MCU Multiverse: Original Marvel in the MCU

[Music] hello and welcome to we are marvel the marvel cinematic universe fan podcast would like to say thank you for joining us um i am jeremy and i’m justin again thanks for joining us yes i said it twice we’re that yeah um we are i mean you are if you guys are listening to this we really do appreciate it definitely to take your time out and there’s tons of podcasts out there you can choose from where we are happy that you picked ours definitely um like we mentioned last week this is another kind of uh when you say filler episode it sounds like we’re just putting it in just to put it in sure i don’t i don’t feel like it’s a film a mini show it’s just a yes kind of a mini sewed kind of random topic and uh if you listen to the last one they’re not as long but uh we we like to bring something different to you guys we had a bunch when we talked about doing this months months ago um you know we we jotted down 100 plus different episode ideas things that we’d like to talk about yeah and it it just kind of gives us more to explore yeah talking about each individual movie is fun and there’s a ton of them to do and we still need to figure out how we’re gonna do the tv shows once we break into phase two um i know but you know it just it gives us something more and so that you know two years from now we’re not talking about iron man for the third time yeah it gives us some breath so that it’ll be like three years four years before we even get around to iron man for a second time yeah yeah uh so we’re excited to do these um but before we get into this week’s topic we’re we we decided to bring in a little bit of news yeah so for this episode um this is probably a bit older now now once this gets released um we probably should have swapped these quite frankly but i guess my news would have been even less relevant so that is true uh so what i decided to bring up this time is that we actually have an official spider-man title um now we we thought we had official ones the day before and then three options came out and we’re like okay something’s up and what’s going on uh so the first one that they came out with i don’t remember what order they came out the order i’m going to talk about these the first one was spider-man phone home i think that was the second okay was it okay was home wrecker number one i think so i don’t know okay now i don’t remember i know the last one i don’t even i thought it was phone home within homework we’re going to go with that order yes that’s what we might do all right so the first one like i said uh spiderman a phone home um now this is uh of course each of these titles is going to have a home in it yeah that’s kind of the running theme of the john watts spider trilogy yeah now this one you know my first thoughts right over et and i was like okay well you know weird it everyone when you hear phone home you think e.t well even uh amblin productions which is spielberg’s production company comment i don’t remember what they said but they they tweeted out something about the title being phone home okay that’s funny uh and then the second one that we got because i’m making it the second one was spider-man homewrecker i think homewrecker was first because i was like okay that makes sense it i it’s not the greatest title but i was like okay his his home is in shambles and you know a bunch of wacky shit’s going on so it you know his home is wrecked i get that and then they did phone home and i went okay yeah all right something’s going on yeah uh and then our third option was spider-man home slice yeah it’s like all right not yet and that was the one that did and that was the that was the third one i know that for sure yeah yeah me too because i know everyone was wondering when is when is her option going to come out because once the second one came out and it was a little hokey it was like okay yeah let’s go give us the third one who else is irritatingly clever yes i mean that’s with every single one of these movies well especially in these past two the question is okay what’s the title gonna be when it’s not just spider-man it’s you know what’s it gonna be and a lot of times with the marvel movies it reveals what the story’s gonna be you know you get a winter soldier you know what that movie’s gonna be a civil war yeah you know an infinity war you know what that’s gonna be these not so much yeah cause first one homecoming okay it doesn’t give us anything except high school is kind of what we thought and all right great yeah and the other thing is like to me anyway and some fans out there was like it was the spider-man character coming home to the marvel universe yeah so it was like his you know introductions proper into the ncaa homecoming yeah so i like that and then and then far from home that didn’t give us anything okay maybe he’s traveling yeah which is what i think we have my case yeah because i think we had an idea that they were shooting in what was it rome yeah something did we know that at the time yeah not in new york basically yes other countries and yeah yeah so he is far from new york his home okay but again doesn’t really give us much on what the story’s going to be right maybe a setting um and then now we get the actual title was finally released i think it was a day after yeah um so now it is officially spider-man no way home which i like yeah i i think it works and i did like the little video that they put out like i wouldn’t spoil anything and then they show the poster for the white board with all the ideas and all that stuff i thought was clever too i like that um yeah you said you were really excited about this one i saw what what makes you so excited about norway home well i think there’s a lot of different ways that you could interpret no way home especially after the ending of far from home with uh mysterio being killed and him he framed spider-man for his murder and he revealed peter’s identity the idea that he can’t go back to the way things were there’s been a lot of speculation fan theories that he could be on the run you know on the run from the authorities on the run from whatever that he can’t have a normal life now because everyone knows a spider-man you know i like that this could be that he has no way to you know get back to his normal and the other thing is uh the the rampant speculation that this is going to deal with the multiverse yeah it’s been prominent pretty much from the beginning we know dr strange is in it and this is going to be pre-multiverse of madness yeah so and post wandavision now spoilers if you haven’t watched one division we spoiled it a little bit in the last episode sorry we might do it again now but by this time the season might almost be over by the time this releases yeah i think it will just be getting over yeah so uh and so we don’t even know how it ends because it’s yeah that’s a couple weeks from now when we’re recording but the the idea that we could be getting more multiverse stuff whether andrew garfield and toby mcguire are in the movie or not which i think they are they’re just not gonna say until we get a trailer i don’t even know if they’ll show us in the first trailer yeah maybe not i mean they do have a we’ve talked about this in the last episode they have a tendency to edit trailers so that you know just because someone is in that shot in the movie doesn’t mean it’s going to be in the trailer that way that’s right or it could be someone else or something yeah that’s what they do they’ll shoot stuff just for trailers and i can see them totally doing that yeah or edit things that they’ve already shot just for trailers it’s freaking crazy uh so who the hell knows what we’re gonna see and when we’ll see it the movie doesn’t come out until december so i mean we’re still probably another four months away from a trailer anyway yeah but yeah i mean it it could be anything it could be that he’s stuck in the multiverse and he can’t get out and yeah and that’s his that’s his no way home yeah yeah he could be stuck in yeah in a in the verse with toby or with garfield and there’s no way for him to get back and they’re looking through another movie we’ll have to do it so another movie after maybe i don’t find a way to get him home but yeah it’s it’s an interesting title it’s it’s enough to to give you an idea where he’s going to have some sort of of course he’s going to have an issue like yeah that’s why there’s no issues going on yeah but yeah it gives you an idea of something big is going on where he he can’t get home whether that’s on the run stuck in a multiverse whatever it is yeah and uh they released some set or some official stills from the movie uh when they released the actual names and even when they released the fake names they had some official stills and it looked to me and i saw it on a post on facebook that they’re actually in the sanctum sanctorum yeah i i didn’t read that article but i did see that where they pointed out like if you look at this lamp looks like this lamp yeah and it also looks like it’s seen better days like it looks like it’s like snowing in there or something or like it’s really run down and dirty yeah i mean you know hulk did break through the roof so i mean that is possible and we don’t know how far away this takes from far from home true yeah one division is like a week after end game yeah and yeah far from homes not that much longer from that i would imagine but probably within a month or two yeah so yeah i am curious and i i kind of mentioned i don’t know if anyone else got this so let us know if you did it gives me kind of a goonies vibe like they’re on this kind of hunt to find something it’s all dark and you can only really see their faces clearly it just kind of gives me the goonies kind of vibe to it so i just hope doctor strange is a bigger part of this movie than he was in like ragnarok yeah he’s like that’s nice i love doctor strange if i had to pick a second hero after cap it would be doctor strange and every time i see him it’s just like oh it’s so freaking perfect yeah so i actually ended up pre-watching that one i know i kind of said at the beginning i’m gonna try not to re-watch them but i just i don’t know i kept seeing things and hearing more it’s like i want to watch it after you said that i binged every single movie in release order so i’m not gonna wait three years to watch every movie that’s stupid i’ll show you jeremy i’m watching them all today and it’s awesome all right yeah but now that one was really great i i would love to see him and now that he’s so much more uh verse with his powers and all that it’s it’s awesome to see that little bit we got in ragnarok was so cool to see yeah and then him yeah i’m showing tony up and infinity war and kind of he didn’t have a lot of moments in end game but he still had some really cool moments that you know yeah for sure oh he’s just so great i can’t wait for his movie yeah almost i’m excited for it all right uh you got anything else on that or should we jump into the topic let’s jump all right now so as the title probably says what we did was we decided to to take the old marvel movies we picked the x-men movies spider-man movies fantastic four movies well the first ones not all of them but yeah um and so we figure out a way to what what kind of a cameo or a name drop or a scene will work so that these are part of the mcu yeah we’re essentially taking the movies as they stand uh not changing any major big things that would disrupt the flow of the movie but integrate mcu touches so that you could drop them into the timeline and it would more or less work yeah so some some of the ones i did are smaller things and some are bigger i had a tough time with this as justin knows i mentioned it to him um so let’s just jump into this and and see what we uh what we think all right so i’m going to save this first one for my x-men as my third one because i think it’s the better one so i’ll just go into reverse order fair enough it does i don’t know why i said it you would have no idea but now we do jeremy stone all right check [Laughter] all right so my first one here is uh b um in some scene it would have where beast reaches out to an old friend who turns out to be bruce banner okay so it’d be a small thing and we would i mean you know it’d be tough to say which bruce would it be but i’m we’re going to go with ruffalo we’ll just say he was yeah and bruce the whole time yeah yeah so he reaches out to him for something that i don’t know maybe good night help with something get an idea of something get contact with someone something like that just a small little side scene where oh hey it’s the same world that kind of a thing fair enough so are you doing the first class x-men or are you doing the brian singer x-men um because beast doesn’t tell them yeah so that one would work better with the brian singer x-men um [Music] my next one to give us a cool beast cameo in the first x-men movie yes which i would also like to yeah you dressed up as beast one year yeah i remember that i have a little beast section on my desk right now it’s actually kind of cool we got some funkos and some marvel legends and they’re all just like in a group nice you’re just staring at them i am right now i’m looking at them right now all right all right my next one is uh professor x used his powers to make people forget mutants existed uh and they’ve been here the whole time so that might be kind of like a stinger at the end um where he just i don’t know we’d see him doing something and yeah they’ll just erase from people’s minds yeah something like that um and that would also explain well why haven’t we seen any of these people before so that would kind of give us an answer i don’t know how well it work if like it was chronological where we would see this and then we’d see all of these other marvel movies and we’re like okay for this long he’s been doing it but it was my way of of tying it in fair enough yeah i mean you definitely could i mean there’s there’s lines in the x-men movies about you know xavier not wanting to overreach with cerebral because he could kill somebody or kill everybody so who’s to say he couldn’t you know alter their brains a little bit and go hey mutants don’t exist shh yeah that’s not a thing yeah so there’s my second one all right and my third one which is actually the first one yes so yeah the professor x1 i don’t know where that one would what movie set that would be in but my next one is first class okay for sure you’ll see why okay uh so the person that magneto is in isn’t a prison under what was it under the pentagon i think is that where it was yeah so it’s not there well i guess it could be but anyways it’s a shield prison you can also have that for x2 because he’s in prison the next dude oh too that’s true and they play chess in the light yeah so either one take it where you want it but it’s a shield prison shield black site something along the lines of that so but that’s how we’ll get shield in okay shield is in the other movies that’s how it fits i like it so yeah thanks you love them i heard that yeah they’re fun yeah so that’s kind of my way of how we would bring bring those movies in right so what do you got what is your better idea okay although it better be good um the the first one i have is uh you use senator stern who was um oh i’m gonna forget his name now from iron man 2. gary shanley who unfortunately passed away a few years ago um you have him in the background of the senate hearings at the beginning of the first x-men uh that senator kelly is holding again for mutants yeah he doesn’t need to say anything or do anything just you know be there okay kind of focus on them for a quick second you know hey that’s the same guy yeah okay uh you would also have coulson in the background as well taking notes and you know just paying attention to what’s being said yeah okay i also have these uh all these movies except for spider-man set when they were released so this would happen in the year 2000 in the year 2000 aging ourselves and colson would be reporting to fury on you know the goings-on so those would just be some quick little cameos no dialogue really necessary and they’re just there yeah what one take away from the movie how it is but it’ll be a little nod yeah yeah i like it uh the second thing i have is that the mutant registration which is what x-men is the first one is predominantly about uh is a precursor to the superhuman registration act i.e the sokovia accords in civil war so this was like the first initial tester that they tried to do and they were focused mainly on mutants and registering them but when all these other superheroes started you know popping out of the woodworks with iron man and cap and hulk and thor they broadened it and it became the superhuman registration act or the sokovia accords because that gave him a good enough excuse to launch it yeah i could see them like throwing down that book that they threw down with like the name scratched out yeah and now saying sokovia of course just a sharpie yeah actually i could see it it’d be kind of a funny thing yeah i like that uh and my last thing is uh shield would be investigating the change in behavior of robert kelly because we know that mystique took his place by the end of the movie yeah and so when the video is playing remember at the end of the first x-men they’re watching the news and they pause it and they see kelly’s eyes and their mystique’s eyes yeah yeah yeah so in my version that would be uh fury showing that video to xavier okay talking about mutants and fury saying something along the lines of keep the international incidents to a minimum and heroes shouldn’t be forced to register which would also be a good precursor to civil war yeah because once sokovia happens and where are they in civil war uh oh man um the something airport no at the beginning is that clicking when they’ve at the beginning beginning yeah when they fight crossbones which sets off the civil war yeah the chords and wanda sets off the well i guess sets off the bomb kind of yeah oh man i cannot remember anyway there yeah it’s gonna come to me right as we finish recording yeah i could you know send me a message damn it put it in but yeah so it would it would essentially be a little nod to once those things start happening like age of ultron and civil war that’s what kicks up the registering superheroes again okay because it’s gotten out of control now and they need to put a handle on it i like it those are good thank you doesn’t work thank you i’ll take him all right now we’re going to jump into a spider-man spot spider-man i had trouble with spider-man this one was hard i had i had big time trouble with spider-man it like honestly for us kind of you know filler spots i had it as a one two three and i just put stanley stanley stanley he fixes everything he does yeah he’s in there oh he’s in the other movies that’s how they’re tied together move on that works he actually is in all of these movies though too so yeah i know he is well maybe i was talking about the garfield ones yeah yeah okay all right so the first one i have which is the first one so at the end of spider-man 1 uh when spider-man is flying around the city um you stop on a new being new building being erected avengers tower i mean it’s not going to say avengers tower but so that’s what we know what’s that like this would be set post the first avengers movie yeah yeah because it was stark tower and it would be transforming into avengers tower well it could be still stark terror but it’s that tower that tower it’s lagos nigeria by the way got it i didn’t look it up it just finally clicked into my hand nice all right he’s getting quicker in his old age so yeah every that tower so it’d be kind of uh and it focused on that so we would know hey yeah i know that tower um so these next two are our post credit scenes um so the first one i have is uh again spiderman webbing through the city uh we see some people looking up at him as he webs past them they turn to face the camera focus on nick fury he takes off his shades and he mouths what the f end of movie so i can see it working you know he doesn’t know about him i don’t know how he wouldn’t know if it’s nick fury of course he knows but maybe he’s actually seeing it in person for the first time yeah so he sees him whipping around and he’s like what the you know where this guy that’s a good tie-in to the the post-credits of both the the spider-man movies we’ve had yeah yeah because they both had the what stuff uh all right and my third one again on other post credits um this one’s not as good but uh good to you and i was having trouble with this man uh so uh again we see some guy in a suit trying to get the plants for the green goblin’s hoverboard uh he gets caught in the act turns around it’s sam rockwell’s justin hammer you know that guy is he’s never has a good idea for himself always taking someone else’s so i went decided to go with that again these were difficult okay back off oh leave me alone we said it was hard i liked it okay yeah i do like my nick fury one yeah it just finally popped in my head i would have liked to have seen that happen in homecoming yes that would have been great all right what do you got for spiderman i don’t you said these are the ones that you moved from original release date right yes okay uh and i mean obviously yours would be too because it would be you know post first avengers or pre no they’re just they started building the tower earlier so well it’s at some point when they were building the stark tower so somewhere between 20 10 ish and 2012-ish yes yeah mine would happen soon after avengers won because for mine to work the avengers would need to exist um so in the original spider-man movie ozcorp is trying to get a government contract and there’s a guy that one of the uh generals like hates norman osborne and just you know is refusing to give him the contract no matter what he does um right in my version oz corp would be competing for that contract with stark industries yeah i like it uh in which they would inevitably lose two stark industries which would possibly set the stage for a rivalry between ozcorp and norman osborne and tony stark and could potentially lead to the dark avengers down the line which would be nice nice yeah um i also put here uh the unity day festival uh macy gray yeah yeah the only part of that movie that i absolutely hate uh i know i don’t get it she was popular back then i know but still uh the idea i had for the unity day festival was that it would be a way to revitalize the city after the chitauri invasion yeah yeah yeah so after you know all these buildings came crashing down all this horrible stuff this is a way to sort of bring the community back together and sort of reopen the city yeah i like that uh and then my last thing is much like in homecoming peter’s trying to get the attention of and membership to the avengers okay but in this case he wouldn’t have had the intro for civil war he’s just a superhero wanting to you know be an avenger because they’re the cool thing now yeah uh and by the end of the movie his application is denied like that could be the post-credits scene of tony seeing the application and going denied which could be referenced in civil war and that could be how tony recruits him to to help on his side in the first place instead of a random youtube video which is kind of dumb to be honest it’s he tried to be an avenger and got denied and now tony’s looking through them to find someone to help on his side and it’s spider-man i like it nice well done sir thanks all right now on to fantastic four so how would we fit fantastic four into the mcu um these might be worse than the others not realizing all right so the first one i decided to go with um is we’ll have ben grimes was a pilot with roadie now i don’t know if that would be a flashback something you said real quick yeah ben grimm what did i say ben grimes like rick i have grim spelled out maybe that’s what my mind is going yeah i have grime spelled out grim with the two m’s did i just say grimes again you said grime you’re getting closer i am here i’m dropping the s okay now let me drop the e which won’t make the i and i sound okay i’ll just edit all this out uh nothing to see here so we’ll just go with he was a he was a pilot with brody something along the lines of that yeah yeah it’s i kind of got that idea um i think i i don’t know during the research where um now i’m extra thinking of his name now then grammy idiom is oh what do you got here you showing me something he’s got a figure of the thing i love it i put roddy next to him and it’s perfect um yeah so i watched a video where um iron man ends up the pilot that he or i guess the plane that he crashes with the pilot that couldn’t pull his ejector or his parachute that turns out to be ben so oh that kind of gave me the idea yeah because they’re trying to fit it in yeah that would be cool because we don’t think we learned his name if we do you can change it yeah i thought so that’s yeah that’s my first one okay uh number two this is a very vague one um yeah it’s gotta be fake because all it says is use the supplies from stock industry so maybe the fantastic four are using different supplies and they marked stock industries or there’s crates sitting around that marked stark industries we actually have something in common hot dog perfect all right uh i think i wrote that down before you sent me your list so i didn’t steal that one sure i think i’d steal a better one than that one uh and my last one is uh wakanda could be seen on like one of the maps that they’re looking at or mentioned in some way that would be um something wrong with yeah so one black panther actually premiered in fantastic four did he really yeah his first appearance was uh he was kind of testing himself to see just how good a hero he was and he broke into the baxter building and took out the fantastic four by himself oh wow nice yeah and that was revealed at the end who he actually was that’s cool yeah well there we go just throw that in there does that black panther show up for no reason [Music] punch everyone in the face while they’re sleeping okay bye yeah that’s what’s fun to give him a little you know what kind of forever you have to uh all right what do you got what’d you come up with mine are so my first one is the one that we share which is some of the components on the ship that the fantastic four use in space are modified by reed stark industries tech so reed being the smartest person on the planet took stark’s basic ideas for his you know his different uh technologies and equipment and modified them and made them better to suit what the fantastic four needed nice that works i’ll allow it thank you check my idea yeah obviously i don’t know why you took that one it was the most low-key one that i figured it would just make sense that we would both have it right i like it uh my second one is doctor doom is actually from latveria which is you know where he’s supposed to be from and where he gets shipped to at the end of the actual movie um the nation is compared to wakanda but it’s just not as powerful and doom’s diplomatic immunity causes tension and restrictions when he’s defeated by the fantastic four so the essentially the way it ties into the mcu is that in talking about doom’s diplomatic immunity and the nation of latveria it’s uh compared to wakanda okay so i did find a way to bring him in there i forgot i did that and the last one i have is after they’ve gotten their powers reed consults bruce banner on the cosmic rays and even later with the bio organics to reverse their powers specifically with ben and my thinking was that maybe his research because i have it set in 2005 which is about three years before incredible hulk is that this may be what leads to bruce looking into gamma radiation uh okay and that leads him down the path to eventually become the hulk nice you can even have you know him researching researching and looking at see a little tab for gamma radiation and yeah yeah i like that that’ll work nice so yeah those are our are kind of our ways that uh we’ll just kind of these small scenes or clips or for me tons of post credits yeah that you can throw into these some of the best ways to do it really yeah i mean because these movies are already set the way they’re set and it’s it’s tough to just toss in something and it mean almost nothing for that movie but it means something for future movies you know so it’s kind of tough to do yeah but we found a way and it worked yeah i think we did pretty good actually these were kind of fun these these would they’d work yeah i think it all worked perfectly fine i think yeah that was kind of a fun one to do i knew it was definitely on the shorter side i think i don’t think we’re running too long on this one um hopefully we padded the news a little bit and we’ll get at least close to what we were at with our last one yeah so that’s all we got for this week um do we have our topic for next week because i know we’ve mentioned tossing in a fourth one maybe maybe not i guess not because i forgot about that um if we do it’ll be a bonus episode that not even we know about right now well let me i’m looking at this when the next episode it could possibly be oh yeah that’s what we were gonna do yeah let’s do that okay let’s do that instead of it being my next movie uh our next episode which i don’t know when i guess we’ll be recording it in the next couple weeks as as of recording this the series is still going yes um but our next episode will be our wanda vision recap yeah i’m not sure how we’re gonna break it down if it’ll be like a top 10 favorite moments or i don’t know we’ll discuss yeah but i know that and it might change by the time we watch the final episode and just like yeah what just happened we have to talk about that yeah and how it ties into everything we’ve seen so far who knows yeah so it will be a one division recap episode recap episode thing yeah perfect all right yeah but but until then uh please um if you guys can go on and subscribe and rate and review and all that stuff on itunes i’m assuming you might be subscribed since you’re listening uh but if you can’t give us a rating and a review it really does help us out when people search for us and on different lists and stuff we actually will pop up or pop up higher it’ll help us out tell your friends if you can um also if you want to reach out to us we’re on facebook and twitter as we are marvel pod you can email us we are marvelpod um we’d love to hear from you guys let us know how we’re doing if you got any topic ideas um as you know we’re gonna do this bonus episode we have other months where we’ve got room for a bonus episode or we can move stuff around as we’ve mentioned before um yeah definitely reach out rate us review us do all that stuff yes please and thank you for listening yeah absolutely thank you so until next time i’ve been jeremy and i have been dressed in bye bye