Ranking Phase 1 Trailers

[Music]  hello and welcome to we are marvel the  marvel focused podcast my name is jeremy  my name is justin uh thanks you guys uh  for joining us yeah as you probably saw  from the title this is uh gonna be phase  one trailers  i’m glad we decided to split this up and  do a phase at a time because i can  barely we just watched these videos and  i barely remember them already so do it  yeah all 20 something of them there’s no  way  no and it wouldn’t even been hard for  anyone listening to just even keep up  and  yeah it just  and then to rank did we rank them  because i ranked them yeah i did  okay i figured you would  always do  whether i should or not i always do  i can’t help myself  maybe i just i don’t know if we talked  about that before maybe i just new well  he’ll rank them i might as well rank  them  but yeah to be able to rank all of those  oh man i mean it’s hard enough for just  the six  but to do yeah like 20 some oh yeah  yeah well that’s what’s nice again we  just re-watch these to get them a little  fresher in our minds but  i it makes me just want to watch the  movies again and i think what’s  cool for me anyway for phase one is  everything was so new and exciting  we didn’t know what was happening like  we knew what was coming out  but we didn’t know how it was going to  turn out now you watch a marvel trailer  and it’s like oh another good movie  that’s great but  back then we didn’t know any one of them  could have been terrible  oh yeah  because because they were they were  there they were terrible comic book  movies  i mean we were right off the heels uh  ghost rider spider-man 3 fantastic four  yeah fantastic four they were still fun  yeah  but they it they just once they started  it was a whole new level it was like  everything changed yeah it just  yeah it was awesome and it was nice  watching these again and kind of  reminiscing like  i remember that i remember just how much  this all changed  little did we know back then what all  was was coming and what surprised me  just rewatching them now is how much  they buried the lead on the first  appearance of these characters i thought  were not quite as much but like  iron man and hulk  i was like what is this movie about  again oh that’s right  yeah yeah if you didn’t know yeah it’s  like what what is this why is this why  do we care about this this business guy  yeah it’s  it’s  it’s definitely changed a lot since then  but i’m excited to uh  to talk about these and you’re right i’m  i was excited to watch them all  but i remember i was like  we’ll get there i i  i mean i’ll watch them in the interim  anyway but  right but i’m gonna try and pace it out  and and  and not watch them all right away but  yeah i wanted to do  all right so let’s jump into this yeah  chances are um these non-movie episodes  are going to be a little lighter a  little shorter  and  we talked about in the first episode  only doing  uh two episodes a month  the way it’s going to work now is we’re  going to probably end up doing three  episodes a month  yeah because these ones are so short  we’re going to do them back to back and  then release them a week apart  uh so  three  things of your marvel buck a month  maybe more but we’ll see  i got other shows to do  yeah yeah that is true  yeah we did talk about maybe tossing in  a fourth one during a month but we’ll  see we don’t want to promise anything  but yeah but we’re pretty confident we  can squeeze in three a month yeah so  all right now without much further ado  what is your number six  my number six is the incredible hulk  i could see that not yours okay not  quite i’m close not quite  fair enough  um yeah i mean none of them were really  bad this one just i i  if i wanted to go back and watch any of  these six movies that would have been  the last one that i’d go back and watch  and that’s kind of i think how i kind of  rank these and and how excited i was for  it  um  so that’s kind of where it where why  it’s in its sixth place spot for me yeah  i mean this the cgi wasn’t the best at  the time  sure  i mean then that’s but it’s so much  better than it was back in 2003 with  angelis hall  yeah  so much better  i was gonna say something i don’t  remember uh my number six is iron man  really yeah i was i was kind of  surprised but  yeah there was  there was a lot of dialogue and scenes  in the trailer that aren’t in the movie  and that’s something that bugs me that  was so that’s something that comes up a  lot in my list  yeah and it still ended up spoiling the  reveal that obadiah stain is our villain  yeah i did see that and i was wondering  when i saw that i was like i don’t  remember  if i knew that going into this movie or  not and if i did i wish i didn’t because  it’s an interesting twist  yeah and i kind of wish they had found a  way and they’ve done much worse and much  better  uh over the last several years i mean  now  they’ll digitally add and remove things  from trailers  to hide stuff  yeah um  back then i mean this was still through  paramount so it was just kind of  shove it all in there but i mean again  like  if i didn’t know this was iron man  before watching the trailer i would have  no idea until like  two-thirds into the trailer  fair enough we’re pretty far off on on  that one i’ll just say that for now all  right  you’re number five though  my number five is thor  we’re like i am  just this close  all right  such an outlier it’s uh throwing off our  whole rhythm here  yeah that that turned me off i wasn’t  expecting you to say man  um yeah so yeah my number five store  it’s  i know i love thor now like he is he’s i  think he’s probably my favorite  character now  but if we’re going off of these trailers  yeah  if we’re going off of these trailers it  he just i know it’s it’s the look with  the long hair  and i don’t know if he’s if it looks  like he’s shaped his face differently  because his face looks different well  there’s no eyebrows too  maybe that’s what it is that that always  bugs me doing the re-watch of phase one  is that they blonded up his eyebrows  it does yeah just the whole almost looks  like a more rounded face and now he’s  got that like  chiseled face and  not blonde eyebrows  yeah well yes uh so it was that and it  just  i think that’s really it because the  whole story behind it the whole  um  he’s a god  he’s a god he’s from asgard it’s this  place that we’ve never seen before it’s  not based on well  it’s somewhat based on earth half of  it’s about half of the movie yes but it  was still we go somewhere else aside  from earth and that’s i mean that’s  exciting but  it’s just  i think it goes down to my top four are  just  more exciting for me as far as the  trailers but  that’s fair yeah thanks  so much number five my number five is  incredible hulk i have a feel like i  said they have a feeling that for the  most part we’re gonna be like  right next to each other  that’s fair uh i’m a horror fan  i’ll do my shameless plug pod and gore  available wherever you listen to  podcasts  um so  let me see i’ll edit that out got my  timestamp i would  no no it’s you’re right it’s it’s it’s a  good show i’ve listened to a couple  episodes soon because i’m not a big  horror fan but it is it’s a good show  i enjoy it  as you were saying you know again it  does reveal the turn of blonsky becoming  abomination which i’m not  super crazy about but you know there’s  only so much they can do they have to  show the cool stuff  uh i just i like the vibe of it it felt  very  uh bixby ferrigno hulk era  the there’s scenes in it that aren’t in  the movie again which still bugs me  especially with this one i think because  that opening with him talking to samson  is so cool  that whole speech and them kind of  playing off each other is so great i  wish that was in the movie  yeah instead they barely even talk  yeah i i was gonna say i don’t remember  this in the movie but it has been a  while yeah maybe that’s why i didn’t  remember okay it’s not even but it’s not  in so one other thing i noticed just  watching it right now  did you catch the scene in the snow  it’s like a blink and you miss a shot of  him walking in the snow  no i don’t uh maybe  so that’s a deleted scene  from an in-credit scene with him going  to the arctic  to kill himself which is referenced in  avengers  and in that scene in the deleted scene  it’s on the dvd  yeah he  tries to kill himself can’t turns into  hulk  and smashes up the ice and as the ice is  flying towards the camera you see cap’s  shield  okay that’s pretty awesome yeah i mean  it’s an awesome scene it’s super dark  and cool but it’s not in the movie  so you know right reveal of how they  found cap and all that stuff is  completely different  yeah but  that’s still that is a cool scene yeah  one thing that kind of amused me was  like towards the beginning of the  trailer he says i don’t want to control  it i want to get rid of it and then like  towards the end of the it’s like i want  to control it  okay well come on so what do you really  want to do  yeah what are you going to say next  question a lot of these like the first  iron man trailer  um  had a line from the tag scene  of tony calling out to jarvis and right  after that is when nick fury shows up  spoilers  and then in  hulk there’s a scene of him with his  beard meditating in the woods  which is from the end of the movie too  okay and i think in a second trailer  they actually show  the tag scene  with tony  as like the opening to the trailer  well they wanted to sell that these are  connected  you know that’s the same universe and  it’s the same you know  and hulk ended up doing worse than iron  man  yeah so which is weird i don’t  i don’t know maybe maybe people were  still kind of sour off of a  angley’s and  iron man was just new and  i i love incredible hulk i mean not to  go we’ll talk about that soon-ish anyway  but like i really  love that movie  it’s just such an outlier in the world  of the mcu it’s not even paramount it’s  universal because they own the rights  yeah but we’ll get into that in a couple  weeks  yes well yeah we’ll get into that on its  own episode it deserves its own episode  yes it does  all right number four  iron man 2.  okay not the same  [Laughter]  good enough close enough i’m interested  to see where iron man is which throws  our entire like if i had put iron man  where yours is it would have been the  exact same  yeah  yeah you should have  because mine’s yeah you’ll see where  mine is when we get to it  um but iron man 2. um  i don’t remember a lot of this  trailer being  that exciting this first one  um i think the other trailers were  probably had showed a little more it was  a little more exciting but  i mean it still look it looked like a  fun movie it was we knew who iron man  was now um so we didn’t have to  introduce a lot of him  um  and we didn’t see a lot of uh was it  justin hammer no  yeah  is it justin  yeah you’re justin yeah what wait a  minute um  see i thought that was a little weird  that we didn’t see a lot of him i mean  he wasn’t huge in the movie but he was  kind of is a big part of the the  yeah i mean they really just show them  in the one like him walking down that  corridor that’s pretty much it and  that’s that’s really it  um was cool seeing mickey rourke i i  sometimes forget that mickey rourke was  in  marvel  and i don’t know the accent’s still kind  of weird  but it’s it’s still it’s it’s a fun  looking trailer  um  yeah it’s just  the top three that i have  they’re just they’re  the trailers are so much better  i got i’m so much so much more excited  for those movies than iron man 2.  well i have a feeling i have a very good  idea of what your top three are going to  be i’m interested to see what order  they’re in  okay because of course you know what  they are yeah  the three that are left  sure sure  technicality of course my number four is  four four for thor  okay all right i like the colson intro  he’s an established character by now and  so we kind of get that clue of okay this  is mcu  obviously  right and that way the the build-up of  who thor is and what he’s all about  doesn’t bug me as much  okay  and  i don’t know it just the the reveal of  asgard and seeing something different  everything we had seen up to that point  was very earth-based  it was very science-based and this was  our first foray into  mysticism and crazy magic hammers and  wacky stuff and  this was the one i think i was the most  worried about  in phase one  yeah because you know iron man worked i  liked hulk iron man two you know i like  the first one i like the second one even  though it’s not you know ends up not  being as good  but this was like and i was already a  cap fan  obviously  obviously but it’s like  are they gonna be able to pull this off  this to me was like guardians in phase  two where it was like okay  if they can do this  they’re on a good footing to getting us  okay into avengers  okay okay because it’s the most wacky  you know yeah gods and magic hammers and  asgard and rainbow bridges and  [Music]  right so what you’re saying is is is if  we can  have this  crazy ideas of sort of like if those if  these work then  there’s nothing stopping stopping us to  getting into avengers yeah  because i mean this is going to be a  short episode so i can wax on poetically  for a while back when  we were kids and i think i said this the  first episode or second  the idea of a superhero team up was just  unheard of  oh yeah it just didn’t happen i mean we  got  superman references in the batman movies  there were rumors that thomas jane was  in the background of spider-man 2 but  you know that’s debatable still  you know everything was owned by  different companies this just didn’t  happen and  phase one was the risky part you know  you have to get to avengers and every  step kind of has to work in order for it  to work warner brothers  so  first jab won’t be the last  no  when it worked it was like it was kind  of a breath of relief  you know it’s like  i i felt like especially in the early  days if something doesn’t work maybe  they’ll call this off and it won’t  happen or when it happens it’ll be like  okay that was fun  and now we’re done  okay but thor working it was like okay  this and the more i watch thor the more  i love thor  but  no i don’t know if you remember now but  but just watching the trailer did you  feel like it was going to work did you  feel like okay yeah this works this  makes sense so far like this isn’t too  out there yeah i think so it’s hard to  remember that long ago but  right  i think the biggest thing and i think  it’s something that you might knock it  for now but taking it to earth  and using coulson  i said it in the iron man episode shield  is the smartest thing the mcu did  because it gave you that  connect the dots to make the whole  picture  work so much better  right yeah i mean you’re right it’s i  don’t know how else i would have done it  aside from  [Music]  some far-fetched stuff and  oh they knew about each other we just  didn’t show you how they knew about each  other and their stuff yeah or some  threat that just happened to happen  while they were all in the same general  area  right yeah  i mean in the right way  in the original comics um  their their first issue of the avengers  they fight loki  and he uses a radio transmission  to trick thor  into fighting hulk  who he’s you know mysticized and sent on  a rampage  but other heroes intercept the  transmission  and go to help  and stop hulk  and then when they realize hulk’s a good  guy then they turn and fight loki  okay  wait a minute he’s a good guy  i don’t know  all right interesting yeah yeah all  right though that bringing shield in was  was uh  a very smart thing to do because yeah it  connects everything yeah oh and then  coulson is such i’m forgetting that  clark greg is such so great  yeah i mean we talked about it in the  iron man episode that he was so good  they just used him more and then he  became the staple of phase one  yeah that’s just insane  it is it’s awesome  so you’re never all right number three  captain america the first avenger  sad  we are this is great from there  so close close  if i hadn’t dumped on iron man one  i know i  which you’ll see obviously mine it’s  either one or two so you’ll see where it  is when we get when i get to it but  um it just i honestly i think it’s the  music for that one but i’ll get to it  but first of all captain america  this one i i i just i’m i’m still blown  away about how they they did the whole  body double with  um i can’t think of his name now chris  evans  evans yes i remember chris remember the  last name there’s too many of them  where with christine’s face on there  like it’s just  it looks so natural  and it’s i think that’s probably what  blows me away the most is that that i  was just so curious like  how did he get that small and skinny  like how was this this doesn’t make  sense yeah what kind of camera tricks or  stuff like that do they do  and then and going back and he’s the  first avenger and this is how it  really almost started in in that whole  story it was  i it’s just it’s awesome i’m  it’s  it’s a great movie  but  when i was just judging off of the  trailers that’s why i had to knock it  down to number three that’s fair  yeah i mean you’re never gonna have to  sell captain america to me if i haven’t  said it before i’ll say it now i have a  tattoo of caps shield  uh you’ve had it before all these right  yeah i got it  right as it was starting  okay because when  when iron man came out  that nick fury cameo blew my mind so  much  that i  just dove deep into avengers  and i read the ultimates  okay which if you haven’t read it do it  it’s great um  it essentially is a lot of  what the mcu is based on kind of a  little more realistic  nick fury is actually based off of  samuel l jackson  yeah it is him which is why he was cast  in the first place  right  and shield forming the avengers and a  lot of that stuff is from that book  and i just i fell in love with cap  and yeah you know it just ballooned from  there and i got the tattoo and  it was actually around the time of dark  night 2008 because i was actually going  to get a batman tattoo and then didn’t  oh wow yeah what what a different world  we would be living in i don’t know if  the stars would have been completely  different  yeah we’d be doing a much worse podcast  we can talk about the dark knight  trilogy over and over again  yeah i’ll let’s do it  maybe  number three  my number three is iron man  2.  okay  it’s so much better than the actual  movie is  like  and i like iron man 2. i think i’ve seen  it a bit too much on fx to the point  where it’s kind of my lesser of the six  okay  but  and i know a lot of it is  uh reactionary to the dark knight you  know they tried to make vanko the joker  of the story  and i’m gonna tear your world down and  the creepy voice over but in the trailer  it just works so well  yeah i love mickey rourke if you haven’t  watched the wrestler go watch the  wrestler it’s awesome yeah isn’t that  good  yeah you haven’t watched it  i don’t know i have not oh  i’m not like a huge mickey rourke  booster  but that movie it came out around the  same time as iron man 2 because this was  like his resurgence after all of his you  know problems he was having  yeah it’s fantastic  and  i don’t know his voice the style i’m not  as hard up on the uh  or you know down on the accent as you  are  i do wish they had shown more of justin  hammer because he’s become more of a  staple of the mcu than vanco because he  died  yeah but  there’s really nothing that is spoiled  and for some reason i was on a big  spoiler kick when i made this list a  couple weeks ago  yeah i guess  um  there’s nothing that  you watch this and go  oh i know exactly how this movie’s gonna  turn out and there are scenes that are  not in the movie like hit pepper kissing  the helmet  yeah cause i remember that yeah but it’s  yeah it’s not in the movie yeah and well  that whole opening scene is completely  different i think  in the original opening he  throws up on the plane  because he’s sick from the  poisoning of the whatever  okay  um but yeah none of that is in there but  i don’t know i just the race it reminds  me of the cool racetrack scene which is  arguably the best part of that movie  um  i don’t know it it fills me with a hope  and dread of how cool this movie should  have been  right was just shy of  okay that’s fair and yeah we again we’re  just judging these on the trailers not  the movies  right i i tried at least  all right so my number two right yeah  okay my number two is iron man hey we’re  gonna have one that’s the same maybe yay  which i’m i’m still just confused how  you got it down to number six but that’s  okay  everyone has different opinions  some of us are you’re wrong and you’re  stupid but i get it  exactly  were you going to say something  probably but yeah escape me go ahead  okay  um i think one of the the biggest thing  was this was just so exciting because  it’s the it’s the first movie and like  we said before this just changed  everything  and the music was just  so good in this trailer that’s a big  thing i like about trailers is is the  music and the and they don’t always make  it into the movies  but these three i think there’s maybe  three songs  and this one and they were all just  great like they’re  they’re pumped up songs like they get  you excited at least for me  are you excited for things and and i  just love the way they they fit in  and  they’d pause at certain points and  and it’s just it fit the trailer so well  and and yet you’re right it did spoil  the the  um obadiah stain  kind of spoiler but again i don’t  remember it spoiling it for me probably  because i didn’t know  enough at the time sure i just i  probably just didn’t even think about it  um i it would have been better if that  wasn’t in there kind of looking back but  i think the big thing about this was was  the music and just the excitement behind  it  that  this is this is different than anything  we’ve had before  like and it looks so real like again the  realisticness of iron man flying around  like he really looks like he’s out there  flying around  it’s not just cgi it’s it’s really they  somehow got  probably a robot there’s probably not a  real person in there but they got a  robot to fly around and this is real  it’s it’s not but it’s just it looks  like it and it’s  that kind of cgi in the way that they  were able to use it just  it made it changed everything yeah made  it made the movie so much better well  that’s i mean that’s my reaction when i  saw the movie but and something i didn’t  really say is when i saw  the trailer for this movie originally i  wasn’t that optimistic  oh really because i remember i mean  again we were in the time of  foxtastic four and  spider-man three which was terrible and  all this stuff and i was like really  you’re doing iron man  yeah i mean the most excited i was was  surprisingly at the time terence howard  who was coming off grash and all these  other great movies and now he’s my least  favorite part of the movie  that’s fair  so  your kind of thing was you were  you were worried that this is what  they’re starting with to to to  to go and and you’re worried that it’s  not going to be as good as  well i didn’t even realize that’s what i  mean at the time when this happened we  didn’t know there was going to be an  avengers  i didn’t  yeah and to me it was just another comic  book movie in the line of  dozens of comic book movies we were  getting in the early 2000s  okay and you know we had had affleck’s  daredevil and  you know  all these other random characters now  just like okay  sure what’s iron man fine why not  right yeah like don’t just add it to the  pile and i’ll watch and it’ll be fine  and they’ll maybe do a sequel and it  won’t go anywhere and then whatever  yeah and that then some other movie will  start up and okay yeah  but you’re right because because  at the time yeah we had no idea yeah  that this is the beginning of what it  was the beginning of  and i think that’s what hooked me  because i mean again i watched this  movie in theaters eight times  it’s not an exaggeration i can show you  the stubs eight times i went to the  theater i believe this movie  so i mean i was  converted immediately  right but at the time i was like  yeah  this is going nowhere and is it it’s the  singer right that’s what did it  do do you feel like if it wasn’t for  that you would have still just thought  that was a fun movie the sequel will  probably come out but that’s as far as  it’ll go  i don’t know i one of the things that  sold me was the armor  looked so good we were just a year shy  or year past  transformers which look great  movies suck but whatever  but the mechanics of the armor and  everything coming together looked so  good and that shot you know i waxed on  when we did the episode of uh when he’s  in gomer for the first time in the mark  iii and how good that looked  yeah  definitely the i  the idea of the avengers coming  hooked me  that’s why we’re doing this show that’s  why i’m doing this show if there wasn’t  a marvel cinematic universe that came  from this movie  it’d still probably be one of my  favorites but yeah  it wouldn’t be my life like it is now  that’s fair  wow  so that was it 30 seconds 45 seconds  maybe  just  changed everything yeah  awesome  nice well done  all right you’re number two uh goes  almost without saying  captain america  yes i was already a fan of the character  read the ultimate started reading the  brubacher run which is great do you have  a tattoo by any chance  uh i  i’m thinking about it i’m still thinking  about it one day i will i think on my  right arm  i think is what i’m where that’ll happen  perfect well i mean the quote  well no actually the quote is actually  from lost unfortunately but the  the  reading brubaker’s run on cap after  reading the ultimates like i was just  sold  all right  and  [Music]  yeah i just  they they captured the feel of it they  had joe johnson who did the rocketeer  to really kind of sell that world war ii  uh style i’ve always been a sucker for  world war ii stories for some reason  yeah they’ve just always interested me  and i like that  the red skull reveal  was minimal  it was it was very small yeah  and for someone like me  no clue probably i don’t even know if i  noticed it yeah  it’s kind of like in uh  it’s better in age of ultron  surprisingly when they do vision because  all you see is his eyes opening  okay that’s all you see a vision in the  first trailer  right  and it’s one of those because the  presence of red skull is so cool and  hugo weaving even though he’s kind of  chat on marvel over the last you know  10 plus years  aside  he does such a great job  and just get just that tiny glimpse and  it’s even profile like i don’t think you  even get full face in there it’s just so  good  yeah yeah that was one thing i guess  that’s probably why it’s so high on your  list is because of the spoiler factor  yeah which is good yeah  yeah because it was it was very minimal  and looking back i was i you know as  you’re watching it you can see that he  goes to reach for  the i guess the mask and to rip it off  and i was wondering  as you know quickly thinking do they  show and they do just  barely show like  half a second if that i’ve just read  and and for those that know red skull  that had to just be like oh my god  that’s red school  but for for someone that doesn’t know i  don’t even remember if i noticed it or  not but  yeah it did i mean just i think you’re  right i feel the same way with the whole  world war two movies i i’m a big fan of  those they’re they’re good and  it was fun moving man  well yeah and then we’ll wax on you know  big time when it actually comes up i  think it’s one of mine so it’ll be  tons of fun  but um  i think  for me  especially by that time i was a fan  of  gap and so i was worried about it in the  sense that i hope they get it right  because i’m a new fan to this character  yeah  and seeing the trailer was like  i think they did it  obviously i can’t know for sure because  we’ve had misleading trailers before  things look great in a trailer and then  they turn out to be  you know whatever  but yeah they turn out to be x-men 3.  but  it looked  so spot-on  right yeah and if you have the blu-ray  of cap watch the featurettes  of how they did the transformation  and the body double and stuff because  it’s  crazy  i mean yeah  basically they had to use a different  trick for every single shot and  [Music]  obviously we’ll go into it when we do  the movie but  yeah nine times  yeah that’s awesome so  all right so our number one is obviously  this is all that’s left  [Laughter]  i don’t know how you would do i’m trying  to think of how could he throw a  curveball we only had six we all listed  all of them  like there’s actually a secret movie  that was never released and the trailer  only showed up once  if you didn’t catch it in the midnight  release you were out of luck  yeah  so yeah avengers it  it’s i mean it’s the trailer that  brought everyone together all these cool  movies that we’ve seen  with all these little after credits  scenes that kind of show you how they’re  connected and stuff like that  and if they’re they’re finally all  together  like it’s actually happening  well it’s the thing that we’ve always  wanted to happen  where these great characters from  different comic movies actually actually  come together in one movie  and it’s actually happening and it’s  just i’m even now i’m like i’m getting  excited like  it’s just it’s mind-blowing that it  happened and it worked and  it happens more than once and it’s just  so cool this is four times you know not  to mention other you know civil wars and  whatnot  yeah  and it’s just just watching the trailer  again was  it’s awesome i  it’s still mind-blowing that the in  there it’s not like they’re just these  small  actors too like oh well you know they  don’t have much else going on but  they’re huge actors  and especially about this team together  yeah and they all came together to do  one movie like it’s just it’s it’s so  cool because sometimes you think you see  this these movies are yeah we couldn’t  get this person because they’re doing  another movie and stuff like that and to  get this many people  all together for one movie is  at the time unheard of yeah and i mean  obviously we had the edward norton of it  all  right yeah dude  i like edward norton but what an idiot  um  yeah i mean it is it’s just it’s the  culmination it’s that we’ve been hoping  and waiting for so long and  the loki voice over was great and creepy  you don’t see a single chatari  any  threat of anything you see loki  obviously but you have no idea what else  could be coming  yeah they almost tee it up so that hulk  it looks like the bad guy  said  really well i mean if you look at it i  mean the only shot of hulk we see  is him  roaring at the camera which is awesome  because you know kind of hiding what the  hulk’s gonna look like from now on  yes was awesome  and we only had the first appearance of  ruffalo  but i mean i guess they don’t tee it up  super like oh it’s gonna be him  right right right  but that was one of the theories going  around on the you know superherohype.com  and all those fun message boards was is  it going to stick to the comics and are  the offenders going to come together to  fight hulk  right that hulk uh stinger  showed  tony going to general ross and saying  well  what if i told you we were putting a  team together to deal with this problem  you have  so i was like it was kind of teed up  yeah and obviously it didn’t end up that  way at all they kind of shoehorned in a  one shot  which we’ll talk about in a future  episode i’m sure  yeah where they kind of dismissed that  after credit scene like it didn’t really  happen  it wasn’t important at all  but  just forget that one yeah it happened  sure but it was it was a joke it’s fine  right  but yeah  i mean i’m i i think you are probably  right i mean it makes sense to kind of  make people think that that’s where it’s  coming like you said that’s that’s where  it was with the comics and  so why not make it look that way  to  to those fans with the first trailer  yeah yeah it’s one of those things i  mean avengers just the first one just  has such a special place in my heart  because it has  that wonder and that oh my god they’re  all together for the first time and even  now i watch it with this  glee that  you know  some just don’t seem to understand  because it is corny  and it is a little you know  tammy but that’s the fun of it i feel  like it’s a good transition from the old  way of doing comic book movies to the  marvel way of doing comic book movies  yeah where yeah it’s corny but we know  it’s corny so we’re gonna tell you it’s  corny therefore it won’t be corny  yeah  call ourselves out so you can’t do it  and now you just agree with us and we’re  on the same page you know yeah it’s  amazing the sleight of hand they do now  when they do something wacky like a  vision  and they go oh it’s just a robot that  shoots lasers out of his eyes and he  flies and  roadie goes  all right well i guess we’re doing that  now  yeah and then you buy then you move on  that’s fine  yeah  you’re right they do do that and it  works yeah  like nothing nothing so far is like no  that just that’s too far out there yeah  and they’ve gone pretty far out there  guardians but it all works yeah  i remember when they first announced  guardians i was like they’re doing what  it’s phase two and they’re going where  i’ve never heard of this team like  yeah it’s it’s impressive it really is  what they’ve been able to accomplish  and it all started with these six  trailers  yeah  and it also yeah and even though you  rank one of them  number  it’s like ranking your kids  and you all you know like all your kids  uh it’s  obviously yeah  it’s it’s it’s tough because they’re all  winners in my book i want to watch if i  hadn’t just watched iron man i’d  want to delve deep into all six again  right now  yeah no you’re right it was more of a  uh it’s only in sixth because the other  five were just a little better yeah not  that the sixth one is bad  right they’re just others are better  which is good yeah  i’m glad that there isn’t one in here  that it’s like that movie was just  terrible i mean iron man 2 is close to  that but it’s not it’s it’s i think that  movie gets more flack than it needs  we’ll go out there  yeah we’ll get there soon but  we yeah once we watch it and kind of  break it down we might be like okay yeah  it deserves everything it’s getting  but like i said we’ll get there yeah i  don’t think it will but you never know  all right so again that was our our list  uh yeah let’s read my back off real  quick so i had number six uh the  incredible hulk number five thor number  four iron man two number three captain  america the first avenger  number two iron man number one avengers  uh my number six was iron man much to  jeremy’s dismay uh number five was  incredible hulk number four thor it  rhymes  uh number three iron man two number two  uh captain america first avenger and  number one  the avengers so that’s it uh that’s our  six ranked trailers for phase one i’m  excited uh i’m really glad we decided to  break up the phases because now we can  do  all three  and you know maybe we can do a special  netflix one maybe we can do a tv one and  one day we’re going to have to talk  about inhumans  okay i’ll have to watch it  i still too  okay  none of them really i watched the first  two okay i think and i went yeah no  yeah well  we’ll see that’ll get there eventually  that’ll be a couple years but we’ll get  there eventually  all right fair enough  uh yeah like we said um these kind of  in-between  um movie episodes are gonna be a little  on the shorter side this one actually  won’t be too short it’s a longer than i  expected  uh a little over 40 minutes i think  that’s not bad once it’s all done uh  yeah  yeah i was gonna suggest since uh we  have a little time to kill but we have  another episode to record uh talking our  thoughts on wandavision but we might  just save that until the season’s over  i think that’s a good idea okay let’s do  that all right  okay  all right well uh that’s gonna be it for  this episode of phase one trailers  ranked  which leads us to  uh my next pick our next episode which  will come out a week after this which is  our top 10 favorite casting  this one is not phase based it’s the  entire mcu throughout all phases all  eras there’s one  i don’t think i put on here that i wish  i did but maybe i’ll shoehorn it in  somewhere  um i think i have a couple of honorable  mentions so i don’t know if you want to  maybe toss it in there or not i think  i’ll go to that  uh but until then go ahead and get us  out of here  and i have been justin  be sure and check us out uh wherever you  listen to podcasts we have a facebook  group i don’t know the link off the top  of my head  uh we are marvel pod i think  facebook.com we are marvel pod there you  go uh and we want to do a quick shout  out to the facebook group marvel  universe  uh for letting us  self promote a little bit and help us  get the word out there  if you’re a fan please share like  friend  like us on the facebooks get the word  out there we’d really appreciate it  yeah absolutely yeah like you said um  definitely go visit uh marvel universe  and give them a like or follow  and  thank you guys for listening and we’ll  catch you guys next week bye