Role Reversal: The Movies from the Villains Perspective

[Music] hello everybody and welcome to we are marvel where we explore all corners of the marvel cinematic universe and we’re your hosts my name is justin my name is jeremy welcome to the show yeah thanks for joining us everyone yeah this is another topic episode we had one last week which for us was five seconds ago mere minutes it always feels like it was never long enough this time it really wasn’t uh this week we’re gonna be talking uh some role reversal here some what if the villains of the films were actually the heroes and the heroes were actually the villains i’m pretty excited for that one this one yeah yeah i i i think we’ll have some fun once here it’s it’s entertaining to kind of yeah make the good guys into the bad guys and vice versa so yeah well yeah when we’re doing uh four a piece and we’ve somehow miraculously didn’t repeat each other yeah don’t know how but it happened i mean there’s 23 to choose from so yeah it’s not out of this world but still everything else we’ve pretty much been like yeah we did the same yeah almost word for word uh before we get into that we’re going to get into some news uh it’s a bit of old news but it’s worth talking about because it’s very important uh our friends over at illuminati we’ll hear more about them later say that marvel is moving forward on a new feature titled the mutants which will finally introduce the x-men into the mcu details are few and far between but feige is said to be heading up the project of course and no word on any potential writers or directors at this time like i said this is old news it came out like a month ago now right um even as of recording this which is like two weeks from now from when this actually releases so but this is important because it’s x-men in the marvel cinematic universe yeah finally yeah it’s something we’ve wanted for for years and we’re gonna get it yeah i’m not crazy about the title i’m hoping that changes yeah hopefully it’s a working title kind of a thing yeah because even if they just went the x-men it would be different enough from [Music] what fox did i think yeah or they could go comic book and go the uncanny x-men or something yeah i just i hope we don’t lose the x-men out of the x-men you know okay yeah um now i was thinking maybe they can go the mutants on the first one and then on the sequel maybe do the x-men or something but but yeah you’re right going out of the gate it’d be nice to just go with x-men just just very clear this is an x-men movie because if if you’re not you know if you don’t keep up with this kind of stuff you see the mutants and you might know yeah and you might think of new mutants if you were one of the few people who beared witness to that nonsense i haven’t even watched it yet okay i was just gonna ask i i bought it when it came out yeah it’s on my voodoo they have not watched it once that’s as far as you’ve gone all right well i mean it kind of sounds like nobody can really blame you there yeah i mean that’s that’s the thing i keep hearing it was fine and that’s the best i’ve heard it’s like i don’t have time for just fine yeah maybe if i have a week off and nothing better to do all that time for it’s fine but i can’t wait for this like i’m so stoked we know that um john watts i believe he did the spider-man movies i think so is doing fantastic four we talked about that uh probably a couple times by now so i mean they’re they’re slowly trickling in these uh fox properties and this is the big one so and match spoilers was in falcon winter soldier yeah so i mean they’re slowly trickling in and i’m excited yeah yeah this is yeah this is going to be exciting to know tell them and i’m sure when we find out more we’ll probably bring it up because this is something this is big this is something we’ve been waiting for for a long time it’s something we always wanted and they finally get fox and we all knew what that meant and now it’s this it’s happening yeah it’s very exciting yeah this is the reason we wanted them to get fox yeah and the fantastic four because it’d be nice to have a good one right yeah yeah but yeah all right enough of that let’s get on with this yeah uh like i said earlier we each picked four movies to to do elevator pitches elevator pitches uh quite the same i don’t know i just want to say it every time we do pitches okay i like it all right i’ll allow it uh my first one was the original thor so here’s my elevator pitch quick summary of thor from the perspective of i guess we’d call it loki oh yes we would good call his father is looking to step down as the king of asgard but his head his headstrong and oafish brother thor is first in line for the throne when his brother’s buffoonery ignites a war with the frost giants it’s up to loki to make sure his brother remains in exile by any means necessary and that the frost giants pay for their crimes against asgard i like it it is it’s fun knowing the real movie versus the elevator pitch yeah that was one of the fun things it’s the same movie just you know from showing loki as the good guy yeah what loki’s doing is actually good versus being bad yeah i like it it’s fun it was it was fun actually actually making this up once i finally got the rhythm the first one done it was like okay i like this yes let’s go it’s an exciting night to you know embellish more in mind so these go a little longer and take up a bit more time in your ear holes i know it it is interesting it’s something that one of the reasons i wanted to do this episode is something that stan lee used to say which is the best characters the best villains aren’t black and white they’re gray and the idea that you know a villain doesn’t necessarily see themselves as a villain they’re the heroes in their own mind and so thinking especially for one like loki i mean he’s practically been given hero status already he’s getting his own disney plus show for crying out loud comes out yeah two months yeah give or take june 11th yeah like fortunately yeah that’s going to be so good i can’t wait it’s going to be so cool and fun yeah it’s already getting a season two yeah like out of all of the shows it’s the first one to get renewed before it’s even come out yeah well i think one of vision will be tough too and then you know we’ll find out more with focus soldier to see how it ends to see if it makes sense but yeah yeah i know and i know a lot of these are kind of like gearing them up towards movies so like where one division leaves off is where multiverse of madness is picking up and wherever falcon winter soldier ends i assume it’ll be picked up with in some movie down the line that we haven’t heard of like a new avengers or something right yeah yeah all right enough wasting time what’s yours all right uh so the first one i’m gonna go with here is iron man all right pitch ready what’d you call the scene that was good uh so after tony stark is captured he built a suit to escape once he’s back home he decides to build a fleet of suits so this never happens again he begins attacking people he thinks may be out to get him or his company it’s up to his business partner over diastain to build a suit of his own to stop tony before he goes too far yeah so i know i was a little tony heavy but this is my first one this one got me going so yeah it kind of shows where you know tony actually went bad versus good so he kept making rockets and he turned into you know i got to protect myself not protect people from my weapons yeah he became the obadiah stain who went crazy and made suits to kill people yeah so you know poor would die over here he’s just like i just wanna i just need to stop tony he’s going out of control he’s a madman this is why i wanted you to die in the mountains so that i could take over the company and you wouldn’t go nuts and kill us all yeah i saw this coming yeah we all just knew it everybody who’s ever worked for you has seen this coming and it will be played out in literally every movie you’re involved in even after you’re dead tony you’re a nice guy and you’re still the [ __ ] imagine if you weren’t the nice guy and an [ __ ] yikes all right my next one avengers age of ultron i don’t think the title would really change okay because it’d still be the age of ultron as the savior we all really need all right he was created to bring peace to the world seeking only justice and the means to end chaos but ultron’s creators a group of super-powered anarchists who can no longer be controlled are trying to halt ultron’s plans for harmony with the help of two powered siblings who are also wronged by these avengers as they call themselves ultron must put an end to the avengers chaotic methods once and for all oh yeah i like that these avengers sound like jerks they are jerks they ruin everything like general ross put together a very compelling video of just how horrible the avengers are at every turn [Laughter] it’s like i know you guys are you know think you’re doing good but look at this you guys are dead matt and this that guy’s dead [Laughter] yeah i like it okay i have infinity war so i’m not gonna do it next but i also went with these evil avengers as the bad guys so they made a return unfortunately they must be stopped all right so this next one um so i had to change it’s black panther um so you’ll see i gave someone a nickname in here all right ready here we go so after the death of his father king tachaka t’challa decides the world no longer deserves peace from the wakanda nation he begins attacking governments to take over their land it is then up to eric don’t kill monger the abandons i mean his name is killmonger like i had to do something he’s supposed to be the good guy like i feel like eric subdued them monger save monger there you go all right so it’s up to eric don’t kill monger the abandoned son of prince and jabu to try to take the throne uh to show there is a better way to show the world the true wakanda with the heart-shaped herb smuggled out by imbaku and eric’s training he is able to defeat black panther and show him he was going at it all wrong [Music] good for him yes i tried to pull in different people from it and make them into that’s for the good guys and yeah so again it’s it’s back to like uh t’challa like kind of had a choice i mean i don’t think he would have really gone bad but sure especially after his dad was brutally murdered by zemo like yeah he could have taken a turn oh yeah back you know what [ __ ] you guys you guys suck like all the time do you hear what ultron said about you guys he was right terrible i have a video to show you guys general ross over here you guys are terrible it’s a great video i edited it in my studio in wakanda fantastic stuff it’s yeah yeah i do something with killmonger’s name yeah don’t kill mom his name’s killmonger hey don’t kill monger you know when you ever want to kill monger don’t kill monger don’t that’s what i say that’s what i always say too i said it just now all right before we get into my next pick it is time once again for an ad break we’ll see you soon hello everyone it’s time for a quick ad break head on over to that’s spelled i-l-l-u-m-i-n-e-r for all of your nerdy news they’ve broken some big mcu scoops and covered so much more movies tv comics horror and you know plenty of others go visit today uh now on with the show and we’re back thanks for sticking with us through that i know me talking endlessly can get a little on your nerves well here i go again for my third pick i went with doctor strange or as it could be called casillius oh i like that you’re changing the title i i didn’t even plan it it’s just what’s happening i love it i love it and really it’s just the names of the villains yeah you know you’re not doing a lot you mean the good guys true right exactly okay celius was a gifted student in the mystic arts wanting only the power to help those who had lost their loved ones as he had lost his but but kaiselius was forced to leave uh camartage with only a few of his trusted followers and mere pages he was able to salvage from the volumes of life-saving secrets the ancient one was hoarding as casilla seeks to unlock these secrets and gift the universe with eternal life the ancient one’s new apprentice dr strange has vowed to stop him from achieving his goals man more like dr rude yeah am i right malpractice suit that guy oh my god oh god i got a time stamp i gotta get that one out of here practice oh yeah i like it i like it a lot yeah watch all right it works because yeah that i mean ultimately and again in consideration like you said it it is there’s some gray to him because he was just trying to do good or what he thought was good yeah and the ancient one maybe wasn’t you know totally you know honest with what the plan was yeah so yeah don’t use dark magic but i’m gonna go ahead and use this dark magic to stop you from using dark magic cool yeah but let’s let’s hush about that yeah only i get to do it don’t tell mordo he has a bit of an opinion he does he does all right so i’m gonna i’m gonna save infinity war for last okay uh so we’re gonna go with ant-man and the wasp or as it should be called ghost yes i see there i see what you did there oh thank you so much all right um so ghost a girl that’s gonna be called the villain ghost like bill and ted bill and ghost ultimate adventure okay here we go for bill and ghost ultimate adventure i like it uh ghost a girl that is sick and on the verge of death frightened by her own life seeks treatment from bill foster she learns that the only thing that could keep or that could heal her is the quantum lab but the quantum lab is being held by a self-absorbed scientist named hank pym wants it all for himself because he’s a dick i added that in right now uh so ghost must get the quantum lab before her time runs out it’s true yeah yeah i mean that’s that’s true in either movie really like that’s that didn’t just make that up for this as i’m sure a lot of you know he’s he’s just a dick but he means sometimes for himself yeah if he thinks it’s well yeah yeah yeah so i mean and essentially i mean that is what ghost was trying to do with just trying to well that’s kind of the the way i went with these is like you know this is essentially what they were doing and they thought it was right it was just you know yeah not not you know yeah you went out at it a little wrong yeah which and again that’s the case for infinity war when i get to it yeah yeah uh mine since we’re doing titles now yeah will be called ronan the savior not accusing anymore you’ve been accused of being a savior sir thank you shunned by his people the cree for simply following their own religious doctrine to the letter ronan and his f a few remaining allies have finally found the means to seek justice for the death and suffering of his family and his people by the zandarians unfortunately ronan’s path to avenge his family is interrupted when a group of criminals called the guardians of the galaxy steal the very weapon ronan needs to restore his good name man another set of jerks i know there’s a lot of them i don’t know where they’re coming from and create some sort of infinite war oh i have an idea for that i’ll say it a little bit okay okay i like that yeah that is good followed it to a t exactly it’s not on him guys it was written down upper this is why i don’t read it just leads to problems that’s a good point i too shall continue to not read now i just have a reason yes ronan told me it’s bad all right so finally infinity war you’ve all been waiting mm-hmm now i’ll let you down all right after losing after losing his people from not having enough resources thanos with the help of his adopted children set out to find a solution i know good man he knows if he can find all the infinity stones he can snap into existence enough food and resources for everyone in the universe i love it that’s great as he sets out to find the stones he is faced by so-called heroes named the avengers and in the cardinals guys they’re jerks they’re just trying to stop him they think he’s going to use the stone for evil why would you think that they’re great stones they’re pretty colors they do stuff don’t ask how he got the soul one no we don’t go into that he only wants to save other planets from the fate of his own he only wants the poor to have what the rich take for granted he wants everything to be perfectly balanced as all things should be indeed it’s like the robin hood of the space ways he is you know he just tries to take his adopted kids i’m sorry kids you don’t have parents anymore yeah you can be for reasons we won’t get into right now yeah we’re not going to talk about that okay he’s doing good things here his methods are a little out there but he’s doing great things yeah how could he adopt them if they had parents exactly you know couldn’t i guess you still can but well yeah you can get into the details maybe infinity savior instead of infinity war right right um i’ll take it yeah anyway that ended strong great awesome you’re a jerk all right yeah oh yeah that’s our movies those are our our reversal pitches reversal pitches for for this later on by the way i like reversal pitches okay it doesn’t make sense but i like it yeah i mean you guys will know if that’s what we called it or not when while you’re listening yeah it’s almost like you know before we know it’s a lot like that except this episode comes out weeks after we have recorded it and decided upon the name therefore they don’t know [Music] too deep doctor strange you’re a bad guy i just saw a movie about silliest thank you hero beautiful savior all right well that was fun again yeah it was fun again it’s fun the first time too yeah that was a good one i i this might be a recurring one that we try and do again because it was just fun to do we could i mean there’s like you said there’s 23 movies we did eight of them yeah we could do three more volumes of this these were hard enough but yeah i could now that i think i got the hang of it to just you know kind of pretty much see it from the the villain’s perspective and make him do nice things versus bad things or at least say that they’re nice things yeah like in mine they pretty much did all of the things that they did but it was a good thing for some reason yeah it’s just you know the way you worded it it worked out isn’t that really how good things are how you word it [Laughter] i burned down the house which saved us tons of money on having to pay for the house thank you no problem i’m trying to help [Laughter] you have too much hilarious movie like a guy that means well but just does bad things and tries to twist it like but i meant so well why are you not thanking me you were tired of your car always breaking down i stole it and drove it off a cliff so you don’t have to worry about it breaking anymore because it’s officially just broken yeah you’re welcome i don’t know you’re so upset fixer there you go title fixer with a question mark fixer i like it awesome all right um so what is next week’s episode again well jeremy i’m glad you asked that because i’m here to tell you that the next week’s episode by the time it you know all of these come out uh it will be time for falcon and winter soldier to be over on disney plus in our reality there’s still three episodes to go including the one that comes out tomorrow but in our listeners reality it will be ending that friday correct i’m pretty sure that’s how that works okay so our next episode like we did with one division will be a recap review hopefully a little shorter than last time of the falcon and the winter soldier yeah or maybe longer i don’t know this these two are pretty short so that’s true we’ll make up for time i don’t know i say let’s let it go for as long as it takes but let’s just not drag on talking about things i love enough dragons so i don’t know what your problem is with dragons i’ll clear this up off pod guys don’t worry don’t worry i’ll got it covered there aren’t even any dragons in falcon winter soldier yet that could be you’re going to sound like an idiot tomorrow just wait i’m stand about the show too see what you did there that’s good ah okay so yeah next uh next episode is going to be falcon language soldier recap yes and yeah so yeah until then uh if you guys want to get a hold of us we have our facebook page and group and twitter and instagram all those you can find us uh we are marvel pod and if you want to email us we are marvelpod and we do want to thank you guys for for listening uh we really do appreciate it we have a lot of fun doing these yeah so it’s nice to be able to share it with you guys and if you can give us a rating a review on wherever you listen to us yeah uh we do want to thank those of you that have already yeah i saw them recently i don’t even know who it was so if i if we know you thank you if we don’t thank you very much yeah no kidding yes you don’t even know us and you said nice things that’s awesome we can’t even get the people that know us to do that yeah yeah if you do know us what are you waiting for or as justin likes to say what are you doing thank you so glad you knew what to say uh so yeah thank you guys for listening and reviewing all that stuff yeah definitely you got anything else um not really but if you have any ideas uh for our non-movie uh topics you know all obviously our movies are set in stone going in release order blah blah blah blah but we have a lot of episodes to fill in to cover to do on our off weeks when we’re not covering movies so if you have any any ideas uh email us message us like jeremy said um we’re on the facebooks all the time shout us out and let us know we’d love to do it yeah till next time though i’ve been justin ivan jeremy thank you very much for listening bye bye