Iron Man 2

[Music]hello everybody and welcome to we aremarvel your one-stop shop for all thingsmarvel cinematic universewe are your hosts my name is justin myname is jeremyand welcome to the showi want to start off by apologizing forthe delay in a newepisode i had some personal stuff goingon in the real worldand it it just couldn’t workplus i had two other shows to recordthat week yeah so yeahbut yeah we do apologize for this onekind of being delayed but yeah iteventually got us to where we wanted tobe as far as release wise yeah which wasuh putting the movie out the firstweek of the monthyeah that that was generally theoriginal hope wasthe our movie of the month would be thefirst episode of the month then we doour two special episodes and then havean off week or space for a wan divisionrecap or whatever yeah um so happyaccidentbut sorry anyways yeah we would haveliked to have something out for you tolisten but we we appreciate youlistening anyways tune in this week yeahdefinitely and we’re i’m glad to be backi didn’t think it was that long of await between episodes didn’t realizewe’d hit the three-week mark yeah and uhoopsso without further ado since we’ve madewe made you wait long enough let’s getinto iron man2.uhit’s available on disney plus if youhave disney plus if not get somewhereelse but it’s on disney plusthat’s right umyeahyeah i think i yeah i did too and i evenhave it on my voodoo but it was likedisney plus tv yeah it’s right thereyeah nice and easywith the world now aware of his identityas iron man tony stark must contend withboth his declining health and a vengefulmadman with ties to his father’s legacyboom boomyou know i was thinking about this ithinki i want to say i saw this for the firsttime with youoh reallyi know we saw this together and it waswhen you were first dating your wife whoi knew alreadybut it was the first time i met you mether as your girlfriend yes yeahbut yeah we saw this i got off workat the place i still work at which isscaryyeah and we went and saw this togetherthat was a long time ago that this cameoutyeah may 7th 2010.wowokay sowe’re definitely running up to the 11year anniversaryjeezisn’t that scary in more than one wayyeah reallyawesome okay i mean yeah that makessense we were super into these at thetime andstill still are obvious yeah oh yes yeahuh this was directed by john favreauwritten by justin thoreau stars robertdowney jr gwyneth paltrow don cheadlemaking his debut scarlett johanssonmaking her debut sam rockwell mickeyrourke and mr samuel ljackson[Laughter]uh released april 26 2010 at the elcapitan theater in may 7 2010in the us budget of 170 to 200 milliondollars with a box office of 623.9milliondid pretty well yeah not bad at all iwhat the success of the first one andthen thor coming out yeah it makes sensethat that would bea very profitable movie soyeah yeah and i mean it’sit’s we’ll get into it but i mean it’sprobably my least favorite of the ironman’s also the one i’ve probably seenthe most times because it’s on fx once aweek yes i was gonna say likei was thinking that last year beforeeveryone has probably seen at leastparts of this i know for me for surethis is probably the one i’ve seen partsof the mostyeah i always see it on fx and i go okaythat’s fine yeah i’ve seen it before iget it yeahi mean but i do like it yeah it’s stillsolid i still enjoy it butit’s everywhereyeahwe’ll get into it when we get into themovie but it yeah it’s i think it’sunderrated especially now that we’veseen the wholestory come togetherbutyou know on the list of 20 some oddmovies something has to be at the bottomokayyou knowit’s pretty closeyeah it’s not the bottom for me it’s notthe bottom but no we can talk about thatlater too yeah i think our bottoms mightbe the same movieprobably and we won’t be talking aboutthat one for at least another couplemonthsyep sounds like we’re on the right pageyeahimmediately following iron man’s releasemarvel studios announced that they weredeveloping a sequel with an intendedrelease date of april 30th july 2008 after several months ofnegotiating favreau officially signed onto direct that same month justin throwsigned on to write the script whichwould be based on a story written byfavreau and [ __ ] so there’s thatjohn favreau said it was originally hisintent to create a film trilogy for ironman with obadiah stain becoming ironmonger during the sequelsafter a meeting between favreau andvarious comic book writers includingmark milarstain became the main villain of ironman and malar argued the mandarin whomfavreau originally intended to fill thatrolewas too fantasticalfavorable concurred deciding quote ilook at mandarin more like how in starwars you had the emperor but darth vaderis the guy you want to see fight okayfair enough yes even though by the timewe got to iron man 3 we stilltechnicallydidn’t get the mandarin and won’tuntil shang chiyeah i know yeahyeah that’s one of my biggest annoyanceson that one yeah i mean and i i i get itand that’s the thing i likeafter i’ve washed it several times iactually understandwhat i call the twist of mandarinokaylikewith a twist of lemontwist of mandarinand i’ll i like it given that intentokaybutwhat this could have beenif the mandarin was pulling the stringsthey could have spectered it and saidi’ve been the guydoing all of these things to try andscrew you over from the beginningyeah it’s been me the whole timerightand that’s what ityeah wasted opportunity anywayuh in october 2008 marvel studios cameto an agreement to film iron man 2 aswell as their next three films atrayleighstudios in manhattan beach california afew days laterdon cheadle was hired to replace terencehowardon being on being replaced howard statedquotethere was no explanation apparently thecontracts that we write and sign aren’tworth the paper that they’re printed onsometimespromises aren’t kept and good faithnegotiations aren’t always held upi feel like that’s a load of crapyeah okay but yeahbecause i’ve hearddifferent but i didn’t yeah i don’t meani don’t know the details and it’s beenso long since it’s happened that iforgot about it almostand that’si don’t remembereven from our ironman episode exactlythe the deals of things but i’d alwaysheard that because terence howard signedon to the movie firsthe got a better deal than even downeyokayand when theycame back for the sequel they’re likethat’s not a thing that’s gonna happenagain rightand terence howard got pissed and walkedoffokaythat’s what i heard whether that’s trueor notwell i mean if it is that he could youknow take that as oh well we had a goodfaithagreement and all that so has him sayingthat i guess it could in his eyes becorrectyeahyou know his side their side you knowthere’s there’s always multiple sides toa story but truei don’t know ii’m he still missed he missed out on agreat opportunity but i’m so glad we gotdon cheadle yeah because heyeah as much as i like terence howardfor the most part don cheadle is justamazing yeah yeah he’s getting his ownshow now so yeah he hasn’t done anythingwhere it’s like i wish someone else wasplaying this character no no he’s beengreat i have no issues soyeah good job donentertainment weekly stated uh favreaudid not enjoy working with howard oftenreshooting and cutting his sceneshoward’s publicist said he had a goodexperience playing the part while marvelchose not to commentas favron thoreau chose to reduce therole marvel came to howard to discusslowering his salary howard was the firthere we go howard was first actor hiredin iron man and was paid the largestsalary the publication stated that theywere unsure whether howard’srepresentatives left the projectfirst or if marvel chose to stopnegotiating okay so where i read thatwas several months ago when i did thissee that’s that’s the problem with uhyou doing these so quickly and so earlyyou forget what you didwell i’ve heard that story for yearslike i’ve been saying that to peoplefor11 years now soyeah that’s very uh yeahin january 2009 rourke and rockwellentered negotiations to play a pair ofvillains a few days later rockwellconfirmed he would take the role andthat his character would be justinhammeruh paul bettany confirmed that he wouldbe returning to voice jarvis and marvelentered into early talks with emilyblunt to play the black widowthough she was unable to take the roledue to a previous commitment to star ingulliver’s travelsokaynot not the best decision but i’m gladit worked out that way yeah yeahscarlett’s amazing as black widow soyeah again i’m fine with itand you know there’s still talks thatwell i don’t knowthe rumor that you know she could bewith her husband would be uh in thefantastic four i’d love thatyeah and i i would prefer that like i ilike her for the most part but i don’tsee her as black widow i think she wouldmake a much better sioux storm yeah somake it better than jessica albayeah that’s rightsamuel jackson confirmed that he hadbeen in discussions to reprise the roleof nick fury from the first film’spost-credits scene but thatcontract disputes were making a dealdifficult jackson claimed that quotethere was a huge kind of negotiationthat broke down i don’t know maybe iwon’t be nick fury rightwe know how all that worked out infebruaryjackson and marvel came to terms and hewas signed to play the character in upto nine films and that was starting aniron manrightlet’s seeoh you are going to cancel we got we gotsome time let’s do the math so we can’tcount iron man okay that doesn’t countbut iron man 2 yeplet’s see and then he wasn’t ini don’t know if thor countsthor and cap onelet’s say they count okay they’re cameosbut they can i guess sureavengers okaywinter soldier okayage of ultronthat’s the next one he comes up inyeahand then he doesn’t show up again untilinfinity war because he’s not inanything like uh phase three well untila cat and then captain marvel so technicand thenyeahand then far from home is ninehuhinteresting yeahyeah it seemed like it was a lot moreyeah or maybe it’s just because he’s ineverything else that it seemed like i’veseen him in moreyeah because i mean hehe wasn’t an iron man 3 or thor 2. hewasn’t in guardians obviously one or twowasn’t in black panther he wasn’t incivil waror doctor strangeor ragnarokjeezyeah so all rightchecks out yeahall right we fact checked ourselves andwe are correct as usualdowney and rourke discussed his partduring a round table discussion withdavid anson at the 2009 golden globesand rorke met with favre and thoreaujust to discuss the role rourke almostdropped out due to marvel’s initialsalary offer of 250 000but the studio raised the offer and inmarch rorke signed on later that sameday scarlett johansson signed on to playthe black widow her deal includedoptions for multiple films includingpotentially the avengers ohi wonder if she makes iti hope so that would be awesomewhat made you think about itthis was 2010 when this came out thesedeals would have had to been signed andwe’re talking here 2009 yeahso i mean avengers was still two yearsaway from filmingthree years away from coming out that’sfair so i meanyeah yeah it is exciting times thoughlike it’s it’s where everything isgettingslowly builtmm-hmm and feige’s like just likeputting all the pieces right where theyneed to goas ham fisted as some of the setup wasin iron man 2 this was super excitingforus yeahseeingoh it is happeningeven though it you know it still mightnot have happenedor you know could have fallen andcrashed and burned yeah to us on theoutside it was like it’s happeningthey’re putting the pieces togetherand in three years or sowe’re getting avengers yeah yeah superexciting yeah and it is it’s even funnow while going back and watching themagain and just seeing likelike this is where they were introducedand this is how andand i know what you’re gonna end updoing later on and it’s cool just to seehow they started out and how ithas morphed into where they are todayit’s cool yeah i enjoy itit’s always nice to go backi don’t know phase one is great i meanthere’s there’s some turkeys that aren’tperfectbuti enjoy all of themit’s a weirdanalogywell i meannot all turkeys are perfect but i enjoyturkeys that’s pretty much what you saidyou ever had a turkey sandwich it’sgreata lot of peoplerag on incredible hulk but i really likeit a lot of people rag on this but ireally like it some people complainabout the first thor movie for somereason i really like itokayi mean i don’t knowis it because they were good and now idon’t know if i don’t know if you cananswer this honestly but did you like idon’t know because they were good orjust because you were so excited forwhat it meanti guess it could be a little both but itis a little of both it’s tough like istillhold strong that incredible hulk is asolid movie the first iron man isundisputed yes really solid great movieyeahand i’ve always loved the first captainamericayeah obviouslyumyeah i iagree that there are things that couldbe changed but even like there aremoments in and i can’t wait to talkabout the first thorina monththe scene between odin and loki in thevaults when loki is trying to get odinto admit the truth abouthis pastand loki has that tell meseen like i get goosey’s just thinkingabout that scene because hiddleston issoperfect yeah in that moment so i meanthey all have those gems even thiswatching it last night i was likethere’sit’s not a perfect movie and there areproblems here and there but all of thepiecesfor a great movie or thereokaythey did everythingthey put everything in this movie thatneeded to be there to make it great theyjust didn’t quiteget thereyeah because of the iron man movieproblem wherelike we talked about in the first oneyou know obadiah’s saying kind of goescrazy for no reason andyou don’t really care at the end yeahwhiplash you get an idea of why he goescrazy yeah but you don’t really care atthe end because he says two lions duringthat entire and fightgood to be backyou losewe’ll get to it butyeah yeah yeah we’ll get to it we’ll getto it yeah principal photography beganapril 6 2009 at the pasadenamasonic templeso i’m going to say that with theworking title rasputin the bulk of theproduction took place at relay studiosas we talked about earlierthe historic grand prix of monaco actionsequence was shot in the parking lot ofdowney studios with sets constructed inmay and filming lasting through junepermission to film in monaco prior tothe 2009 monaco grand prix had initiallybeen awardedawarded but was later retracted bybernie ecclestonejerkthe filmmakers shipped one rolls roycephantom there and filmed a tracksequence in which race cars were laterdigitally addedlast little bit uh before we get to somemore stuff filming lasted 71 days andthe film’s production officially wrappedon july 18 2009 a post-credits scene uhdepicting the discovery of a largehammer i wonder what that could bewas filmed on the set of thor and someof it was reused in the film johnfavreau revealed that the scene wasfilmed with anamorphic lenses to matchthor and was directed by kenneth bronerwho directed thor before we get intothis movie it is timefor an official ad break we’ll see yousoonhello everyone it’s time for a quick adbreak head on over to illuminerty.comthat’s spelledi-l-l-u-m-i-n-e-r-d-idot com for all of your nerdy newsthey’ve broken some big mcu scoops andcovered so much moremovies tv comics horror andyou know plenty of others go todaynow on with the showwelcome back we didn’t go anywhere andwe hope you didn’t eitherwithout much further ado the notes forthis movie went a lot faster than ithought they would oh good but that’sfine with me i guess let’s get intothis movie let’s do it i actually backin the daywhen these movies were coming outthey would actually make officialnovelizations of the filmsand i have and i was gonna i should havegrabbed ityeah i don’t know where it is but i havethe official novelizations of iron man 1m2 okayand i readthemand i read the beginning of the iron man2 one before the movie came out i didn’twant to go too far into it because ididn’t want to ruin the moviebutthe novelactuallygoes pretty in depth onto therelationship of ivan and anton vankoand really sets up that dynamic and thathatred for the starks oh okay that’scoolyeah i haven’t read it in 11 years so idon’t rememberany details but i remember going intothe theater that first time and going ohthey cut all of that outokayand that happens i mean you know movienovelsadd a bunch of stuff that doesn’t end upon the cutting room floor yeah cause youdon’t have a time limit for for thoseyou know it’s like oh well it’ll cut cutthat out becauseif they’re reading pace it’ll lastlonger than two hours and 20 minutes oryou know whatever so yeah yeah and stuffyeah and they have to pad it you knowjust to make for a full novel becauseit’s not like a junior novel where it’syou know100 pages or less this is like fullthickbookbutas we teased earlier and we’ll talkabout now i guess thethis movie does suffer fromwhat became known as the marvel villainproblemyeahwhere their their villains were justthere to be thereyeah just because we needed the good guytokind of uh fight againsta person yeah and so let’s make it thatpersonyeah and we won’t really give him a lotof reasoning yeah noi mean it is thereif you look for itbut you have to want to find ityeahand they did the same thing in all threeiron man movies where they use jarvis toexplainwhat’s going onso they don’t have to show us yeahthat’s true well they kind of showed uswhat the introyeah but that’s the thing they kind ofdid it like all the pieces are thereyeah okay it just doesn’t matteras muchand that that again that’s what bothersme i think it bothers me morewith iron man 2 than it does foriron man 1okay because you can kind of see whyjeff bridges isangryand why he’s trying to like he’s tryingto take over the company and trying tokill off tony so he can and heis foiled than that because he survivesandblah blah blah blahin thisit’s like okay wellyour dad was a criminal spy for therussians and he got caught so he got hisass booted back to russia yeah sorryyeah it does suck butwe need some more yeah like that that’sit that’s whythat’s why you’re on this rampage justbecause of thatand it’s never talked about again untilmonacobut after that it’s just like and thatscene is great i mean we’ll get to itbutyou know this came off the heels of thedarkknight and i remember seeing thetrailers and going oh they’re going tokind of jokerizemickey rourke’s characterand wouldn’t that be cool to see him youknow really conniving andplanning andbeing just this dark creepy villain yeahand he is for the first half of themovie yeahafter monaco thoughnot so much yeah he just stays on acomputer here and there and ascrewdriver andhe’s got hiscockatooyeah i want my boardyeahyeah he that’s it likeit’s not as impressive as the first partwhere it’sand it was almost a a mirror of of tonywhere he’s in thisyou know not a cave but in this littleapartment that looks pretty run down andhe’s building his ownquote unquote iron man suitjust out of the stuff he hasand so i was that was impressive it’slike okay this guy is smart and he’sdoing the same thing and tony did it sonow he’s doing itand then it was oh i’ve got this giantwarehouse the stuff’s already done formei just have to type in codeand that’s itohthat’s boringlikethere’s subtext there if you want to digfor it and i mean again i’ve seen thismovie more times than i can count butif youreally want to look at it i mean he ispulling the strings the whole time andhe’s really screwing with justin hammerhe’s very much using him oh yeah foraccess to things that he otherwisewouldn’t have access to yeahso i mean it is there but it’s just notthereyeah and but i mean even hammer says itat the beginning he’s like you know it’sthe re i have the resourceslike like you have the i don’t know whathe says exactly but pretty much you havethe smarts like you know how to do itbut i have the resources i haveeverything you needso you know use it take take whateveryou need let me know what you needyeahand since we brought him up i have itlater in my notes but let’s talk aboutit now the somewhat disappointment ihave in justin hammeryeahwellas as for anyone that just watches themoviesthat they that’s all they know him asthat’s all he was he wasacorporate competitor against tony likethey had competing businessesthe endyeahand he was mad about that because healways played second fiddleto tony kind of even though he wascontracted with the us government andtony wasn’t yeahbut he’s incompetent i knowall the time yeahand i don’t get itlike sam rockwell’s amazing when i sawhe was in the cast i was like oh this isgoing to be great i love him ineverything yeah green milelike holy [ __ ]andyeah they just made him a buffoon he’ssupposed to betony is equal yeah obviously tony’salways going to be better because he’sthe hero he’s got to be better butespecially like the end with the ex-wifebomb bullet thingand it goesand like it actually almost makes a fartnoise when it fails to do anythinghittingroark at the end it’s like reallyyeahhe’s the scary idea that he’s makingweapons for the governmentthat don’t workyeahi didn’t think about that yeahyou’re righthmmyeah well i guess everything else workedbut yeah the one thing that he madeis his uh his his everything ismichelangelo has his so you know he madethe whole speech and yeah yeah that’swhat happens and i get the comedy of itbut yeah it’s funny but if you thinkabout it it’s like that’s dumb yeahi guess don’t think about ityeahit’s a fun movie justtry not to think about it yeahso get the intro the stark expoanduh the introduction of john slattery whoi forgot to put in the cast for thismovie is introducedas the new howard stark yeahuh howard was played by the guy from ariver runs through it in the first one idon’t remember his namei don’t know right okay sorry you’d knowhim if you saw him i’d be like what’sthat guy no i know the face i just don’tknow yeahum but in this one he was officiallyreplaced by john slattery who would bethe new howard starkfrom here forwardand i like that they kind of made himlike walt disneythey did yeahyeah that and it was intentional okayyou know that was kind of what they wereplanning especially with the the starkexpo was kind of liketech disneyland yeahand the big globe is like epcot yeahbut he’s awesome like i’ve i’m a madmanfani don’t know if you’ve watched it or notbutlike he he’s awesome and him as howardstark has just been great for all theseyears yeah he’s he’s got that like healmost looks like he was plucked out ofthat era and justdropped here like he’s got the look thethe the manta raythe swagger yeah he’s got it all it’sit’s great he’s like he’sperfect for thatera of film of yeahyeah i want all that mad men training imean he’s not quite howard stark in madmen but he does have thathe attempts to have that bravado eventhough he’s kind of a dopeandyeah i mean he just hehe definitely looks like he could be thedad to robert downey jr yeah for sureyeahis that his dad are we sure he’s notis that pretty sureyeah if his dad wasn’t also a famousactor i would say maybe yeah maybethat’s fairuh we talked about this a little bit butdon cheadle and now introduced us rhodeywhich was fantastic best decision themcu has probably made as far asrecasting is gone okayhow many more have theyhad to dowell we just talked about two of themtechnically yeah okay yeah so those twoi didn’t even think about the fact thattechnically yeah they recast howardstark yeah um ruffalo which was alsofantastic yeah yesand then umi want to say fandral is the character’sname that zachary levithat took his place indark world and ragnarok yeah you’rerighti think that’s it yeah there’s not manyhere maybe some small roles here andthere but yeah for the most part yeahit’sonce you sign on that marvel line theypretty much lock you in untilthey kill you offit’s impressive that they get so manypeople even even the smaller roles theyget them to come back it’s it’s awesomei mean having darcy come back in onedivision was like wait what i knew itwas happening and i was still surprisedyeah it’s so cool uh soone of the things ihave come to appreciate about iron man 2is the fact that marvel has almostmade a point ofmaking the movie more importantandthe best example of that is senatorsternyeah righthaving him inwinter soldier say hail hydrayeahi mean it it’s funny and awesome justhaving gary shandling in a movie in thefirst place making rest in peace yeahumbuthearing him say halohydrin wintersoldier immediately made me at leastthinkso was he trying to getthe armor for hydra yeah or for thegovernment or bothi’d say both yeahi mean it you can be that obvious andjust get it and then give it to hydraso it would definitely go to thegovernment but yeah how many how much ofthat would thenall of the the blueprints the theumwhat is it when youwhen you get something and you try andtake it apart to figure out how it wasmade reverse engineer reverse engineeryes thank you well done uh to prettymuch reverse engineer the suit and gettheir own andyeah soi would saybothfor sure yeahit’s it’d be a coolthey’re doing that animated what if showfor disney plus comes out later thisyear a cool what if would bewhat if senator stern had succeeded yeahand gotten their hands on the iron mansuitthat’d be cool i’d like to see that i’dwatch them would hydra have reverseengineered it and that’s how they tookoveror tried to take over instead of thehelicarriersyeah did you see a hydra symbol in thefrontred eyes light up instead of a bunch ofblackmetal iron man suitsflying around with the hydro symbol theywould look kind of badi mean it wouldn’t be good for anyone agood guy at least but that’s a badassit’d be fun for you know a half hour inanimated form and then we you knowyeah we reassure ourselves that that’snot a thing that ever happened thatnever happened it was just a dreamor was itthat’d be awesome disney plus you cansteal that idea yeah yeah if you canturn that in just put our names in thebackground i’ll take it yeahthat’d be awesomethat’s coolyeah good thinkingall right we’re going to the next onehere sure uh so we got scarlettjohansson as as justin mcnair it wasintroduced as natalie rushman akauh natalia romanov aka black widow akaand uh yeah you put in here that shewhoops happy in the ring and becamesomebody’s assistant that was great iloved that scene where she wasn’t evenlike she was kind of not looking he evensays like you never take your eye offand she just catches him by the arm andjust does the whole flip move andeveryone’s like oh my god what the hellholy [ __ ] oh that’s interesting i i sayit all the time i would love to see oneof these movies not knowing all of thethings i knowyeah because i’d love to see this notknowing even at that point in the moviewho she really isyeahand what it would be like to be like ohmy god who is this person and why didshe just flip him on his ass yeah howdid she do that yeah yeahbecause it’s all reflex like she’s notpaying attention and he does a littleboop your nose and she just snackssnacks snaps hishis wrist and then flips him on thefreakingmateasilyyeahhe’s upside down and on his back beforehe even knows what hit himthat’s fantastic it was and just thereactions by uhuh tony and pepper were great pepperswas great likeit was almost like how did what did youguys actually do to make her react likethat because it was perfectlike oh my godit was greatand tony’s line if i want one is stillone that i use on our group chat likeonce a week every time there’s anew toy release like oh i want oneyeahit has some great momentsyeah good one linersnot least of which being vanco attackingmonaco and the introduction of the markvsuitcase armor which was badass it wasyeahthat was if i remember correctly likethat was the trailer scenethat made you go oh holy [ __ ] that’sawesome the collapsible armor that justlike emerges and covers his body yeahyeah it’s so coolyeah and i mean it was even a coolintroduction with with him walking downandnot carrying just the way the whips comeout and mm-hmm yeah it wasn’t awesomeelectricity surging and snapping youknow against thethe railing or whatever the guard yeah[ __ ] on the side of the track like yeahit was long he just cuts through thecars and there’sthe huge explosion behind them in slowmotion is a little cheesy but it was2010 what do you do yeahbutit’s such an awesome scene and it’sweird because it’s like this movie isfantasticup untilthe airportwith hammer and even that scene is coolbut like after that scene it it takes aweirdshift that’s almost unnoticeable but itit’s like it’s trying to get to theending too quickjust kind of rush rush to the endyeah after that final fight and thenyeah yeah it’s like none of this okay weset everything up that’s all cool goodwe’rewe’re solid here we’ve set up tony’ssick andfanco’s a badass and he wants to do histhingrockwell’s pissed at everybodynow let’s get to the end fight becausethat’s the only other thing anyone caresabout yeah yeahi mean evenfeige has even said and we’ll talk aboutit here in a minute thathe wasn’t sure about the war machinetony fight in his houseokay he thought it was going to be dumband wouldn’t work and it’s arguably oneof the best parts of the movie yeahit wasit was humanizing i would say for fortonyyeahand it was a goodkind of stepping stonefor rhodey to become war machine and theidea of because you know the first ironman that’s like i work alone i do thisalone lone gun slinger blah blah blahyeah it’s a good stepping stone for okaynow i can have a partnerto help me with thisoh now i can have a teamof heroes that i can help lead and wecan fight a bunch of aliens and the guywith the helmet with horns on it likeit gives you that progression to whereit makes sense all right okayyeah that you’re right that is fairbecause he does say we work alone andthen if you were to just have him thengo into a team and be like welli guess he was justnot serious when he says he works aloneor are you know where i was then but youknow what changed but now we know whatchangedwe saw the changebecause he i feel like he was thecharacter that needed it’s he’s likebatman if you do a solo batman movieand he fights alone he works alone i’min my cave alone you have to give areason why he would be in a justiceleaguerightand that reason would be robin yeahlike okay so you do a solo batman moviewhere hebecomes the characterthen you do a sequel where he finds areason to need robin to help himthen you can have him be in a justiceleague because it makes sense that he isaccepted he can’t do it all alone allthe timeyeahi like that yeahthank youthank you but i do likeand we talked about it inearlier butthe idea of if you can make god bleedpeople will stop believing in himyeah that’s a good lieit was a good one it was a great line inthe trailer and it’ssome people havekind of paralleled that to likewhen thanos gets that drop of blood ininfinity waryeah like he’s kind of a god and youmade god bleedso in theory he can be defeated if youdo it right right yeah yeah like hebleeds just like we do like we just gotto findthe right wayyeahit’s a bit of a stretch but i like ityeah yeah i don’t think it wasnecessarily plannedbut there are a lot of similarities inthat scene to the past of iron man eventhe waythanos holds tony when he’s on his kneesand he’s you know coming up to him andhe has his hand behind his head it’svery reminiscent of obadiah staying inthe first one oh yeah like i’ve seenparallels of that shot and the infinitywar shot and it’s likeit’s very similar and they’re both baldthey are both boldwe’re on to something nownow you got it and that’s i again itcould be fans reaching too much but icould also i wouldn’t put it past therussos and marcus and mcfeelywho have made the mcu what it is yeah inmy opinionuhfor for taking those details andmaking them matteryeah for surei mean they made thor the dark worldimportant againwe’ll get to thatetching closer to that movie that’sclose to the bottom of our listor the bottom of our listone of the twoi just wish thatthey had done something with that linefor threeyeahlike that’s kind of kind of pulled thatstring a little moreyeah yeahit’s it’s and i think if favro had donethree and i’m not sure why he didn’t ihaven’t researched that far aheadokay um i don’t even know if that one’smine uh i think so i’ll look what wecanyeah but i it would have been a coollittle nugget for threeit’s yoursall rightwell we’ll see in a couple months whenwe get therebut it would have been cool to be likeyou know vancoshowed that you’re not indestructibleyou’re not the invincible iron manyou can be taken downand again i’m the mandarin puppet masterorchestrating all of this i figured outhow to take you down and this is it[Laughter]even if okay even if you keptthe twist of mandarin okay again i’mfine with even if you had hadaldridge killian be the mainvillain the guy that is behind themandarin yeah he could have been the onepulling the stringslike if the ten rings didn’t reallyexist or it did but it wasn’t that big adealaldridge could have been the one puttingthe the message through to the ten ringsto work with obadiahhe could have been working with justinhammer who then worked with whiplashbecause oh um vanco gets the tickets forthe grand prix from someone with a tanrings tattoo yeah i think that’s lateron in our easter eggs yeah but i’ll sayit first here and then again thereandjustin hammerhas a ring on his finger which issupposed totie him to the ten ringsokay so like the ten rings was supposedto be this james bond specterhydra in the background kind oforganization right and itjustnever happenedyeah there yeah there were so many kindof easter eggs and close to that andthen it just waslike what was all that fornothingi hope i hope they bring it up inshanghaisince the 10 rings it’s i mean part ofthe title of the movie yeah so i i hopethat they hearken back to iron man andtie up some of those loose ends but likethey even say in iron man 3 it was meall along like they i am the mandarin ifthey just stretched thatjust a skosh and been like it really wasmedoing everything for this whole trilogyso much betteryeahit would have made the wholetrilogy better in my opinionbutwhat do you do what do you donothing i already talked about howhammer’s terrible at everythingyeahso we’ll go to the birthday party withwar machineit’s an awesome fight it is it’s a greatfight yeah i forgot how cool it was welli liketony’s just being a jackass you knowobviously he’s depressed and he’spotentially dying and so he’s you knowwasted his party all understandable butthen hehe’s wearing the suit and he startsfiring live roundsbasically into the crowdyeah that wasi know that was dumb like looking atit’s likethat’s really dangerous like you becauseyou’re drunk your aim is not that greati mean you might have had someassistance from the suit but still likethey’re still glass shattering like yeahit’s not a good idea and of course youknow they that nobody actually got hurtfrom that stuff but yeah they probablywould have if this was realand just how does that that’s just not agood ideawell that’s the thing i mean back in theday 11 years ago watching that scene iwas like oh that’s funny always drunkhe’s shooting [ __ ] but as an adultwho hurts himself getting off the couchit’s likeyou you understand rhody and pepper’sreaction more yeah for sure yeah andit’s like oh he’scrossing the line he’s doing somethingthat could kill somebody if he’s notcarefulyeah and then for what yeah justbecause for off for all they know isbecause he just wants to get drunk athis birthday like he’s just yeah being achildyeah and i don’t rodi has an idea ofwhatis happening does he okay okay i thinkbecause at that pointyeah yeah you had becausechess thingyeah okay because after this they don’tsee each other again until the end whenhe’s revealed his war machine that’strue yeah that’s rightso i mean like rhodey has an idea thathe’s going through something yeah hejust thinks that it’sbeing used a lot he has to find some newsourcebut he doesn’t know like this is dyingthis is pretty much eating through hisheart andyeah all that stuff because yeah he didthat’s right he did see this stuff onhis neckbut yeah he doesn’t he doesn’t know howserious it isyeah rightso um but yeah i mean the fight isawesome it looks greatit’s him ending it with screaming intothe crowd is an interesting likesnapping back to realitylike oh this is this fun cool robotfight and they use the robot rock songwhich is awesome[Music]buthim screaming and the the fun happymusic stopsand it gets somber again and he screamsand the crowd is like oh [ __ ] like he’shaving a moment hereyeah yeah he’s going through somethingserious yeah and i wish they hadfollowed through with that morebecause after this it’s like he goes tothe donut shopuh you know the black widow’s revealedto be black widow and fury comes inwe’ll talk about that here in a secondbut then it’s just like oh and then ifound a cure and then it’s over and thenwe get to the end get my new suit killvancocredits yeahyeah refreshyeah i don’t even have that many morenotes in mynotes looking here like yeah no yeahbecause because yeah after that it wasjust kind of a yeah like i said it’sjust a rush to get to that final fightand thenin the movieyeahwhich is it it’s yeahagain i thinklike the first one this movie was fiveminutes away from perfectif you had just given vanko thatmoment at the end if you just talkthroughout the fightabout his dadand we’re just doing all this yeah andjust screamed at tony like you killedhim you’re the reason he’s deadif your father hadn’t done what he didwe would be the millionaires and youwould be whatever likeyeah yeah you don’t even need to addtime you just need to add words to thethings he’s doingyeah like he can just you can talk intotheir comms because you know there’s alot of shots and all that but if he canyou know he hacked into their comms sothat they can hear himyeah yeah and just explain he spendsmost of that last two second fight withhis helmet offso like he could just be shouting yeahangry things in russiani do like though that we get a glimpseat the back story of shieldand the backstory of howard and the ideathat howard didn’t hate tony the waytony always thought yeah and that quickblink and you miss it shot of the firstissue of captain america was really nicefor me oh i don’t think i saw ityeah so when sofia gives him the bigcase full of stuff yeah when he’slooking through itand i think you even see a littlediagram of the tesseract in there buti’m not 100 on that it might have beenthe arc reactorbutwhen he opens it and he’s shufflingthrough all the stuff in the case one ofthe things is the first issue of captainamericathat’s coolyeah i do remember the shield and it waslike that flimsy thingwell yeah and it’s uhit’s a callback to the first movie yeahi don’t know if we even talked about itbut you see alike adigital diagram of itontony’s desk behind him when he’s gettingout of the mark iii for the first timeokaywhen he’s up in the contraption and he’sall like spread out and they can’t getthe suit off him it’s like behind him tothe his left okaythat’s that shieldthey never say why he’s building it orwhat it’s forbut yeah because at that point cap’sstill in the ice i presume deadso[Music]is he yeah no yeah yeah right you’reright you’re right herethis is around manmcu has a wacky timeline that you reallyhave to pay attention to to get it rightand even if you do you still might notget it right yeahall of the and i think i talked aboutthis with incredible hulk but i’ll sayit again iron man 2 incredible hulk andthor all happen within about a week ofeach other yeah they’re super close hereyeah and if you read the comic booktie-in fury’s big weekthey talk about fury having to deal withall three of those incidentsaround the same timeand there’s a hint to that at the end ofthisthat we’ll get to later okayumwar machines big reveal at the expo wasawesomeyeah that was coolyeah i loved it itit justbecause it’s it’s not something we sawbefore we so we’ve seen i you know sleekum iron man suit but him to pop down andjust big bulky gun giant gun on his backlike it it looked awesomelike it is a war machineyeah and it’s like a wearable tank yeahyeah essentially i meanyeahi loved it yeah i mean it looked awesomethe hammer drones were pretty coollooking too and it was a nice way togiveiron man an army of you knownameless bodyless things to kill offyeah yeah get your action as quick asthe fight wasyeah as quick as the fight was thathim and war machine killing all thosedrones in thewherever they were the kill stream withall the water and [ __ ] yeah yeah was itlooked amazing yeah it looked so coolyeah i i was so excited for that i’mpretty surei’m pretty sure my daughter came in atthat timeand uhsaid thati was watching it with us i want to sayright when that happened and i was likejust like yeah come on they’re justshooting machines like i’m not worriedabout what you’re gonna see here and soshe she watched and just was likewide-eyed likeyeah and then they got done and i waslike that was cool that was really coollikelike yes it was really cool i wasexcited and yeah it was it was so coolto see let me show you the other 22movies in this franchise yeah right yeahfor sure like i am excited to go backand watch those in order with herbut yeah it’s just like yeah this isthis is what your dad likes like youknow the characterslike these are the cool scenesit was awesomeit it is it’s it’s probably one of theafter monaco probably the best scene inthe movieand like thatfrom a visual standpoint just likeseeingbrody’s gun justcutting through one of those drones andyou get the close-up of his face and theflashing of the the bullets on the armorand [ __ ] like it actually it’s reallycool looking yeah it is really cool thentony’s this is one time one-off thingandthe lasers thing which he reuses inavengersyeah that’s right yeah when he did thatthat was another thing when i you knowwe were watching it in my daughter whydid he just do that from the beginning iwas like well yeah that’s the jokeyeah so that was cool just to see thatit’s a one-off yeahoh manyou know it’s good to see them kind ofback together like forming the teamstarting the friendship yeahthen vanco comes in with this megasuit for 10 seconds and then that’s itit’sbecause when they when they did thismovie theythey took the character of whiplash andthe character of crimson dynamoand they kind ofsquished them together and created ivanvenko okay so thethe suit is kind of crimson dynamo-esquewhat the whiplashflourishes and i think the name fankoeven ivan vanko might be a crimsondynamothing i don’t rememberbut again i i don’t want to talk todeath butjust say something yeah i was gonna sayeven tony and rodeo were talking to eachother so like it’s it’s likethere’s still audio there’s still wordsbeing spokenwhy couldn’t yeah ivan say someyeah and he’s just standing therewatching them and like astony’s trying to get rody to do thesidekick explosionvanco’s just looking at themhe’s not even going what are you doinglike he’s just angrily looking at themlikesay a thing say anythingsame thing even like you lose is awesomeat the end before he blows himself andeverything else up but yeahyou could at least saysomethingsomething about your dad something aboutrevenge something aboutyou know evening the score or somethingyeah i i i i’m better than you my suit’sbetter than yours some yeah iyeah yeahii think if i go back and watch it againit’s gonna bug me more because of meyeahpretty muchthat’s fair i’ve learned to live with iti mean like i said therethere’s over 20 something movies in thisfranchisenow with more to comeit’s just the one i watched the leastright behind my least favorite whichwould be you know dark worldbut you know it you just live with it atthis point yeahthat’s rightall right um i guess i’ll continue onhere soskip over the kind of dumb wrap-upending on the rooftop and all that stuffokay we cut tostark failing his avengers examis that audition and he becomesa consultantyeah where it’s it was a iron man yestony stark noyeah i remember like my brother andpeople asking me what that meant and iwent i don’tknow i don’t know what that means istill don’t entirely get what that meansand it was kind of pointlesswell the way i took it at least was theiron man suit yes tony stark in the suitnosureand the idea that they just don’t trusthim enough tobe on the team and i guessthis is before any loki level eventshave happened so they’re just trying toform a team in case something like thathappens rightand then when it does they don’t have achoice yeahhe’s on the team whether we want him tobe or not yeahi have a feeling it’ll turn out for thebestprobably we’ll just have to see where itgoes we’re only three movies into thiswe have no idea what’s coming next sowho knows where these could goi know fingers crossed i have some goodguesses thoughyeah i bet i could get closei’m not exactly butpretty close there’s a ton of eastereggs in this scene though okay there’s aton of stuff that you could look atreally dissect and people havea lotthe obvious ones are[Music]there’snews footage from incredible hulk of theculver institute institute uh footagethe the lady that’s doing the newscastabout the whole clocking out on thecampus right is on one of the screensokayanother one of the screens is the uhcrash site for thor’s hammer you can seethe big ringwhere it made the impact and it in themiddleand then behind them behind tony there’sa mapof the world with shield emblemsall over itone of them is in africacould be wakanda probably and anotheroneisin the middle of the oceanoff you know like just away from africaokayand people have been speculating sincethat scenethat that is submariner yeah which wouldgo along with what isuggested for a sequeli don’t knowi don’t know sequel [ __ ] that’s rightthank yougo back and listen to that one if youhaven’t it seems to be one of our morepopular ones so maybe you have yeahum yeah it’sit’s pretty cool i mean again it’s oneof those little easter eggs that stillhasn’t fully panned out but it’s stillgood yeah it could yeah and that’s oneof the things where it’s like it iseaster eggs for for those that know andit’s something where if this doesn’t panout it’s not like no one’s going to beyou know standing there with pitchforkslikeyou put an emblem in the oceani mean i will but other people probablywon’t yeah that’s fair of course try andget a group together but we’ll seeand the great ending with senator sternhaving to pin a medal on tony and yeahand then how annoying a little prick canbe i love that yeahhe has better lines than all of ivanvankoexcept for the racetrackthat’s crucialbut you’re not wrongand to wrap up the movie we getthe great stinger uh very kind of longand drawn out of coulson driving intothe middle of nowhere in new mexico yeahuh land of enchantmentkind we didn’t really talk about thatscene of coulson and himsaying hey i gotta [ __ ] off and go tomexico see you later is that what hesaidyeah that’s pretty much what he saidwell it’s funny i don’t know if i havethis in my fun facts or anything but inlike the making of iron man 2 and allthat stuff yeahafteruh clark gregg said that linehe was like so what’s in mexico likeand kevin feige was like oh you’re goingto be in thor did anyone tell you thatit’s like ohokay cool that’s awesome no it’s not anyfun facts i don’t remember that onethat’s coolyeahso that’s his that line is essentiallyhow clark greg found out that he wasgoing to be in thorthat’s a great way to do it toolikei don’t know i’m sure you didn’t do iton purpose but like that’s a good wayokay we need you to say this this is thenext lineyeahokay uh so why did i say thatoh uh yeah cause you’re gonna be in thenext one yeahoh it seems that’s kind of like how hefound out he was dying too i mean likein avengersfeige was like oh it’s you know whatwhat happens in this movie is great whathappens to you is what brings theavengers togetherand he was like oh cool waitthat’s nicemy last movieyou got a tv showyes your last movie but you get a tvshowyeah quite a few seasons too so yeah imean it got what like sevensix or seven yeah it’s high up thereand he came back for captain marvel soyeahit all worked out clark get over itjeezall right we’re going to trade off somefun facts and easter eggs for you yeahi’ve been talking a lot you want tostart i doall right so fun fact number one is amassive green screen was constructed atthe sepulvedasepulveda dam that’s why i gave you thefirst one[Laughter]yeah we’ll go with stepover dam uh tofilm a portion of the stark expoexterior with the rest either shotat an area high school or addeddigitallynow to construct the green screenhundreds of shipping containers werestacked covered in plywood and plasteredand then painted green that soundshorribleit workedyeah totally it diditotally believed that that was a realplacebut man well that’sjustdon’t want that job nothank you for whoever did itat around 47 minutes the photo of ivanbeing arrested that tony stark views inhis research is an actual media photo ofmickey rourke being arrested on drugcharges when he was youngerhe was just preparing for the role allalong that’s rightdeep cover he really gets invested ilove it well like he i don’t think ihave it in here but he like stayed in aprisonfor like two weeks oh man that’sthat’s not surprising for himno it’s not and i mean you areyeah definitely likebut and that’s what makes it sodepressing that they treated thatcharacter that way it’s likerourke was ready he wanted to do it butyeah yeah i think we i think there’smore on work here in a secuh but first we have a scarlettjohansson dyed her hair red before sheeven got the part of natasha romanoffaka black widow uh because she wantedthe role so badlyout of the way emily blunt your hair’snot redmine already is time saver boopa lot of whiplash’s identifying featureswere suggested by mickey rourke hewanted to perform half of his role inrussian and consulted on the character’stattoos and gold teeth as well as havinga pet cockatoouh in fact rorke paid for the bird andthe gold teeth out of his own pocketit was his partit was my port[Laughter]hammers factory is really elon musk’sspacex facility in hawthorne californiaand the people walking in the backgroundare actually employees that’s coolthat’s cool which kind of explains thewell i guess not explains but the elonmusk cameolike it made sense because he’s also avery rich personbut now it’s like oh an inventorhe’s real life tony stark kind of yeahpretty much yeahand now he’shis facility was actually in the movieso yeah pretty coollet’s get into some easter eggs ataround 14 minutes when first talkingwith senator stern tony stark says hewould gladly accept the position ofsecretary of defense in the comics tonystark actually was appointed secretaryof defense yeah that’s funnyit was a funny line in the movieat around 22 minutes according to johnfavreau the asian man who hands ivankofalse papers in order to get to monacois a member of the ten ringsyes we mentioned that earlierwe’re mentioning it againboomso yeah that is great i love the thetie-ins yeah and that’s what it is inthe bookand if you look really closely you cansee atan rings tattoo on his neck okayblack widow’s alias of natalya ornatalie rushman sorry is inspired bynancy rushman a shield cover identityshe had used has used in the comics yeahvery cooli wonder why they didn’t just go withnancy rushman natalie rush i don’t knowi don’t knowbecause it’s closer tonatalya yeah it is fineuh tony stark yes tony starkalso known as tony starkdepending on the moviethere you gouh he regress requests information ofthree projects which are currently instorageuh he says quote get me everything fromprojects pegasus exodus and goliathyeahum i don’t entirely know what exodus isbut pegasus is the facility from thefirst avengers movie where the tesseractis being held it’s also in captainmarvel that’s the facility that she andnick fury go to okayand goliath is we later find out larryfish’s character in ant-man and the waspyeah very coolyeahall right last oneuh and i added this last second the kidthat tony saves at the expo is said tobeyoung peter parker yeahso when the drones start flying off andthere’s that kid in the iron man helmetwho holds up his hand and almost getsblown upthat ishas been kind of retconned to besupposedly peter parker yeah and i likethat yeah i’ll take that all day yeahit’s why not it makes no differencewhether it is or isn’tbutthey just never openly say it on screenyeahyeah it might as well be he lands heykid what’s your name it’s peter parkersiryeah i’m gonna be you when i grow upkind ofwell it’s kind of like in um in wintersoldier it’s suggested or not wonderfulin civil war it suggested that the oldman carrying peggy’s casket is old steveyeahthat’s never been confirmed never willbe confirmed probably but it’s heavilyhinted at even by the russosthat the guy whose head you see the backofis old steve yeah and i say why notyeah why not yeah even if it’s a load ofcrap it makes it so much cooler in myhead yes and that’s why you never seethe husband in any of the pictures inwinter soldierbecause it’s steveyeahi i yeahand like i love ityeah i would not be surprised in theleast that they the russos and marcusmcfeely didn’t at leastgive themself that padding to be able tomake that be true yeah whether theyplanned it or whateverlikeit was like let’s justeat this door open a little bit so thatit could be true yeah if that’s what wedecide to do yeah i like iti’m a fanme too let’s do a podcast about itdo you have a namesomething or marvelyou are marvel i thinkthat sounds good that’s good enoughall right yeah that is our iron man 2episode thank you guys for listeningand thank you for being patient andwaiting for it apologies againabsolutely all right well next episodeum i do want to mention what that isgoing to be that will be my episode andwhat that is is is how could they havestopped the villain before they startednow we’re gonna we’re gonna go wedecided to do every movieyeah right we’re gonna switch back andforth so i’ll do half just we’ll do halfand it’s just it’s gonna be a fun onewe’re not gonna be superwinded or anything super serious butjust like how couldthey have just stopped the villain justquickyeah like unplug his batteries or youknowrealize that he’s a horrible monster andjust keep him in prison like i don’tremember what some of mine are butyeahwe’re doing every single movieback and forth inorder release order i think i don’tremember i think we decided releaseorder just because it made it easier forusyeah um i think we’re doing the oppositeof the ones that we’re covering yeah solike i’ll do hulk you’ll do iron man tooi do thorandyeah like jeremy said it’s going to bekind of jokey answers and we might diveinto some deep because we can’t helpourselves yeah i can’t help myselfbut it should be fun yeah i’m excited todo ityeah that should be out next weekprovided all goes according to plan yeahfor sure yeah all right we got anythingelse for this episode i think that’s iti think that is it yeah uh we will sayif you guys uh want to get a hold of usyou can email us we are we got a facebook a twitterand instagram all those are we aremarvel podum so go give us a like follow all thatstuff for anyone that hasn’t already weappreciate itand you can give us arating or review on on itunes orwherever you listen to your podcast ithelps us out sodefinitely it helps us show up insearchesand you know get us more listens tellyour friends family random people on thestreetshout out themyou know be niceyes and if you have any suggestionsfor you know our mini episodes ourmovies are set in stone becausethat’s the nature of the beast it’s notlike my other show pod and goreavailable wherever you listen topodcastshad to do it uh where we can talk aboutanything these these movies are all seton what we’re going to talk about butall of oursecondary episodesare open yeah and there’s a lot of weknow yeah so if you have an idea andit’s cool enoughor not we’ll still do it anyway you knowjust give us a give us a ring-a-dingyeah yeah let us know if you have anyideasyeahuntil then until next episode i’ve beenjeremy and i’ve been justinthank you very much for listeningbye bye