’s. apsychiatrist named Doctor Faustwho brainwashes Sharon intokilling Steve Rogers Okay, Andthat’s how the original civilwar in the comics stands. Okay.So it could be if they want toredeem Karen and differsomewhat of a buckingbackstory. She could be beingcontrolled. I mean we know he’sback if Julia is Madame Hydra.yeah, they could have a doctorsin their closet and doingcrazy. you know stuff to peopleokay or if she’s a scroll orshe’s just really mad now. yeahand they’re just going to goyou know off the rails and dotheir own. Yeah, that’s fair.Yeah I could see because I meanit’s fair so I can understandher being pissed off. you knowyou you see all these otherpeople getting pardoned and andshe hasn’t it’s like okay andthat’s an extra you. To thegovernment there so I can seeit. and then in the mid creditswe have Walker building ashield out of scrap metal andhis war metals, which at thetime I thought was going tolook terrible until we see actually looks pretty goodat the time. I was like the**** I’m just looks like apiece of aluminum. Yeah. Yeah,I was I was expecting him to goFull US agent in this and Imean I even shared pictures ofthe idea of that fighthappening. Yeah. Episode six.Yeah. We definitely thought itwas going to happen. Again, ifit makes sense that they’rejust teaming that up for thenow you know four. yeah. Yeah,it was nice. I was like, Isaid, I was expecting you knowwe’re getting Sam’s suit revealin six. We’ll get the USA for Vsix and technically we did wedid. It’s just not the way out.Yeah. so Episode 611 peoplestarts with just one of thecoolest freaking scenes ever.Sam revealed in the capsule inthe shield. Doing this coolstuff. Yeah and they’re savingthe GRC conference you knowfrom Carol and her. It’s justawesome. Just stay in the itwas kind of mind blowing to belike. Oh, this is what becauseSteve had a really coolfighting style and the russo’sdid a great job expanding uponthat Winter Soldier and thatcaring for the rest of themovies. but what you could dowith that shield with wingsattached. Yeah could be superfreaking cool. I mean just thestunt they pulled in thehelicopter. Yeah and then youknow taking that guy out of thedriver’s seat so that the ladycould take over. And you know,save them. Yeah fantastic. Itwas yeah and I really like the.Where he covered the I’m surehe was a civilian or someone onthe in the road and the choppercomes down and kind of justtanks on the armor it just itlooks so cool. It’s it’s yeah.It was awesome. It’s like damn.killing it. Yeah. he’s he’sreally going to be a good chapin America. Yes, it’ll be niceto see that. Yeah at the end ofeverything. Sharon accidentallybut on purpose reveals thatshe’s the power broker tobacktrack and kills him. That’sa returning character that’sgone now. Yeah, for sure, I’mnot going to see him again andshe also of course kills Carlybecause they’re campingwitnesses. Yeah.Then we get this veryimpassioned speech by Sam. tothe GRC to postpone the thebill. Yeah.It’s effective it really Idon’t I don’t remember if I putany special things in my noteshere to check. and why are youdoing that? Yeah? I’ll I’lltalk about that. kind of speechyou mean it was impactful.You’re you’re right. I mean ithe was pointing at where hedoes. He understands bothsides, which II think morepeople should, but and I cansee people just understandingone if if that’s the only onethat’s kind of affected you.but luckily we have Sam therewho who understands both sidesand showed it. Of these peoplewho can make these bigdecisions and it seems like it,it’s it’s going to work and. itwas it was longer than Ithought it was going to be butit I think it needed to bebecause you can’t just changesomeone’s mind in 5 seconds,you know it’s going to take alittle bit of of of showing youunderstand their side but alsounderstand this other side andmaybe kind of show how this ishow you can help you can youcan help both sides find a wayto do it and yeah, it seemslike that’s going to help. Alot of people so yeah, it’sit’s it’s it’s a new messagefor a new version of CaptainAmerica and Steve had for theseideals that while important andimpactful don’t always coverall the basis and the new gap,which sends unique perspective,kind of shines light in placesthat you know, it’s somethingthat I don’t remember if theytalk about it and I think it’sin five when Bucky and Sam arekind of training with theshield. Bucky’s like Steve toldme what his plan was and at thetime we thought it was theright decision and it but wedidn’t understand what it meantfor an African American tobecome Captain America. Yeah,it’s it’s a different world forthem. It’s a differentexperience. I mean on thiswhite bread as they come, Ihave no idea what kind ofresponsibility and message thatwould send Yeah. Because tosomeone like me and go, yes,it’s the new Captain America.That’s great. He’s perfect.He’s a great guy. He should beas much as as a comic fan. Iwanted to see Bucky be tap fora while because it happens inthe books. Yeah and I was kindof looking forward to thathappening in the movies Thelogical Leap I went for themovie version that they’redoing. It’s like it has to beseen right. Bucky hasn’tredeemed himself enough for itto possibly be bucky’s. so it’sgotta be Sam. but that. Momentof oh, this is a bigger dealthan just you carry the shieldnow yes. yeah the idea of itbeing a was really enforced inthe show, which was awesome.Yeah, it was it was great tosee that that redemption andthen to see. yeah they did showI think yeah they showedElijah’s face there when andthey finally revealed them andthat that was powerful to seetoo where it was almost likehe. I think he kind of sat backand was like. yeah, I was Iwas. This this is meaningful.this means something this is abig deal and it’s can be aforce for good. Yeah, itdoesn’t necessarily have to belike Oh you’re being controlledby the government and they’regoing to take advantage of you.You can be your own hero. Yeah.definitely it was. The rest ofthe super soldiers are. pickedup and then just splashed byAmos Butler, which isinteresting. Yeah, I kind offorgot he was the butler atfirst. I was like who the hellis this old guy. What is this?Yeah? I did too and I readyou’re not on. Oh yeah. That iswhat I do. Okay. Yeah.Yeah.Yeah. It’s like we’relike kind of just trying tofinish up some knots. Someloose ends. It was kind ofyeah. I don’t know it seemedkind of sad for a second. Ialmost thought it was like, Oh,did he like? Is it a fake bomband he blew a hole underneathand they’re escaping. It’s likeno no because because rightbefore that if anything else,it shows that is still pullingsome strings and I mean, maybehe will he has to eventuallyleave the raft and do someother stuff. Yeah, for surebecause as the guy. Closing thedoor. as the guy was closingthe door, he said. One peopleone or one more one people sothat’s why I thought and thenseeing the the bomb thing I waslike, Oh yeah, because I didn’tremember the old man Butler. soI thought okay, I didn’t know Iwas just like. Oh okay. Yeah. Ididn’t really think about itother than okay. they’re eitherdead or they escaped or yeahwhatever I I’m pretty sure didthough I would assume so yeah.that’s a big loose end. I haveto tie up in another movie. Wealready talked about this forJuan Drive this gives Walkerthe US agency is lookingperfect by the way. Yeah it’sessentially the the his CaptainAmerica. so the black yeah, buthe says to it’s the same. It’sjust black but it is, but it isthe US agency. Yes exactly andit’s it’s perfect. and that’sthe thing. maybe even I waswondering how they wouldtranslate Sam’s cap suitbecause it’s a little garishand kind of odd looking in thebooks, but it works for thebooks, but it works perfect. Itdoes yeah, yeah, it is it’s itpops and it’s awesome. Yeah. Helooks great in it. Yeah and IIIdidn’t want to say that I’mglad that we’re going to get.What’s his real name now? USagents John Walker It’s realreal name the actor’s name.It’s real name. Wyatt RussellWyatt Russell. That’s it. I’mvery glad that we’re gettinghim back because he did anamazing job he like to becauseit’s all acting everyone. Iknow people were like actuallysending him some stupid thingshate mail all that kind ofstuff but you know, but thenit’s it’s like part of is likewell that’s you should also bekind of. honored. I guesshonored by that. Because you’redoing such an amazing job thatthese people really thinkyou’re this evil bad personlike it. It’s it’s impressive.I saw a meme of a bunch ofdifferent movie villains ofpeople hated the actors becausethey were so good, but the onethat I’m remembering right nowis is joffrey. Yeah from Gameof Thrones. Yeah and that guymy wife has told me storiesabout that guy. He’s amazinglike he’s just the sweetestnicest guy and after game ofThrones, he gave up acting andhe was doing like. To your workand helping people and beinglike that. sweetest nicestperson you could possibly beand not just because he’smaking amends for thecharacter, But just like that’sjust who he is. That’s who weare. Yeah, let’s go. let’s go.let’s go in here. Yeah. I thinkI think Russell did an amazingjob acting so I’m glad we’regoing to get more of him. Yeahme too. And the other thing Ireally liked was they justwe’ve seen this Smithsonianexhibit for Captain America. Itwas in winter soldier. I’mpretty sure it was in the civilwar and then. and it was justshowed up in this a couple oftimes and Isaiah Bradley wasgiven his own statue andstoring to in the CaptainAmerica part of the thisSmithsonian, which was amazingit was yeah, It was reallyawesome. I don’t I don’t thinkI did put them in my notes butI did see yeah. it’s okay I didsee in Reddit that someone wasable to stop it on the plaqueand it does it. Kind of sellshis backstory and how. thegovernment hit him away and andall that stuff explainseverything which is awesomethat that’s and I don’t. Idon’t know how true it is tobook. There is a graphic novel.I tried to find it on Amazon,but it’s going for a ridiculousamounts. It’s called the redwhite and black. I think that’swhat it’s called okay,something like that or red,black and blue or somethingwith us. and it’s his story.Basically I’ve. Read it but Iknew it existed right and onAmazon. it’s out of print soit’s going for hundreds ofdollars. Oh geez I’d love tofind it and read it one ofthese days. Yeah and then weget a credit scene afterreceiving a full pardon andbasically giving her job backat the CIA, it seems like sheintends to use that access tosell government secrets andresources. once again goes tois she a scroll is shebrainwashed? is she just evilnow? Yeah, I don’t know we’llfind out It’s true. Yeah, Iwould I would assume this meansshe’s going to be in cap for. Iwrote here from the articlethat announced it and it’s fromHollywood reporter of theFalcon Winter Soldier showburner Malcolm Spelman ispending a screenplay for theFourth Captain America Movie asalongside. Deans and I’m goingto say that okay, I think. Didthe the first episode of thesix? Yeah and the song did thefifth?Salmon was the first and finalepisode of the series on thefront and the last week’spenultimate installment. That’swhy I read that the trade makesit clear that the directorisn’t attached to the projectand Chris Evans status isunclear. Okay. There have beenrumors lately that he’s Evansis going to come back for twodifferent projects. Evans, ofcourse, denied it becausethat’s what you do. Yes. Yeahall roads not going to be Antman and then he’s Ant-Manright. So who knows we’ll see.but yeah, I’m excited as soonas II try to avoid spoilers allday and obviously we all knewlike I said Sam’s going to bethe new cat, but when I sawthey’re doing a fourth movie,Yeah, Yes. II can’t wait to seewhat they do. Yeah. and it’syeah. It’s going to be great.I’m I’m excited for it too. I’mtrying to think. I like whatwhat can we do to come back andI’m thinking maybe some someflashbacks to maybe him andBucky talking explaining whyhe’s choosing Sam or something.Yeah stuff like that. so I canI can see that or maybe it’s onthe moon. I mean he’s thistelescope and go. Hey okay. Sothank you for bringing that upWhat is up with the whole moonthing. I know they mentioned itin the first episode, theybrought it back in the sixthone. I think it was. I don’tknow I don’t I forgot to lookit up. It’s nothing that popsinto my head, but it wouldn’tsurprise me if the Avengers orSteve at some. Had a base onthe moon? Okay, I don’t thinkthat’s a thing that everhappened, but it could just bespelman because because as youmentioned, he did write thefirst and sixth one, and thatis the two that it was broughtup So yeah, I thought it wasfunny. I did love a lot of thelittle this little lines hereand there the the moon one the.Where’s talking about the Nazisand something else and theAvengers and Sam says. Hey,those are our friends and andof course has to clarify theAvengers, not the Nazis. It’slike Yeah, we know about. No.Yeah. yeah. Yeah. it’s going tobe interesting because Marcusand Mcneely wrote all threeCaptain America movies They didInfinity War endgame Therusso’s, of course the wintersoldier Civil War and InfinityWar endgame. Yeah, so it’sgoing to be interesting to seethis kind of passing of thetorch for Captain America.Yeah, it will be but based onthis as they’re they’re headedin the right direction.Absolutely yeah. I don’t knowhow long we’ve been talking,but let’s wrap it up just alittle over an hour. It lookslike so that’s not too bad. Notbad. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a longtime to get started. Yeah well,Hey, we talk too much as I’msure everyone knows so yeah wewe do want to say thank youguys for listening. We’ll beback next week with Thor. Yes,I’m I’m ready. I’ve got notesand stuff I just need toremember and watch it. it please because thatwill be useful so yeah join usnext week for Thor. We’ll betalking about that whole thingwe do want to say again. Thankyou guys for listening If youdo want to get a hold of us,you can reach us at ourFacebook page or Twitter andour Instagram. All of those arewe are Marvel pod. You can email us. and you’ll giveus some ratings and reviews. Weappreciate those that havealready, but anyone else thatcan do it. Yes please. Yeah,you got anything else. Awesome.Thank you all for listening.Yes, we will see you next time.Alright. I’ve been Jeremy andI’ve been Justin Bye bye.