MCU Sequel Pitches

[Music]  hello everybody and welcome to we are  marvel the marvel cinematic universe fan  podcast that is a mouthful  my name is justin  my name is jeremy and welcome to the  show  yeah thanks for joining everyone yeah  this is uh our  third minisode  yes um  you know we did uh iron man incredible  hulk and now we’re back  uh with  a filler i guess does it work  yeah these are kind of our random topic  episodes  but yeah i mean they’re kind of the  filler ones in between the movies yeah  so we don’t blaze through the movies in  two months and then have nothing to talk  about for the next 12 years  12 of your podcasts i like it  saying it now you have it  called it yeah these are these are fun  to do they’re different and uh  every once in a while we’ll  we’ll come up with interesting stuff but  i don’t know if i brought anything  interesting to this episode but we are  definitely going to see we’re going to  try we’re doing our best i’m  my biggest goal here is that i click  something in your brain that makes you  think of something cool and i can take  credit  fair enough  yeah that works for me right yeah  uh quote um  go ahead i was gonna say i was gonna say  do you wanna just jump into it but i  forgot that we’re actually gonna kind of  change things up and we’re gonna  lead off with some news yeah um i it was  an idea i had the other day  uh just because  these are supposed to be shorter  episodes but we want it to be worth the  buck  you know  our movie episodes go for like upwards  of two hours  but these  i don’t remember how long our last ones  were  i think they were about um like 40  minutes a piece maybe yeah 40 minutes a  little under an hour yeah or each one  here so i mean we don’t want them to  drag on too long but we also want to  make it worth it where the uk is coming  back with us doing the episodes so  we’re gonna each  minisode we’re gonna pick a random topic  of news that has happened throughout the  the lapse in time here and we’re going  to discuss it  and then we’ll go into our topic  yeah which i’m excited for just for the  title alone  sequel pitches  yeah yes  [Music]  i’m gonna try and find a way to do that  it i believe in you  thank you uh yeah what do you got for us  this week this week  the news is already debunked you know  it’s something that uh they’ve said  isn’t happening but i think it’s worth  talking about anyway because it was  really interesting  there’s a rumor that went around  that  ms jennifer lawrence was cast as susan  storm for the john watts fantastic four  movie yeah i’m really kind of bringing  this up and uh my my first response was  like why like why  she’s already  in x-men  and why not just keep her in there find  a way to have her sign a contract for  that and but you were like well i like  the idea so so i guess why why would you  like that idea because she’s great i  mean it’s oh yeah  aside from being you know of course  incredibly pretty she is a great actress  i mean there’s a reason that she keeps  getting roles and it’s not just because  she looks good on camera it’s because  she is good at what she does  and she was great as mystique and she  was great as  hunger games  katniss and  you know all the things that she’s done  and i don’t know if it’s  like oh my god that’s perfect susan  storm i still love the idea of them  getting krazynski and emily blunt and  you know because they’re married in real  life and having them be  you know  mr and mrs fantastic  but that would be awesome yeah i mean  that that is dream casting  whoever you get for the thing in human  torch  you know whatever i i almost don’t care  but  krazynski and emily as  uh reed and sue  are what i would prefer but it just got  my mind ticking like it it’s an  interesting idea she would be good at  susan storm she’s got a bit of an edge  and can act  much better than jessica alba  no shots taken but just saying you know  it would be better and i think  because there’s been rumors recently  that uh chris evans signed on to come  back  uh for a couple cameos or something and  one of the rumors was well he might be  johnny storm  in multiverse of madness okay yeah  and i was like well if you can do that  and we know that they’re going to recast  the x-men they kind of have to  right because all those movies were set  in the 60s 70s 80s  i mean like they cared what decade they  were set in though no but i mean for  continuity’s sake and just for  streamlining things  i have a very real and i mean we have  evan peters as  you know fill in quicksilver yeah uh  spoilers i guess if you haven’t watched  one division but yeah if you haven’t  seen it by now what the hell you doing  um  you know i think they’re going to find a  way to multiverse that section of x  history  okay and all of the fox stuff is just  gonna be  an alternate universe so they’ll  probably recast anyway  yeah so i was like okay well if you can  have chris evans be cap but in an  alternate universe  he’s human torch why couldn’t you then  have jennifer lawrence be susan storm in  an alternate universe someone that looks  exactly like her was mystique  okay i mean yeah that’s fair plus i mean  it’s mystique so her human form  could be modeled after susan storm  yeah okay that’s fair  yeah because i mean her human form is  what she decided yeah i mean it is it is  a a human form of her blueness because  you know it’s obviously her underneath  but yeah no i see what you’re saying  that could work  yeah okay now the whole bringing chris  evans back to  do johnny storm  i feel is going to be tough because you  know doing doing our research i i  watched a few videos and was reminded  just how  little chris evans was  as uh johnny i think  it’s like they’re gonna have to use that  body double again to shrink them back  down oh he’s not necessarily in the form  anymore you know he’s  he’s probably slimmed down to his normal  person size  normal person yeah okay  well not on that marvel exercise  regiment right now i would think  not lifting helicopters yeah  okay  oh yeah it’s a it is an interesting idea  so i  i would like to but as you said it’s  it’s been debunked so that’s not a thing  yeah or is it  yeah i know what i mean  it’s not playing ant-man oh wait paul  rudd’s playing ant-man  yeah  and i feel like they’ve done that with  other things too so yeah i mean they  very well could be and  and even in trailers and stuff they’ll  add i think we’ve mentioned before  they’ll add stuff or take stuff out yeah  and i think we’re gonna probably end up  doing an episode about that eventually  especially towards phase two it was like  oh that was in phase three it was here’s  a thing in the trailer that’s not in the  movie or here’s the thing that they took  away like spider-man and the civil war  trailers  the twins and the age of ultron trailers  yeah hulk and uh  infinity war yeah that one  sucked  i was like oh cool hulk’s gonna be  charging forward and he wasn’t even i  mean the bruce thing was awesome but it  was like wait where was hulk  yeah  know charging scene didn’t even happen  like i  no no none of it did  because they were all separated by the  time he got to wakanda yeah  that’s true  oh well it’s still a great movie it’s  still great yeah it’s so great  all right uh well let’s jump into the  topic then what’s the what is it called  sequel pitches  yes perfect  uh so yeah what we decided to do is we  uh  we took  three movies each  that we want to  see it first of all cs equal to these  are all going to get sequels we know  that in one way whatever our idea  yeah but kind of our idea of of what  the movie would be right uh so we kind  of did it looks like we both kind of did  almost elevator pitches just some quick  little things of hey here’s my idea  and we’ll kind of riff off of that and  see where it goes yeah uh two of the  movies we picked were the same  and then one was different so i guess we  can start  let’s start with the one of the ones  that we had as the same  and then we’ll end with avengers  5 because it sounds good that was the  one i figured we would have the same  anyway i just didn’t think we’d have the  same idea  yeah we’ll see how how exact it is i’m  sure it’s not but if it is oh just so  you all know we didn’t share these with  each other before and  i just asked beforehand hey did you talk  about this he said yes yeah so we’ll see  all right  so the first one we’re going to talk  about  is captain marvel 2.  obviously we’re getting a captain marvel  too taylor paris is going to be in it um  you know brees back it seems as though  it’s going to be set now  um  my idea  for captain marvel 2 would have been set  in the early 2000s  like  before iron man but obviously after  captain marvel won  yeah okay so in that kind of hey where  have you been yeah yeah this would be  the explaining of where she has actually  been  okay all right okay  uh so my quick elevator pitch and i’ll  riff a little bit more off of it is  early 2000s carol has gathered the  remaining scrolls with taylors  to take down the cree and their forces  which would explain their diminished  state in the first guardians of the  galaxy movie  because by the time we get there  uh  ronan  is like you know in captain marvel ronan  is part of the honor guard he’s an uh  an accuser but in  guardians  he’s like a zealot who’s crazy and  outside of the cree people  so my hope would be that it would kind  of explain that  um okay and i was thinking they could  introduce the super scrolls  which is an awesome thing they  essentially  genetically engineer scrolls  to have super powers  the most famous one has all four powers  of the fantastic four  so he has an arm that’s a rock you know  he can stretch he can catch on fire  like he can just sort of alternate  between all the powers of the fantastic  four  nice uh and then it would also introduce  the cree sentry which is a big ass robot  the crew use  to  fight and we would finally get to see  the actual  look of the supreme intelligence  oh nice which for those that don’t know  in in the movie captain marvel it was  just uh what’s-her-face whose name i  don’t remember  um but  it was supposedly you saw  the person you most admire which in  carol’s case was marvel  yeah um  in  comics lore  the supreme intelligence is just a giant  floating head with creepy tentacles  coming out the top  think like zordon from power rangers  but really  fat and gross with big tentacles coming  out of its head  okay  nice yeah so you would hope to see that  on on screen for this yeah  and i hope we still do like i really  hope at some point we get to see that  because that would be a really cool  reveal  yeah  nice  i like it that’s my  wait did you  i liked that that was good it worked  all right cool okay so here’s mine i  i’m not  uh sure how what we’ll think about it’s  all right here’s my kind of elevator  pitch and i’ll probably need your  assistance i’m kind of riffing on this  that’s what i do all right uh so we got  uh monica rambo as spectrum  uh teams up with carol to help fight in  the scroll versus cree battle  monica monica is still upset that carol  never came back so carol tells her to  come see what she’s been doing to show  her why she couldn’t leave them to come  back to earth  while carol was gone tensions were  heating up between the squirrel and cree  so this kind of way  they’re now in this big battle  uh so it kind of it touched a base on  the whole  scroll korea battle thing and so then we  would get monica rambo as spectrum which  we’re getting now again spoilers we  apologize for  any one division fans that aren’t caught  up  you should be i was just saying if  you’re a fan you should be caught up by  the time this comes out  episode 8 will have aired  yes that’s out tomorrow so  yeah come on that’s true what’s your  durian yeah  that’s right  uh so and and so that’ll kind of show  you know what she’s been doing maybe we  can have some flashbacks of what she’s  been up to  uh maybe we’ll flash back into your  movie it’ll just be like a four hour  movie it would be cool you know just do  that yeah i’ll take it yeah it’ll be  something like that where  uh kind of just shows what what she was  doing while she was there and  bringing in monica rambo’s spectrum into  the whole mix and then we get this  squirrel versus create battle i have a  feeling that’s pretty close to what  might actually happen  yes i mean  yeah i i can’t i’m not really sure what  exactly you know areas they’re going and  i feel like there’s another character  that’s been announced for captain marvel  too that’s a bit of a  a wrench in that idea but  the cree squirrel war was just kind of  tossed up there and then left  yeah yeah everyone was excited like  we’re gonna we’re gonna see it we’re  gonna talk about what’s gonna happen and  it was just like mentioned in passing  almost yeah and i mean the war in the  comics is kind of lame and confusing but  to do it in movies  to streamline it and have it you know  make sense  could be really cool and the way they  teed up the scrolls to kind of be good  guys which is not a thing in the books  like they’re the original evil villain  aliens of the marvel universe  they were the first ones  um yeah i don’t know i i would i really  hope we get cree scroll war  some sort of  resolution there and because i know  we’re getting secret invasion in disney  plus which is a big scroll thing  yeah i don’t know i think it would i  think the best  option is to mash our two together  i like that  because yeah i mean there’s still that  question of what the hell was she doing  for 20-plus years while yeah you know  yeah and all she really mentions is you  know there’s a lot of corners in the  galaxy that don’t have people like you  guys when she was mentioning the  avengers or talking to them it’s like  okay  that’s it  that’s all we’re gonna know about it  that’s all we gotta talk about just  that’s it  and that’s fine for that movie but we  need an answer right and i think yeah  the way that they have monica react to  captain marvel’s name  in wanda vision like there’s something  going on  she’s definitely got some animosity  there  yeah and is it just cuz you know she  didn’t come back and because  because she hasn’t i’m sure they haven’t  talked  and so she could have just slowly been  been building up this anger towards her  oh she never came back she left you know  my mom passed away she didn’t even show  up for that nothing yeah so it could be  a lot of just build up and and this will  be one way to kind of show the back  story well here’s why i couldn’t just  take off these people needed me  and  kind of answer all that stuff too so  yeah i think it could work because i  mean by the end not to keep going on  this because we got several more to do  but at the end of captain marvel  she took talos and the scrolls off on  that ship  and then in far from home  taylor’s is on earth impersonating nick  fury  and fury’s up in space with the rest of  the scrolls like what  yeah it’s like they’re awesome scenes  but what  yeah  yeah so it would be cool to see maybe i  don’t know touch base on who else is  sitting around still pretending to be  other people and all that yeah  yeah  all right okay so now our next one  yeah uh so this one’s gonna be different  i’ll i’ll pitch mine and then you can  pitch yours it’s different movies  here uh mine is for an incredible hulk  too  uh which is never going to happen but we  are getting a quasi sequel with the  she-hulk disney plus show which is  supposed to be filming pretty soon  right on so i’m pretty excited for that  all right give me your elevator pitch  all right uh our main villain is the  leader  samuel stearns who uh was  uh infected with gamma blood from bruce  at the end of incredible hulk  yeah let me just throw this in real  quick if he didn’t listen our last  episode the incredible hulk give that a  listen you’ll know a little bit more  about him this is true  [Music]  yes  samuel stearns breaks out of custody  with newfound telepathic and telekinetic  powers and becomes the leader  he enlists abomination and releases a  gamma bomb to turn the world into gamma  monsters  which will then create absorbing man and  doc samson  uh doc sampson would end up helping hulk  win  the you know inevitable fight  and absorbing man could be a good tee up  for a third movie down the line  awesome i like that actually it’s it’s  it’s very much lifted from uh avengers  earth mightiest heroes the gamma world  okay  uh okay a series of of episodes there  yeah if you haven’t watched it it’s on  disney plus go watch it it’s pretty cool  but yeah i mean it’s it gives you that  excuse to have hulk fight a bunch of  monsters and  you know you can have different  characters turn into hulked out monsters  that hulk has to stop  and then of course all the effects of  the gamma bomb will get reversed by the  end of the movie  and so the normal people will turn back  to normal and  the villains will stay that way i like  it  yeah it’ll finally you know show us that  kind of i guess teaser that they showed  us an incredible hulk of  uh stern getting that stuff on his head  and his head is starting to bubble to  wig out yeah bubble yeah so that’ll  finally answer that question  yeah i mean abomination because the only  clothes that we i got to it and i  mentioned this i think in the last  episode is the furies big week  prequel comic  to the first avengers movie and it shows  that stern  is in shield custody  right and it shows him with a big  bulbous hector hammond style head  and yeah you know he’s just there  yeah and i mean that’ll still work that  that’ll will be like you mentioned it  it’s going to kind of  see him there and break out so  nice i like it thank you i can i can  work with that and who knows i mean we  know abomination is in she-hulk so i  know we won’t get gamma world but it’d  be interesting to see where they end up  going  yeah definitely  yeah because these things are are uh  with one division it’s like these this  is  big stuff that they’re doing in tv it’s  it’s not like you know the flash or  something where uh it’s just a weekly  bad guy and we’ll defeat him by the end  of the episode don’t worry  like this is an overarching thing that’s  oh there’s a lot to it a lot to digest  in these episodes yeah and they’re going  to be  impactful and important i was reading an  article  uh with an interview from kevin feige  where he’s like we have to kind of tow  that line  for people who haven’t seen the disney  plus stuff  so that when we see wanda in doctor  strange too  it makes sense if the last place you saw  her was end game  right yeah but if you’ve seen one  division you also have to pay that off  for the people that did watch it and go  oh this is where she is now so it’s  going to be interesting to see  in two weeks when  this ends  like  where she’s left off yeah like how how  are you going to  to do that where  what if i didn’t see this whole series  is is is where i see her next going to  make any sense and i have a feeling  they’re going to explain it because i  mean this is a big deal what’s going if  you haven’t watched one division stop  listening go watch one division and then  come back and keep listening because we  want your listens  please that’s right but  it’s not little piddly stuff this isn’t  agents of shield where it doesn’t really  matter or  as much as i love it daredevil where  yeah it’s connected but is it though  right yeah like nothing the defenders  did matters in the mcu  no but this does  yeah  yeah absolutely so  so it’s cool it’s it’s awesome that that  they’re doing it so i’m excited  okay uh now we’ll go with mine uh i  decided to do black panther so the  sequel to black panther  um  here’s my little elevator pitch i guess  i don’t know if i wrote this on the  elevator pitch style because i started  off with a quote the quote is bury me in  the ocean  so at the end of black panther one  t’challa ends up  putting killmonger in the ocean like his  ancestors before him uh then we go  follow him down and namor ends up  finding him and bring him back either  back to i’ve decided to go back to life  i don’t know how they would do that so  maybe not because you just want to see  no longer come back  maybe  i mean yes  uh so then i got a couple options here  so then either killmonger is tortured or  brainwashed into telling secrets of  wakanda or killmonger is found by  someone who wants to end neymar’s reign  and killmonger tells them about wakanda  you got anything more you can add with  that i mean i love the idea of of him  actually you know burying him in the  ocean like he wanted and this helps us  bring in neymar’s name is in the ocean  so he finds them yeah  and they can have some sort of big  battle i i haven’t figured out the way  to replace  uh t’challa i mean  so i didn’t put that in sure  i i don’t know if maybe they come back  they find out t’challa something  happened to him and now killmonger is  he’s like you know i’ve seen my  my wrongs so now i will become the black  panther that’s one way sure just thought  of that myself now good job what do you  got i  i don’t want to see killmonger come back  i hate you  it’s it’s not because i don’t like him i  think  he did a phenomenal job and that’s why i  want him to stay dead because it as soon  as you start to bring back dead  characters  in a way that’s not necessary like a  wanda vision  it diminishes their death  and that’s the sacrifice that he well  sacrificed and air quotes but what he  decided his decision at the end because  he could have saved his own life and  been like okay yeah take me down to the  lab take this giant sword thing out of  my chest and  you know  put me in jail fine  but he decided to do the honorable thing  and go you know i took my shot i failed  this is the way it has to be  and if you bring him back that doesn’t  matter  that’s fair i can’t argue with that but  submariners as much as i’d like to see  him back yeah good point but submarine  is absolutely what i want to see happen  for black panther too and i will  actually  at this point i put it in my head so  much that i will be disappointed if they  don’t do submariner  okay  i mean  the the tricky thing here is  and i’ll do some marvel geeking here so  when marvel went bankrupt in the 90s  they sold all the rights to their  characters for movies  um  and  submariner has been owned by universal  that’s why we haven’t seen a submariner  movie it’s why we haven’t seen a hulk  sequel because it’s owned by universal  now that’s owned by disney  it’s just not going to happen  but submariner is like the second  marvel superhero ever  he was created after the original human  torch that was the android and before  captain america  you know  so it and he’s essentially marvel’s  aquaman but he came first  in my opinion cooler  all right  but i mean because they they dropped  that hint and end game of  an earthquake at the bottom of the ocean  and we handle it by not handling it it  could have just been you know black  widows trying to  micromanage everything and okoye is just  like it was an earthquake  there’s nothing we can do it was just an  earthquake  right but you know comic book fans being  who we are we tried to dissect it and as  soon as we heard under the ocean we went  submariner  yeah  yeah so any line it’s like okay how can  it be a superhero no okay next line who  could it be  but this could very well be a hulk  situation where we can use him in  other movies he just can’t have his own  yeah yeah so i i love the idea of  atlantis going to war with wakanda  okay i think that’s fantastic and it  yeah it’d be awesome i think a way to  work in  the death of chadwick could be that  that’s why neymar has take you know  chosen this time to  take advantage  okay so they don’t they don’t really  have a leader right now yeah  t’challa just passed away some for some  reason yeah and they can figure that out  whether he passes away in battle or he  got sick like he did in real life and  they just couldn’t cure him  i’m not sure what that answer is  yeah i don’t either but that’s a tough  one to answer yeah but i and  anyway i i think it would be an  interesting way to do it is like okay  wakanda’s in a weaker position  so  name more and the atlanteans use that to  their advantage  i’ve also seen rumblings that they could  be using uh doctor doom  and he’s the king of levaria and he  might be manipulating submariner and  causing him to attack wakanda so that  dr doom can then take control  okay  which could be really seems like a lot  yeah yeah  but i mean you could easily just  say you know have submariner drop a line  of like i was informed that you guy you  know you wakandans did this and now i’m  out for revenge  and the informant at the end post  credits is doomed  i like that  but okay yeah well conda versus atlantis  is what i want to see i don’t know how  they could do anything but that if they  have  access to the character  i know yeah i’d love to see it  so  all right fair enough they’re enough  so our next one last one winding down  is our uh conjoined pitch for avengers  5.  this wasn’t planned but we did  essentially come up with more or less  the same  idea yeah well at least the same kind of  villain we’ll see how how we get there  for each one i guess right but it’s just  to me it’s the most logical step after  what happened in endgame  there’s really no way they could not  have the next villain be king the  conqueror  okay  i mean yeah as soon as you  touch time travel in the marvel universe  it’s kind of a conqueror  yeah  there’s just no way around it and  it might be that he’s the next super  thanos big bad and we don’t get him for  a couple of avengers movies  um but we do know that he’s going to be  in uh ant-man on the wasp quantum mania  okay um i don’t remember who’s playing  him it’s the guy from uh lovecraft i  think  let me look it up while you’re sure you  have access to a computer um  yeah so we know he’s going to be in that  that was announced at the big disney  plus marvel announce everything a con  there’s rumblings that he’s going to be  in the loki show  um the tva  time variance authority  has ties to  kang and his  uh  descendants and different versions of  king throughout different timelines  yeah is it jonathan majors  sure  i don’t know okay  i have no idea  i’m just pretty sure he’s the guy from  lovecraft which i have not watched  fair enough  so  i see it being a lot like um  jj abrams star trek  from 2009 with uh nero  okay  so i have after kang discovers the  secret uh to the avengers time travel in  endgame  and ant-man 3 he takes revenge on them  for destroying the timeline and his  future  much like nero and star trek  which is more or less  his thing  yeah um in earth’s minus heroes the idea  is  uh the event because of something that  captain america does  the crease grow war gets out of control  and earth is destroyed  okay right i don’t know all of the the  comics lore but the idea that  because of what the avengers have done  or might do in the future  it  destroys his  reality and his future  that’s why he’s come back  okay  yeah  these are lots and more similar than i  expected  i’ll give you my pitch when i go  go ahead is that that’s all i got i  don’t know if you had more that’s it  okay  i didn’t mean to  bamboozle  oh you had the photo i thought you had  more to read so i was pulling up stuff  for the next one  all right fair enough  okay um so i’ll give you my kind of uh  elevator pitch here too but i want to  preface this with  um i don’t know a lot about the  character king the conqueror  um but during my research which is  another reason i kind of like these  these side topics is that it i can learn  more about  um the comics i guess not really the mcu  yet but you know these are obviously the  future movies  to a t  um  so here’s kind of what i got after  researching a little bit  uh time travel has messed up king the  conqueror’s timeline  took a loved one away from him he then  vows to fix it he finds out the avengers  are responsible and begins messing with  them and their lives the avengers have  to stop king before he goes too far and  tries to end all timelines except the  one he deems perfect  i like that  it’s essentially the same thing but yes  i know as you were saying i’m like yep  uh yeah and yes but i like your little  uh tagline at the end there that’s nice  i know yeah thank you as i was typing  that i was like yeah you’re brilliant  yes you are  why lee coyote super genius it reminds  me did you ever watch um  the dc animated movie crisis on two  earths  with james woods as owlman  i don’t know for sure i know i watched a  few of them um you wanted me to watch  them all couldn’t do them all i remember  though  that episode i don’t remember for sure  but i mean i know we’ve talked about  that  the idea is that there are multiple  universes in the  of course i’m jumping ship and going dc  here but  the idea was  uh owlman who was an evil version of  batman in an alternate universe  was going to destroy all of the other  universes  to  because it was the only thing that could  really be  impactful  okay basically for every action you take  there’s an alternate universe where you  took the exact opposite action  right so  none of your choices matter because  you’ve made all of the choices  right it just went into directions when  you made the choice right  so  alamann’s idea is i’m going to destroy  all of the multiverses because that is  the only choice that one can make that  will actually have an effect because  you’ll wipe out everything  okay yeah and that’s kind of the idea of  this but you know much crazier version  where he’s trying to destroy all of the  different alternate timelines that have  been created and find the one that he  deems perfect  beautiful beautifully said at the end  thank you  yeah it kind of goes back to you know  how they mention it in  endgame how  if you’re taking the stone from here  that it was narrow now a an alternate  timeline because that timeline doesn’t  have the stone  and so you know one one of those events  kind of messed up with  king and conqueror and i i’m going with  in the future yeah so then he kind of  time travels back and realizes  this is what happened the avengers are  responsible for it and  now i’m going to mess with you guys yeah  so that’s kind of  the backstory there yeah and i mean that  is more or less what he does and he is  from the future you know no matter how  you shake it he is a character who and  in some iterations i think he is a  descendant of uh the richards’s  yes i did hear that yeah from reed  richards and another one he’s uh  nathaniel richard a descendant from  yes yeah  um and another one he’s from i think a  descendant of  dr doom i think i saw that somewhere hmm  that’s cool yeah it’s  yeah it’s wacky time travel [ __ ] so it  doesn’t matter but yeah i mean it’s the  logical thing to do and like i said as  soon as you touch time travel in the  marvel universe you have to do king and  they are doing  he’s going to be an ant-man quantum  mania  it’s just a matter of how much is he  going to be the in the mcu  right  is is he going to be in that as the same  way thanos was in  other movies where it’s just a small  part where  it pays off later on in other movies  or will be more of a main main villain  yeah well it’d be more of a loki who’s  you know  screwing things up for quite a while  then makes his big reveal  right and maybe sticks around after that  too i mean who knows  yeah  so yeah yeah that’s it i like it i like  it yes i i don’t see them doing that  as soon as they said kang is going to be  an ant-man it’s like oh well that mean  you have to eventually make him an  avengers level threat because he is  yeah  he’s yeah he’s he’s too big yeah like i  almost see scott lang not making it  through that movie because he is he  could be that big of a threat  wow  i doubt they’ll kill off paul rudd but  i know he’s great  we’ll see  all right nice so yeah that was our uh  our sequel pitches sequel pitches  it’s over  well i hope you enjoyed this uh we did  that was a lot of fun i don’t know how  it was i liked  um  not too long to be honest but that’s  okay we still brace through we’re not  gonna ramble on to make it longer yeah  but we’re gonna get i do  yeah and i i i do find it funny that we  didn’t  we talked about the same movie but um  us using the same kind of things was a  lot more  it was a lot closer than i expected so i  find that kind of funny  well i’m teaching you you know you’re  learning yeah you’re becoming the master  oh man beautiful finally  it only took 10 years but we got there  and i’m proud yeah  thanks dad  all right um so our next episode is  going to be  why do we title do we have a clever  title for that one i don’t think so my  notes i just call it old marvel movies  so essentially what we decided to do is  is how would the old marvel movies  fit into the mcu right  whether it’s it’s in a big way in a  small way it’s a small part it’s a name  drop whatever it is  we decided to kind of  pick  ways that they would fit in yeah i don’t  know how you ended up doing it and  obviously we’ll talk about it here uh  when we record that episode  um but yeah we’ve decided to figure out  different  cameos and  inserts a dialogue and you know easter  eggs and whatnot that could fit it in  yeah so yeah i’m excited for that  me too um so yeah until next time until  next week when you guys listen to that  one you can reach out to us we are we  are marvel pod on  facebook twitter  that’s our email it’s at gmail  um  yeah reach out to us let us know what  you thought of this one  uh what you thought of any of the  episodes we’ve listened to before you’ve  listened to it before  and uh  let us know if you have any ideas we’d  love to to have you reach out and  we’ll do a  little uh side episode or  whatever we’re calling these  on your topic yeah i mean like i said we  we have the season kind of planned out  but  that can always change we can shift  stuff around the only thing that’s set  in stone is the movies at the top of  each month so  aside from that it’s all fair fair game  and we definitely want to hear from you  please give us a review  if you can if you like over on the  itunes specifically because that really  helps us boost up in the ratings and  people can find us a lot easier  if we have a ton of ratings and reviews  so yeah and thank you to those of you  that have already  yeah please yeah do that it really helps  us out tell your friends too  all right well until next time i’ve been  german i’ve been justin  and we will see you next time  bye