Introduction to We Are Marvel

hello everyone and welcome to we are marvel the marvel focused podcast my name is jeremy my name is justin we want to welcome you all to uh the show this is the intro episode obviously this is gonna be uh telling you kind of an idea of what the whole podcast series is about yeah a little history on us who we are um i guess we might as well get started because we don’t want this to drag on for too long uh you may know me as from the booster for this uh podcast that will appear on my other show pod and gore that i host with our friend brandon and jeremy and i actually used to do a show officially two years ago almost to the day we just discovered uh called the out of sidekick still available wherever you listen to podcasts yeah obviously no episodes coming in no new episodes i should say but it’ll be funny to watch us or listen to us trip over ourselves oh yeah yeah those those first ones are real rough i do remember that we then we got into a groove yeah and then it ended up yeah kind of abruptly uh you know personal things happened and but now we’re back and and you know i’ve missed podcasting in general and especially podcasting with justin justin is don’t get too sappy on me uh justin has continued like you said with pod and gore and he’s done a couple other things and we’re just excited to get back in and and we both love marvel justin much more than me of course well i remember when we first started talking about doing a podcast in the first place you know three years ago and one of the things that brought us together was our love of the mcu i mean i remember seeing iron man 2 with you and your now wife when you were still dating yes yeah yeah that was a long time ago actually i was thinking today actually that that the first kind of introduction to what we’ll be talking about is the marvel cinematic universe was you showing me i think the first iron man trailer way back in 2007 2008 it wouldn’t be probably been around there and and just you were so excited for it and it looked awesome you know yeah but i didn’t know much about it but you know i was we were into trailers and stuff that was kind of a thing we were into and it just kind of went from there and and marvel obviously blew up much more than this episode probably will but you never know we’re striking a rich vein that only a couple thousand other people have done so you never know yeah yeah we wanted to you know get together talk something that we both love which is marvel cinematic universe and uh see where it goes yeah and we could keep prattling on but we have an episode to record so without much further ado please keep listening hope you enjoy and we’ll see you next episode where we talk the very first marvel cinematic universe entry iron man from 2008. we’ll see you then bye bye