Iron Man

hello everybody and welcome to we are marvel the podcast where we talk all things marvel cinematic universe i’m one of your hosts my name is justin my name is jeremy welcome to our very first episode yeah we really want to say thank you for joining us giving us a try if this is your first episode no it’s ours ours yeah yeah but we’re excited to uh to jump into this this is um not our first ever podcast together if you didn’t listen to the intro episode uh you can get a little bit of our history by listening there but we we have done a podcast together before and we’re excited to do another one a little more focused podcast yeah last time it was it was a little scatter shot and we did you know we talked doctor who and star wars and all the other cool stuff but yeah you know our main love i think the thing that brought us together is podcasters anyway because we’ve been friends long before the mcu existed yes believe it or not uh was marvel you know the mcu or marvel cinematic universe is you know we’ll be referring to it as the mcu in case you didn’t know uh you know that it’s the thing that brought us together and made us really want to start podcasting in the first place so now it’s really nice to actually just be able to talk this all the time yeah and just just focus on it and and don’t have to worry about you know what what should we do that’s not that’s different than what we did last episode with this it’s it’s let’s talk more marvel let’s focus on more marvel stuff and well and i know if i’m excited for it yeah i mean for me it’s like every time because we used to do news and i don’t know if we’re gonna do that uh in this show or not but you know every time there was marvel stuff like that was the thing i wanted to talk about the entire episode but then we had our topic and we had to talk about that instead so yeah now we get to do this all the time um i meant to bring this up in our intro episode but essentially what we’re going to be doing here we’re going to break down the movies one by one but we’re going to space it out so we don’t blow through them all in a year and change and have you know different random topics i don’t know if you have the list of our season breakdown but prepared for that that’s okay i got got it right here i mean we’re going to talk about you know our favorite casting uh pitches for sequels that never happened yeah um let’s see we’re gonna talk about like if the heroes went bad what might happen then um we’re gonna you know rank and overview this the different phases i’ve got the uh first two phases of the box sets that they came out with and so event when we end each phase uh the hope is we’re gonna crack into those and kind of delve into the goodies that were in there yeah so we got a lot of stuff planned we planned out like a year of episodes already yeah so so this first episode is focused on iron man but um like we’re like justin said we’re going to try and spread it out so it’s not you know every episode is is a movie it’s it’s a different topic but it is still going to be marvel cinematic universe focused right so yeah if you’re into the marvel cinematic universe this is the place to be we’re gonna be talking all about it because we’re both fairly learned i’ve watched the movies like on a weekly basis i just can’t help myself yeah yeah i believe it and as of recording this we are literally hours away from the debut of the first entry into phase four the first two episodes of one division on disney plus that’s right they come out uh tomorrow so you know what when we recorded this yeah it’s gonna go down in the history books as two weeks ago uh we got a lot to cover here so let’s stop prattling on and delve into 2008’s iron man uh after being held captive in an afghan cave billionaire engineer tony stark creates a unique weaponized suit of armor to fight evil boom boom yeah i uh i ended up rewatching this yesterday i wanted to have it nice and fresh in my mind yeah me too and and now i’m blanking on his name but the guy he was captured with um jensen yes jensen that’s right um i was thinking you know if it wasn’t for him and in kind of say obviously saving his life it wasn’t for him saving his life he wouldn’t we wouldn’t have this and i and tony and anything i think it wasn’t for him kind of the way he saved his life was with that the the arc reactor at the time but yeah the big magnet in his chest and that kind of clicking for tony on how to upgrade it and then you know and so on and it keep clicking and building from there like if it wasn’t for jensen you know there’d be no tony there’d be no iron man there’d be no avengers there for you know adventures you’re right or the things that avengers would have turned out very differently because iron man wouldn’t have been there true you’re all right because yeah because we’ll get into later and i’m sure everyone knows but as we’ll get into later thor and loki still have their tiff yeah whether iron man’s there or not yeah uh so i thought that was cool that jensen was a big part of that yeah uh this was directed by john favreau screenplayed by mark fergus hawk ostby art markham and matt halloway stars robert downey jr terence howard jeff bridges gwyneth paltrow john favreau clark greg and very briefly paul bentley yes now i have i i have a question for you i’m not sure if you know the answer but when paul bettany was doing this voice as jarvis did was he planned to to be more than that in the cinematic universe so the everything that i’ve seen in like interviews with joss whedon is when he was talking about the first avengers movie and his excitement for his he was like you know if you ever do a sequel you should do ultron and then you can do vision and you can have ultron put jarvis in division because paul bettany is the best person to play vision he said a little differently but that’s more or less what he said okay i think that’s kind of the answer then yeah so it wasn’t planned that far in advance for him to be the vision no i mean not by iron man one but i would say by the time we got into avengers territory and joss whedon entering the picture which was around thor or thorn captain america one okay it was you know at least an inkling in the back of everyone’s mind yeah cool this released april 14 28 2008. sorry well uh in sydney and may 2nd 2008 in the us the budget was 140 million and the box office was 585.3 million nice which is you know still good numbers yeah oh yeah well and that’s you know the i don’t know if i go into this later on in my notes but the thing that people don’t realize because now marvel and marvel studios is just a household name it’s disney it’s you know it’s huge like everything else disney touches but when this started marvel studios was an independent film company right they took out loans to make the first iron man and the incredible hulk and if either of the or you know if those had failed marvel studios would not be here now yeah and disney would have gotten interested invested and brought it up to where it is now yeah it’s pretty crazy to think that uh how how big this ended up being like how important really it was kind of with hindsight like this was huge yeah and well and when they were planning this because everyone knows hulk and very few people know iron man oh yeah at least back you know back in 2008 he was a bc lister that nobody except for you know comic book fans knew who he was even robert downey jr at the time was a risk you know he’s a huge star now but back then he was still you know making us come back from his fall from grace yeah so and even if you were to at the time look up iron man and you just see the old kind of comic book pictures i mean it’s like that doesn’t look like it’s going to be a cool character well yeah i remember seeing the first time i saw the trailer for this really i wasn’t too sure about it yeah i was like i i mean i we watched all those comic book movies back in the day but you know it was like really iron man this is the this is where we’re at in the barrel that we’re digging in we’re doing iron man okay and then i saw it and then i literally saw this movie in theaters eight times yeah yeah like did we go together i or did we just i went eight times so i saw it with a while i yeah i i i i remember us of course talking about it but i don’t know if we actually ended up going together or not i don’t know we’ll just say we did it sounds better in the show yeah of course we went to every single one together and i still do and always will yes perfect let’s get into some history here yeah in april 1990 universal studios bought the rights to develop iron man for the big screen with stuart gordon to direct a low budget film based on the property by february 96 20th century fox had acquired the rights from universal in january 1997 good old nicholas cage is rumored for every superhero that ever existed expressed interest in portraying the character while in september of 98 tom cruise expressed interest in producing as well as starring as iron man and i remember reading an old wizard magazine where the rumors were it was going to be tom cruise really yeah that was i don’t that was the news before everything happened i don’t see it uh kind of being the same you know you know but but that’s how it it’s you think iron man you think uh robert downey jr yeah that’s the only person i can see playing him so i don’t i mean it could have worked but i’m glad i think looking back now exactly i don’t think it would have been the same uh jeff vintar and iron man co-creator stanley co-wrote a story for fox which ventar adapted into a screenplay and included a new science fiction origin for the character and featured modoc as the villain character we still have not seen yes they are numbers that we may though yeah well yeah and they’re they’re doing that animated series on hulu with uh pat and oswald oh okay well they they released a trailer i think at comic-con to look pretty funny right i like patton yeah he’s okay uh that october quentin tarantino was approached to write and direct the film i i’m a huge fan of quentin tarantino me too but i don’t see it working no like there was time where he was talking about doing luke cage which i could totally see okay but iron man not so much fox sold the rights to new line cinema the following december reasoning that although the vintar lee script was strong the studio had too many marvel superheroes in development and quote we can’t make them all and they didn’t well kevin feige said hold my beer we’ll make them all i’ll show you we can we’re not even there yet uh by july 2000 the film was being written for new line by ted elliott terry uh rocio and tim mccandless mccandless’s script used the idea of a nick fury cameo to set up his own film in june 2001 new line entered talks with joss whedon a fan of the character to direct and in december 2002 mccannly’s had turned in a completed script new line took a unique approach to writing the film script hiring david hayder david goyer who writes everything mark protozovich uh to sit in the room and simply talk on camera about iron man for a few days after this we’re not getting paid to do it and we’re doing that [Music] i’ll do this all day long if you want to pay us that’d be wonderful sponsors hit us up that’s right after this hater was hired in 2004 to write a script he reworked scripts that had been written by avintar and alfred goff and miles millar which had included the villain the mandarin and pepper potts as a love interest hater removed the mandarin and instead chose to pit iron man against his father howard stark who becomes war machine dumb yeah i was going to go with interesting idea but yeah you’re you’re right i just i don’t remember if howard is dead in the comics or i’m sure he is by now but i don’t remember if he was around in the original books or not okay but anyway yeah i would say if he was it’d probably be in a smaller role of just you know just he’s obviously his dad and i don’t know maybe he runs a business but as an evil war machine yeah i doubt it yeah in december 2004 the studio attached uh director nick casavets to the project for a target 2006 release however this deal ultimately fell through and iron man’s film rights returned to marvel and it begins yes that was a close one well that’s the thing i mean a lot of these characters were owned by different companies a lot of them by new line and universal and over the years when they couldn’t get things to come together i mean i remember again going back to wizard magazine they would do like fan casting and they had like matt damon as captain america okay which is you know i love the way it turned out so i can’t really see it but i mean it’s all the different ways that this could have happened yeah it’s just insane it is it’s it’s fascinating that you know a lot of these characters are just you know the actors that play them are the perfect one and and thinking if you know someone brings up oh well so-and-so could have played them or no i don’t think they can because because they now know them you know but it i mean matt damon’s a great actor i’m sure he would have done a fine job i mean he showed up in ragnarok yeah that’s true he did i forgot well i mean even going back to our next movie which will be in a couple weeks uh incredible hulk edward norton as hulk i mean he is great but yeah it’s mark ruffalo yeah it is it’s just the way it is yeah i’m sorry no offense [ __ ] uh in november 2005 marvel studios worked to start development from scratch and announced iron man as their first independent feature because the character was their only major one not already depicted in live action according to associate producer jeremy lacham quote we went after about 30 writers and they all passed saying they were uninterested in the project due to both the relative obscurity of the character and the fact that it was solely a marvel production i mean it’s that’s fair you know it they are not wrong it is an obscure character at the time and yeah it’s it’s like you said like you mentioned i think at the beginning of this episode that they were they’re an independent company they have nothing going for them why would a writer that’s trying to go somewhere want to work with them so i mean i understand it but it’s just funny looking at how it’s like how many of you are just kicking yourself banging down the doors like you gave me a chance once can i come back yeah right i am curious how many they might have reached back out to and and said you know be on a right now yes please you can put me in a pit with a bunch of other writers we’ll hammer stuff out it’s good just get my name on there please right yeah john favreau was hired to direct the film in april of 2006 citing inspiration from tom clancy james bond robocop and compared his approach to an independent film favre wanted to make iron man a story of an adult man literally reinventing himself after discovering the world is far more complex than he originally believed that is the feel i get from it it’s it’s definitely a you know he reinvents himself after i wouldn’t say after discovering the world is more complex than me but maybe well i mean what the [ __ ] thinks his company is doing yeah i mean i guess that would be the more complex is that you know we thought we still made weapons we sold them to the you know the us government and they used them to fight terrorism turns out we saw him to the terrorists too yeah well even john favreau i mean at this point he had made like elf and zethura which was a big you know deuce and a half yeah elf is great yes modern classic now and you know of course he’s gone on to mandalorian jungle book and he’s a disney man now but yeah it’s just this is insane uh he changed the vietnam origin of of the character to afghanistan as he did not want to do a period piece art markram and matt holloway were hired to write the script while mark fergus and hawk osby uh wrote another version with favreau compiling both teams scripts and john august then polishing the combined version comic book staff uh mark milar brian michael bendis joe casada tom uh brevert i don’t know that one axel alonso and ralph macchio were also called upon by favreau to give advice on the script now is this the same ralph macchio that’s ralph macchio i don’t know i don’t yeah i don’t know i don’t know if he ever did comics i don’t think so yeah okay this must be a coincidence have him do more karate i think there’s just not enough karate in iron man yeah every other round table and good ideas good ideas going get to ralph now is there any way we can put in some karate get a high kick in there a real nice good high kick i think that would really help sell this well this team helped guide the mcu for several years to the point where they were almost becoming a hindrance and kevin feige booted them all out because they were you know screwing up the works and trying to do too many things different than you know the master planner kevin feige right i i obviously it’s worked out for the best it seems like i mean it’s tough to say oh well you could have done better i mean they’ve could they i don’t think so you could have added another half billion to that two and a half billion just saying yeah favreau faced opposition from marvel and casting downy but would not take no for an answer saying quote it was my job as director to show that it was the best choice creatively everybody knew he was talented and certainly by studying the iron man role and developing the script i realized that the characters seem to line up with robert in all the good and bad ways he is iron man even before he was iron man he was iron man yeah yeah he he he went so low and and just kind of in the pit and and he then rose back up i mean he he noticed that uh his life wasn’t going where it should be and he turned it around and and it’s because i mean look at him now yeah yeah now he’s sherlock and dr doolittle even though i’m sure he wants to forget that but i love his sherlock yeah he’s that’s great yeah i would very much enjoy another one they they’re saying they’re going to it’s just a matter of when i think i’ve been saying that for years yeah i know but you’re right it can happen it better production was based on the former hughes company soundstage in playa vista los angeles california the filmmakers acknowledged the coincidence that they would film iron man creating the flying mark iii where the hughes h4 hercules was built and i mean he’s such a i’ve lost his fricking name did the character of tony stark is so much like howard hughes i mean it’s essentially who he’s based off of okay sorry i it makes sense yeah like saying that it makes perfect sense yeah it’s kind of super extravagant fly flyboy i guess if you will yeah filming began on march 12 2007 and concluded june 25th 2007 at caesar’s palace in las vegas nevada so basically they shot the beginning [Music] yeah which is so weird when you kind of when you start to actually think about how they shoot movies it’s like this one right here could have been shot whenever yeah yeah you’re right and yeah there’s different reasons for doing it but it’s just it’s it’s fascinating kind of seeing that behind the scenes almost stuff where you know they might have a different it might look like they have a different chemistry because they film that later on yeah but it’s at the beginning of the movie and yeah yeah it’s up to a lot of different people to make sure it seems seamless yes yeah and it works yeah the next fury cameo was filmed with a skeleton crew in order to keep it a secret but rumors appeared on the internet only days later marvel studios president kevin feige subsequently had the scene removed from all preview prints in order to maintain the surprise and keep fans guessing an alternate version of the nick fury post-credits scene was filmed in which he specifically said quote as if gamma accidents radioactive bugs and assorted mutants weren’t enough referencing hulk spider-man and the x-men but this was cut due to legal problems with sony and fox who at the time had full ownership of the characters until the reacquisition much later in like three years ago yeah another thing where it’s funny it’s like well i mean do we still have that can we throw it in now because now it works like yeah i don’t see them i don’t see sony suiting over that now i mean there is a radioactive bug pretty much in the marvel cinematic universe yeah not solely but yeah but good enough yeah and it’s crazy to think of how things have changed i know yeah and now looking back at this and i can’t wait for us to do an episode on all the things that could happen soon because even just the stuff they’ve announced is just every time i think i’ve seen all that they can show me they show me something else like i had no idea you’d do that and i love it thank you thank you thank you so much for this this this will hold me over well when i when they did the investor day meeting back in december i was like okay yeah i’m excited for it of course anything marvel sure great but i was like what are they gonna they just had announced like five different shows for disney plus and you know all the different things like what are they gonna give me that i don’t already know that’s coming that i care about especially with the covet of it all and then they drop armor wars and iron heart and fantastic four done by john watts and it’s just like he’s crafty sons of [ __ ] i’m so excited for john watts is fantastic four i can barely contain myself okay like this is my i don’t know if you can see on my thing but this is my background right now nice yeah which is a retro fantastic four done by john chow nice i like that yeah you’re always changing those backgrounds so i i like that you do that i keep it topical my lock screen is a john show green lantern of course but that’s not relevant here no watch your own i’ll bleep that out don’t worry everyone all right uh that’s it for the production lots of interesting stuff in there let’s before without any further ado get into this awesome movie yes let’s do it i thought you were going to say something even with this i’m looking at each other we’re still going to have awkward pauses yeah i’ll do my best to eliminate them in post but well one so far isn’t too bad yeah especially yeah like as we mentioned before after a two-year hiatus that’s not bad at all now the remainder of the episode is just gonna be us oh i thought you were going sorry i thought you were saying oh sorry something i’ve been i didn’t say anything we jinxed ourselves i really like it let’s jump into it the first time seeing this the first of eight times of course just seeing the marvel studios logo for the first time and getting excited yeah because i mean we saw the marvel with the flip cover you know comic things going is pretty much what a lot of the marvel movies had done before then we’d seen the marvel logo in the x-men and fantastic four and all those god-awful other movies they’re not all bad but a lot of them are they’re not yeah yeah but just just saying the word marvel and then the appearance of studios like just sent a shiver down my spine the first time i saw it that’s cool i i mean it didn’t unfortunately didn’t do the same for me i didn’t know i didn’t realize there’s such the significance of it um but i mean i understand it and even and now it’s like oh well yeah that’s it’s marvel studios like it’s always playing baseball like come on yeah i could see as as big of a of a comic fan as as you’ve always been i could see that being just a huge kind of moment for you well yeah i mean it’s it’s the the opportunities and i think that’s the thing that still keeps me excited 12 13 years later you know they’ve done 23 movies now a handful of different shows some have been good some have been inhumans uh i got an episode into that and i quit i i’m not looking forward to having to watch that yeah when you couldn’t even get through through more than that i didn’t even try like if justin can’t find the good in that somewhere what am i gonna find god it was rough maybe me being so naive about it would be helpful but i don’t know i don’t i i think it’s just looks terrible yeah and it was but it’s on disney plus for when we have to watch it but the they’ve done all of these movies all these shows and they barely scratched the surface of how many different characters and stories they can cover right and now that they have fox and they have the x-men and the fantastic four just the limitless possibilities they have access to now yeah it’s i mean we’re getting armor wars and iron heart and moon night with oscar isaac and all this crazy [ __ ] going on it’s insane it i mean it makes you kind of wonder like how can they do everything like there is so much they can do how can they do it all right like and i’ve i’ve heard rumblings i mean they haven’t planned out till like 2029 at least and that’s just as of now that’s so crazy yeah like we have to make it that long i will be long dead by the time the mcu is over but i love getting back into the movie so the original plan was to start in vegas and you know the the scenes after he’s held captive that’s where the movie was originally supposed to start and it was favro’s idea to show the convoy getting attacked and him being tortured and put on camera before then yeah and i think it is the best decision marvel may have ever made yeah it’s great i mean it gets you like it just you’re there so quick like you’re already in the action there’s not an intro like here’s everyone look at this person look at this it’s just you’re right into it and it’s so exciting from the get-go he just tony’s got that charisma about him when he’s such an [ __ ] all of the time like everything leading up from vegas to when he goes over there he’s such a jerk and he’s you know smooshing christine everhart and you know peppered you know boots her ass out as soon as she wakes up and all this stuff he’s just such a jerk that i favro if i remember right was kind of afraid that people would disconnect with him by the time he was attacked right and would stop carrying it almost they’d almost think good good yeah he deserves it right whereas in this case you know what’s coming and you have that kind of almost dread of like oh this guy you know he’s living the high life and he’s about to get his world rocked by a freaking missile to the chest like his own yeah with his name on it literally yes literally this one has a name on it it’s such a great scene we’re going to try our best not to go shot for shot scene for scene in these movies because otherwise we’d be here for hours and it defeats the purpose of you know doing this because for me it’s like i want to rouse people’s excitement for these movies to get them to go watch them yeah absolutely a mistake that you know i’ve made in the past on other shows is talking so much about each individual scene there’s really not much point so we’re going to skip around quite a bit and only cover specific things and yeah jeremy if you have something that you want to chime in feel free to you know cut me off and whatever okay but the next thing i have is him escaping the cave yeah and the process of that yeah like like i mentioned it early on that you know with him working jensen is pretty much the reason we have tony still around you know he’s he’s a great surgeon do we ever find out why he’s captured or where he’s captured or anything like that um i would assume it was he lived in the area and right the the terrorists you know kind of absconded his uh his town like they did when tony showed up with the mark iii and that other you know group of people yeah that yeah and they they probably he probably they probably they knew he was uh some sort of smart man scientist doctor surgeon kind of thing yeah and probably i probably kept them around for that reason yeah and yeah they once they got tony and they needed a surgeon there he’s right there so that’s probably what happened there yeah so we’re kind of answering my question as we go i like that very good i’m glad you can help yourself out it really makes my job easier well you i think you helped a little bit you you kind of got the ball rolling um yeah and i i i’m glad he didn’t agree right away also you know he tony was no i’m not going to do it until they had to convince him to do it but then even after that yeah even after that he was he still didn’t he he figured out a quick way to do it because he’s so smart and they kind of touch on that during the movie but how brilliant he is but i like that the way that they made it look like he was working on what they wanted but he’s really just getting his his finding his way out yeah and that’s like there’s never a point in time i don’t really think about it till now but there’s never a point in time where he’s actually legitimately working on the missile no like at all the first thing he does is fix the the thing in his chest so he’s not attached to a car battery the whole time yeah and you know which helps the arc reactor and that that reminds me i wanted to back it up while i was watching it but was the battery a die-hard battery i don’t know i think it was and yeah that’s that’s fitting it’s like yeah it’s it’s yeah die hard you know hard to die yeah it’s obvious well done i’m sure it was you know if not you’re gonna pick a battery yeah don’t go back and look and if you do don’t tell us yeah we’ve made our minds up yes it is a die hard battery because he died hard yes he’s the type of character he died hard that’s how i met your mother but like going back to when i first saw the trailer i remember seeing the mark one in the footage and going this looks so corny and dumb right like i i knew a little bit about iron man and the evolution of the suits but i wasn’t you know nearly as familiar as i am now but i just i remember seeing that and going god that looks so clunky and dumb and what are they doing making this movie this is spider-man what are they thinking and watching it last night i was like this is the coolest scene of the movie one of the coolest things okay yeah why why that why the change what what is what changed i think it’s still big and clunky yeah but i think seeing it in action seeing it in context being immediately submerged into this world and just i bought into it immediately again that opening scene with him getting attacked just immediately sold me and when the iron man you know i’m not going to be able to do the clanking noise with my mouth but when that hit i was just like okay you win like i i get it i was wrong i admit it let’s move forward and by that time i was like he is just kicking ass and it’s such a cool scene i was thinking about it last night like it’s it’s almost horror-esque to tie it into pod and gore when before they first reveal the suit yeah you know it’s dark and he’s attacking the guys but you don’t see him and they’re flying across the room and dying and then you get that reveal and it’s almost like a frankenstein’s monster kind of reveal of this monster suit yeah a little bit yeah cause because they don’t show him right away they they he hits one guy and then another and yeah it’s kind of slowly revealed and then you guys and you get the cool wrap around i’m gonna do a lot of sound effects i think in this this show it brought me it brought me back to it i felt like i was watching the movie looking around iron man turn that down but it’s just awesome i mean and it provides enough protection for him to get out they’re shooting at them one guy even gets lucky enough to shoot one of the levered things on his knee and it drops him yeah i i i’m not positive i’m trying to look it up right now but isn’t the mask kind of a kind of a throwback to the original comic kind of look oh yeah or my definitely okay the the original comic look is a lot more sleek i mean they didn’t do that detail the artwork back in the 60s right but you know the full silver sleek very toned down i mean even and that’s the suit he’s wearing in the first issue of avengers i think by then it’s painted gold but that’s the suit that he’s wearing even by the time we get in the comics to avengers right so so i i like that little little nod too very cool yeah you’re right it was just big and clunky and yeah just kind of pieced together and well that’s it’s one of the cool things about a lot of these marvel movies is seeing the evolution of the suits like when we do cap i can’t wait to do cap if you’ve never listened to me talk for more than 10 seconds i’ll tell you right now my favorite character is captain america i’ve got a tattoo maybe i’ll show you guys someday it’s on my arm don’t worry no nothing gross [Laughter] just the the way you worded that whole song i know that’s why i threw that in there i heard it as i said it was wrong but yeah i captain america is my boy like i i love his movies i love chris evans it’s all good times i’m gonna gush so much when i cover that movie i just can’t even handle it right now i’m ready for it we’ll get there though iron man for now yeah but uh one thing i just want to say was i i it’s another cool thing and this kind of goes back to what john farrow said was um he’s kind of rebuilding himself which is that’s what he did with the suit he took his old weapons and and rockets and all that kind of stuff in like a like a phoenix kind of rebuilt from those ashes this iron man and and wait for him to get out so that he can then go home and change the way he’s been and the way his company’s been yeah i mean even the arc reactor that he makes for himself the the um palladium is from the warheads you know they dismantled the warheads to get the palladium out of them so that he could create the arc reactor to keep himself alive yeah so cool it’s just yeah i like it it’s just such a well done movie for it being the first one that well that’s the thing i think at other times during this show future episodes i’m sure i will find ways to rag on other companies who have tried to do this and have not done it yet even after 13 years of perfect example i mean and not just the one there are several who have tried to make an expanded universe and cannot figure out how to do it and this actually leads really well into our next topic but the groundwork is just so perfectly laid there and things are just set in motion to inner weave everything and my favorite thing that they did was using agent coulson and shield yeah because it gave every character a reason to eventually know each other and meet yeah you’re right i mean it’s that perfect through line of coulson’s in uh iron man then you see name drops of nick fury and shield in hulk obviously coulson and fury show up in iron man 2. coulson’s back in thor and then at the end of cap one you get that fury tie-in and shield is the one that found him in the first place yeah and they form the avengers you’re right that is yeah instead of trying to put them all together and then having to come up with a reason for them to come together yeah it’s it’s already built in you’re right and then even when they fall and when they’re soldier them kind of cleaning up that mess because it’s kind of their duty and brings them back together for age of ultron yeah and it’s not like marvel studios came up with this this is a story line from a comic called the ultimates okay which if you’ve never read it you really should it’s super cool and a lot of the mcu is ripped from the ultimates especially the first volume but it it just it works it’s that perfect little subtle thing that helps tie all of these characters together in some way and i mean the thor one is a little shoehorned in i guess right but it still works yeah and and i was even thinking i think it was earlier today where you know everyone’s kind of got their all the avengers have their own movie kind of a thing um and i was thinking well you know not hawkeye but i was like and i was trying to think how’d they bring him in but they brought him in in thor and it it it wasn’t they didn’t feel forced in or anything like that nothing that they no characters that they bring and ever feel forced in yeah like this person just showed up out of nowhere like what they see in an advertisement for superheroes wanted and showed up the only one that i i still kind of go was spider-man fair and yeah a lot of that has to do with the fact that we didn’t they didn’t know if they were actually going to get them or not like they were i think there were two versions of the movie one where he was in it and one where he wasn’t because they weren’t sure they were going to reach a deal with sony right but that makes sense if if if they had him for longer they probably would have just been able to weave him in some way oh yeah definitely i mean it’s spider-man he’s like yeah him and wolverine are the two most profitable characters marvel owns isn’t really wolverine’s the next one i mean iron man’s probably up there now but especially back today that’s yeah nice yeah but everyone else i mean it’s they find ways even in going into uh one division which comes out mere hours from now um monica rambo’s gonna be in it spoilers if you don’t know that i don’t know how you don’t know that but i didn’t know that because whenever a trailer anything comes up i’m just i keep scrolling i’m gonna watch it all right spoilers for jeremy yeah i know it’s okay i don’t i don’t feel like that’s to be a huge spoiler but i mean okay i mean you know who’s in hawkeye right um you know bringing in kate bishop they they’re going to find a way to just seamlessly say this person is in this universe now right yeah and then they’ll be in their own movies and i if we don’t get an announcement of a young avengers movie in the next five years i’ll be shocked okay i’m gonna write that down i would say i would even bargain the way they’re pumping out stuff i would say within the next two years we’ll get an announcement that we’ll get a young avengers something okay i hope we do i mean i i that would be very cool it’s not like you know they’re struggling to get a younger generation into these movies but that would just be so much more powerful yeah well i mean it’s just the logical next step and it’s the way to keep it going and i mean they’re doing iron heart they’re doing ms marvel kate bishop monica rambo i mean they’re already peppering in characters and there’s even more rumors for what could be coming in one division that like i i would be amazed if it’s not coming all right well we’ll keep you updated for sure oh yeah uh sam develop developing the mark two and three is my next thing yes i love seeing how test out all of the different i couldn’t come up with the right word then i can’t think of it now but all the different functions like testing out the boot to make sure it opened and closed correctly yeah the the repulsors that sent them flying across the room the i guess hand cannons i know they’re more like stabilizers is what his original intention was but that was pretty cool and it’s it’s it was nice you know re-watching it and noticing how kind of slow this the build-up is of it and how kind of slow he is with it because he’s just starting out and it’s cool now seeing you know how quick he is and it’s just so automatic because he’s been doing it for so long yeah now he has a nano suit and it just taps a button and then it grows around him [Music] yeah that was cool it’s that’s fun to see that too it’s like oh it’s gonna get so much better than that it’s so it’s not clunky but you know versus nanotech it’s clunky yeah but it still looks great oh yeah the visuals of it are just amazing i mean i remember because 2007 the first transformers movie came out and love or hate that franchise and i’m somewhere in the middle that first movie visually is pretty spectacular all the little parts and things that are moving to make optimus go and seeing that kind of thing used for iron man and all the rivets and the things coming together is just amazing it is it’s so cool and yeah just all the technology he’s able to fit into such a sleeker smoother look is is very cool yeah and this is the only time i think in the production of these movies where he actually wears a full-on suit all the other movies he wears like the chest and helmet and it’s motion capture yeah i think even by iron man 2 it was a lot of motion capture and he just wore you know the bare essentials okay and the the the idea to kind of show his inside the helmet yeah i think that was yeah it was just it’s just that’s such a good idea because it’s not just from outside and you see him and you hear his voice it’s you see him inside of the suit and him talking and reacting and doing this and that it’s it it was a great idea to include that well yeah it’s it’s one of those things that is always kind of troubling with characters especially when they have a full face mask like even the old spider-man movies for me there’s like the tobey mcguire era there’s always this disconnect for me when he puts on the suit that it’s like it doesn’t feel like it’s the same person right because you can’t connect because you just have this blank slate in these sunglass eyes yeah like like you said the hud was just a brilliant way to show his reactions his face is so expressive and how excited he gets or how angry he gets or whatever yeah yeah and scared and everything and you you can then see you know how worried he is that he is in trouble and not just have to kind of assume it and not see it in his face and yeah i just i think that was just such a great idea well it’s one of the things that got me so excited when they did spider-man and his eyes moved oh yeah it’s something expression yeah it’s a subtle thing that they did in the comics that they’ve never done in the movies and you get that just little bit of expression in the eyes and it just sells you that much more that it’s peter parker under that mask it’s tony under that helmet right yeah but the attack on go mirror is the coolest freaking scene in iron maybe one of the coolest scenes in the mcu really okay i don’t know if it’s that big it’s so cool it’s very cool but there’s a lot of cool things well i know but i mean as far as like again at the time we had never seen anything like it before oh for sure yeah and you know we didn’t know what all an iron man was or what all he could do and that first five seconds after he lands and he sizes up everybody and targets them with his computer and sends out the individual bullets to shoot them all oh so very cool yeah just like it like it’s so simple for me it’s so smooth like like it’s it’s almost like it’s it’s tony you know being smooth but he’s kind of the good guy now yeah he’s he’s not just out for himself but yeah it is it’s it’s very cool even the landing’s really cool it’s and it is the superhero landing yeah it was still cool yeah well i mean like he was the one who made it cool i mean yeah and popularized it to the point where everybody did it it’s been spider-man kind of but i think he’s the only one who really ever did the superhero landing and kind of looking at it now it’s like you don’t need to land like that in your suit but it looks cool yeah it looks much cooler than just plump on two feet [Music] and even him getting a shot out of the sky and and uh getting back up and just shooting that little rocket and just the damage it does it’s like man he is so powerful yeah it’s so cool and it’s something that i think is a little less impactful in the sequels is just how well equipped that suit is and just how much it can take a beating i mean you kind of take it for granted now all the things that he goes through but like in that in that scene he gets thumped and that suit i mean it has bullet holes by the end of it but he’s fine yeah yeah that’s cool and it almost looks video gamey but it’s sleek and cool so it also has that real i just i love that scene so much it’s great seeing wow all right i’ll i’ll jump in here and the next note that we have here is uh uh obadiah stan in the iron monger fight and you said here that there’s a deleted scene of obode saying goodbye before the fall yeah that’s cool it’s something i’ve never known that yeah it’s something worth watching and if you have the discs watch it because okay and it’s my really only complaint about the iron man movies and i think there’s one in iron man 2 as well is that the villains die so unceremoniously and especially in the first iron man which it bridges the way they edit it it makes it look like the arc reactor explodes he’s electrocuted and that kills him and makes him fall and cause the explosion but that’s not what happened tell me more he he’s shocked and collapses and has this i i haven’t watched it in several years so i’m not even going to try and quote it but he has this sort of last minute explanation of why he was doing what he was doing and his kind of thought process behind everything oh okay and then the thing that he was landed on after he collapsed gave way yeah and that’s okay so it’s the fallen explosion that killed him it wasn’t the the initial explosion with all the electricity i mean that sounds cooler and better what is better no it is i mean it gives you that last minute give a [ __ ] about his character otherwise it just feels so hollow and kind of like he went crazy for no reason do they explain for any reason why that scene was taken out was it i think okay i haven’t i don’t think i’ve listened to the commentary on it but i would imagine it was just time and they didn’t feel it necessary but i think it was it is definitely something that was missing yeah it sounds sounds good like you’re you’re right it is nice when i know and i know this is because you’re a huge fan of villains but it is nice when you hear the villain side of the thing and and i know this was more of a a tony you know kind of arc for him to become a good guy again yeah so it doesn’t matter why the bad guy was a bad guy just as long as tony’s the good guy and we were yeah we’re definitely still in that era of superhero movies i mean we were a year past spider-man 3 you know where it wasn’t as deep and interesting as it is now i mean by this time the dark knight technically hadn’t come out yet okay because this was may of 2008 and dark knight was two months later in july okay so i mean this is still kind of that old world philosophy of comic book movies where they’re they’re just fun and thankfully and that’s the thing that i think has made me love marvel studios so much is that they’ve learned from their mistakes yeah and you get scenes like the ending of black panther with uh killmonger looking at the sunset in wakanda which is amazing you get that scene with zemo and black panther at the end of civil war which is amazing and i mean even they’ve learned with loki you know they’ve immediately gave you a villain that you care about and is now getting his own damn show like when does that happen yeah i know right like what other villain is are we going to be like yeah cool show about him you want the ulysses claw show don’t get me i wouldn’t say no to it but i definitely would like to i would take a killmonger one because i i mean you can probably yeah you can’t tell never mind you can’t see it you can tell i can see it because this is true yeah i have a killmonger uh drawing poster kind of thing on my wall he’s one of my favorite villains but so yeah i would take a i’d take a killmonger show a prequel show a prequel or uh or uh you know hey i was wrong about the way i was going at things i’m gonna be a good guy now bitter guy not a super good but you know still he did survive the sword in the stomach and now he’s reformed yeah he yeah uh black panther was like oh do you want to eat this it’ll help you heal like yeah okay thanks that sounds delicious yeah good fiber yeah it’s an illegal scene you’ll see it later on yeah um yeah i mean that’s pretty much the fight between iron man and iron monger is fantastic and pulling the info of you know how’d you solve the icing problem and yeah i was gonna say like i like that scene where he kind of thought like okay i can’t just beat him by trying to punch him yeah you know where did i fail and it was i went too high and didn’t know about the ice so i know something also yeah team wouldn’t have figured that out by now because you would have heard of a giant robot going up into the sky and falling out yeah killing thousands of people on impact so that is that i do like that he kind of went back on on uh you know what it what did i learn and how can i use this against you yeah yeah anything else on the fight before we do our last couple things here um not really fine i mean it was it was a decent fight it was it wasn’t long which yeah it wasn’t on the long side but i i think it still worked out it i liked it yeah i mean it it it breaks the mold of they have an initial fight and then the hero regroups and then they have another fight but they’ve warned a little bit more and then they have the final fight and they win like they really just fight once and he has to figure out on the fly how to figure this out yeah that’s really i mean even iron man 2 we fought with vanco at the racetrack true anyone but just barely and then yeah you know i didn’t fight him again until the end yeah all right good point thank you but no that’s all i got about the fight it was i could have used some more of it yeah especially for as cool as the iron monger suit was it would have been nice to see it more yeah so the last thing i have before going to some fun facts and easter eggs is the fact that they went with no secret identities in the mcu and that’s kind of changed with spider-man and you know a couple others here and there now right but in the comics and they make a joke about it in the movie uh iron man was supposedly tony stark’s bodyguard yeah and they completely did away with that and just said i am iron man deal with it and that was a great ending yeah and it it is that is the ending it just goes right into credits and i love it it’s it’s so cool just and it makes sense for him too he’s just so cocky he wants that spotlight like no i am iron man not not i made iron man or someone else’s i am iron man yeah well i mean even when he’s talking with christine and kind of fumbles over himself you know he’s like i don’t want to insinuate that i’m some kind of superhero it’s like where did you pull that from i didn’t say anything about you being a superhero like nobody’s saying i just didn’t believe that it was a dude in a suit what are you talking about oh it’s so freaking good it is it i’m glad i rewatched it definitely you know i because i i i went back and remembered scenes and stuff like that but it’s the smaller stuff that just is fun to remember when watching it so many times you know you kind of look in the background and you’ll notice different things i don’t know if i had to read that says die hard yeah right probably so we can’t talk about a marvel movie without talking about the stinger and this one has the classic quintessential stinger tendol stingers yeah the reason i saw this movie eight times in theaters was for this scene right here and what’s funny is i had read ultimates before watching the movie and so i knew about the whole shield creating the avengers thing but i didn’t really put together strategic online intervention enforcement and logistics division being shield right right and and the idea of sam jackson having a cameo in the movie which i had read online okay i didn’t for some dumb reason put all of those pieces together until colson said just call a shield and then it clicked and then it clicked now oh my god i cannot wait to see what happens at the end of this movie yeah because because even i when i was watching it again you know and i heard him saying it and i’m like you know each letter spells shield and it’s like how could they not have thought of that already you know why would they keep going with a long name and it’s because they wanted to slowly bring it in for people like you who are too dumb but smart enough to get it at the end yeah so that when you when he finally says it you’re like that’s what it is the whole time and just samuel jackson coming out and you know you think you’re the only superhero in the world i’m here to talk to you about the avenger initiative and my brain exploded yeah like we’re getting more of this yeah and and they’re all more than coming together it’s what we always hoped and dreamed of watching these movies growing up i mean you and i grew up in the the keaton kilmer batman era and they’d make references to superman and stuff and you’d go oh man wouldn’t it be cool if one day they got together but it never happened right this was the first promise of there are more of these characters in other movies and they’re all going to come together yeah oh that’s i i was just thinking when you said you know that’s the reason i went back and watched eight times it’s like it that would have been online already and you could have just rewatched it eight times and saved so much money i watched it online too fair enough but yeah it is it is so cool and and that was the beginning of these stingers that they they’re what every movie well not every now but for just about every movie yeah you knew there was it was something they’ve done one in every movie and they cl well i think the only one they didn’t technically was captain america the first avenger end game yeah oh that’s true okay fine an end game that that was the one i was thinking of what about was there one in infinity war yeah it was uh with fury and um hill and he pushes the pager brings us captain marvel that’s right all right let’s go into some fun facts and easter eggs you and i can trade off here so i’m not just prattling on like before uh but i’ll get us started all right uh in order to build the general public’s awareness of iron man and elevate him to the same level of popularity as spider-man or hulk marvel conducted focus groups trying to find a way to remove the general perception that the character is a robot the information marvel received from the focus group was used to formulate an awareness-building plan which included releasing three animated short films ahead of the film’s release the shorts were called iron man advertorials and were produced by tim miller and blur studios i don’t think i ever watch those yeah i don’t even i don’t even know what those are okay we’re gonna have to the first thing that i don’t know right okay because yeah i never assumed he was a robot so i was like well did did these focus groups work because i didn’t think it was just a robot so success or what obviously i i guess they did yeah that is interesting that’s a fun fact thank you i thought it was too all right agent phil coulson played by clark gregg was originally a much smaller part in fact the character at first was only called agent but as filming went on and greg’s chemistry with all the other cast members became apparent they added more and more scenes and i like i i i like clark greg he’s he’s a fun actor and i like that he just kept butting people and he was just so calm about it like hi i’m here to talk we have a meeting i’d like to talk to you about this he needs to be debriefed i’m so polite it was fun it was a fun character yeah and as time went on he got a little more edgy and he got so popular he got his own show even after he died like he turned a cameo into a career yeah that sounds weird for anyone that doesn’t like know about i don’t know who doesn’t know about it nowadays but just spoilers he died and he still got his own show what we’ll get there it’ll be a couple years but we’ll get there to avoid spoilers about the final press conference the extras were told that it was a dream sequence i think it’s a good idea yeah yeah i mean it’s not a huge deal if it leaked but yeah uh roughly 450 separate pieces make up the iron man suit that’s big and clunky how many pieces make up the uh the his new suit nanotech the mark 30 something earlier 18 million and 53. okay thank you paul bettney recorded all of his lines as jarvis in two hours impressive well i mean he’s how’s 10 lines yeah i was gonna say there’s not a lot of lines but still i mean because you know how they are late all right let’s do it again with a little more inflection all right let’s do it again where you emphasize more on this word uh john favreau the director of this movie celebrated getting the job as director by going on a diet and losing 70 pounds and it was kind of like a motivation for him to be able to play happy nice and he looks great he does yeah i think he slims down even more as it goes but yeah i like it this is the last film special effects expert stan winston completed before his death i mean it’s a great send-off you know i mean talk about ending on a high note yeah seriously everything looks just so real there’s nothing really in there that i’m like nah yeah i don’t believe that if anything for the phone he uses yeah it’s like verizon all right some easter eggs special segment just for this because it is a comic book movie there are tons of fun easter eggs and nods to different characters and comic books yeah um stan lee can be seen outside uh the charity ball dressed as hugh hefner tony stark even calls him half as he walks past stan and into the building the first of many stanley cameos in the mcu yeah i like it uh tony stark’s computer system is called jarvis which stands for just a rather very intelligent system uh this is a tribute to edwin jarvis howard stark’s butler he was changed to an artificial intelligence to avoid comparisons to bruce wayne’s butler alfred pennyworth and the limited comic iron man 2 public identity the comic book prequel to iron man 2 uh it is revealed that tony named the computer system after him following his death and jarvis is play i don’t remember who plays him but he actually shows up in agent carter as an actual character and then he’s in end game yes same character actor yeah yeah i like that uh james rhodes together it’s all just together they’re so good it is uh james rhodes cell phone ringtone is the theme song to the animated iron man cartoon from 1966 i wasn’t sure of that but i knew it had to be because it was too much of a tune yes and they focus on it for too long and yeah a 3d wireframe model of the war machine armor can briefly be seen during the credits sequence before the full cast and crew list rolls yeah i didn’t know that i wish i would have known that before i watched i would have paid attention more no you gotta watch it again uh during the ironmonger iron man fight scene in the third act of the film there is a clear shot of the roxon logo on a warehouse in the background in the comics the roxon corps is responsible for the deaths of howard and maria stark tony’s parents so that answers that question he was dead yeah and roxanne is brought back in daredevil when they do the flashback of matt and foggy in their old firm they’re meeting with roxanne nice i like it uh when tony is flying through los angeles there is a giant film poster featuring the mythical dragon finn fang phone i didn’t notice that one either so you have to go back and watch it two more times uh christine everhart the reporter who confronts tony early in the film is a reporter for vanity fair however her comic book counterpart actually works for the daily bugle but they couldn’t use daily bugle especially back then because spider-man and sony yeah fair enough all right last one we got here uh during the scene where pepper potts is searching through a secret shipping manifest drawn up for obadiah stain the manifest features an outline of some weapons stain is selling and shipping on the black market using a vessel dubbed the msc lebowski and that’s awesome that is cool i like i like that little nod to to the dude and i kind of yeah i i i it does right now made me think that when he comes in and kind of catches pepper he’s drinking i don’t know some sort of bourbon scotch kind of thing i wish he would have made himself a white russian would have been great that would be just starting with his finger and everything just look at the camera a little wink and maybe that’s too much but i would have loved it that would have been great all right that is it for our coverage of the first iron man movie we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did absolutely for first episode i’d say it was fairly glitch free yeah jump right back in and and it’s like whenever we never stopped i never did stop so i it’s like you never stopped yeah all right hey i was just doing this by myself as i was going just so i could you know be ready for this day no but i i am glad that we’re doing this again i’m very excited to keep going and we do thank you guys for listening um do you want to tell all the kids at home what the next episode will be do you remember what your next episode’s going to be i talked about it the other day yeah i think it’s uh yeah i think it’s coming to me now i was drawing a big blanket first i’ll tell you what uh we are going to rank our favorite phase one uh trailers yes that’s the word um so we we thought about doing all of the trailers but we’re gonna we thought that would be uh too many they’ve made a lot of movies um so we’re just gonna focus on phase one and we’ll kind of rank those and and so if you wanna let us know what your favorites are reach out to us yeah i’m not sure how yet as far as we don’t have anything set up yeah but by the time this drops everything will be set up yeah so so there will be links in the in the car in the description description below yeah again like you said thank you for listening uh this has been we are marvel and i’ve been justin i’ve been jeremy we will see you next time bye bye